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casablanca 1st Mar 2014 00:18

You are on probation for 6 months after line check. There is a probationary interview, which last about 10 minutes....not really an interview though.
More of congrats, how do you like it here, any problems, how is your family getting along, are you interested in training department in future?
Also explained that now probation is over you need to give them 3 months notice...but like wise they are required to give you 3 months notice( or pay)?
And also loss of license insurance etc....

CDRW 1st Mar 2014 02:20

Just a quick reminder that you are not on " your type" until you actually done some flying on it, and even then a more secure point would be when you are checked to line. There are some here who joined non type rated on the 777, did the ground school and a few days before the sim, where told they where going on the A330. Off they went to do the Airbus. Total time in company to be "online" just shy of 9 months.

glock320 1st Mar 2014 06:03

Guys are they taking DIrect entary Captains on the B787 ?

casablanca 1st Mar 2014 19:24

Yes as of about 2 weeks ago they are hiring direct entry captains on 787

Leo128 1st Mar 2014 19:24

Schooling Allowance

How Qatar Airways Pays the Schooling Allowance? Monthly, Yearly, or based on invoice?


CDRW 2nd Mar 2014 02:33

Leo = Based on invoice. There is a max amount one can claim - QR105k and is not dependent on number of children.

winterinhell 2nd Mar 2014 03:11

thats good news..so when will FO be hired?on the school allowance,some school do direct billing to QR,some u have to pay 1st then claim..unlimited kids for QAR105k..

casablanca 2nd Mar 2014 04:51

I have a friend who was started 2 weeks ago and is Dec on 787. There is a new hire fo that I know also going on 787. He interviewed back in April 2012, so was in pool since..... So there is hope!

Leo128 2nd Mar 2014 05:21

Schooling Allowance
Thanks CDRW for your help, but does it include everything i.e. Transportation, Uniform, activities, ... etc. which others don't pay? and for what ages i.e. KG and University covered?



Flyboy41 2nd Mar 2014 05:24


Does anyone have an idea how long it takes to get a start date from the time you get the interview pass letter? I'm talking about DEC NTR Boeing!
Thanks and good luck to all.
Will post some interview info shortly for any guys yet to go thru the interview

casablanca 2nd Mar 2014 11:19

@flyboy...depends but seems to be 6 weeks to get contract then 6 weeks to start..maybe longer maybe shorter.
@leo 28... The school is for up to 3 kids from ages 4-21.
Max payout is 105000 and only covers tuition, and registration fees etc.

paradisefound 2nd Mar 2014 12:48


Could you please clarify that the education allowance up to the age of 21 includes full time university education also.

salamalikum2 2nd Mar 2014 12:53

As far as I known,The limitation for school allowance is based on age only ( 21 max), regardless of the type of education/ school ( college ,university, high school..).

casablanca 2nd Mar 2014 13:58

I have one daughter in the university in the USA and that has not been a problem other than last time receipt broke down her charges....there was something listed other than registration/ tuition but a legitimate charge to be enrolled in school, and they denied that as it was not "tuition".
As far as I know they will not cover books, uniforms, transportation, etc...

Mr Worldwide 2nd Mar 2014 20:11

is qatar airways so bad?
hi everyone!

i just read a few comments about to work in qatar, the culture, the conditions etc... and all the interest i had to work in there is gone... but the question is... is all that true? even i read an article in a newspaper that destroyed qatar..
i am really scared because i was thinking about to make qatar my next airline but with all those awful comments, no way!

appreciate any comments

ItsMeFromEarth 3rd Mar 2014 17:22

no Smoke without Fire, 787?

casablanca 3rd Mar 2014 18:48

While there is great room for improvement....and some horror stories, most seem to be dealing with the cabin crew. Reading the forum really makes Qatar sound bad, and I agree that where there is smoke there is fire, but my one year here has been a mostly positive experience, and I really dont find many of my fellow pilots complaining too much. No matter where you work, pilots Bit_h, and here is the same, but no more or no less, and most seem to be content. I think there is a much better roster on the 777 vs 320 etc so that may make some difference.

ShmokeMeat 4th Mar 2014 00:28

Qatar Screening
Does anyone know if Qatar is currently screening 787/777 FO's?
Much appreciated...

casablanca 4th Mar 2014 05:12

I think they are currently screening 777/787 first officers. As I mentioned earlier I know 2 people in initial training on 787 and neither of them have Boeing background, yet were hired directly into 787. I think that trend will continue as many of the airbus pilots here would prefer to wait for the arrival of the 380/350 than change to the darkside.

Hernando 4th Mar 2014 10:48


does anyone know what a typical roster is for 777/787? just things like trips overnights, destinations, turnarounds etc..is there a bidding system?

also what kind of flight pay is there for 777/787? as im interested in the net salaries for like an average 80 hour month, ? captain and FO please

also its it standard basic pay during training with any allowances?

thanks all


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