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Akrep 18th Apr 2015 13:29

My status on the carreer site says invited for interview since about a week but have not received any invitation yet, is this normal ? Will I get a mail when they finalize the travel arrangements?

gazze7 18th Apr 2015 14:54

Aye Aye.
Same goes to me, Captain.

nickolas 18th Apr 2015 21:03

Hey mates, i have question about the Qatar fast track A320 F/O, it says you need 4000hs turbojet and full ATPL , i have 3100hs Turbojet(A320) and full ATPL, can i join qatar before complete the 4000hs and meet the minimum requirements for fast track flying there??

Airbornecpl 18th Apr 2015 23:41

The waiting period for Second officer is minimum 1 year.Is there anyone from pool got rejected other than fast track S/O? Any idea about there intake of SO on 787 ?

Samolin 19th Apr 2015 10:05

The requirements for the Fast Track F/O are at the time of joining.
If you join before obtaining the Fast Track F/O requirements then you will considered as a normal F/O and have to follow normal F/O upgrade procedure and requirements.
With your 3100 total turbo prop/jet time I do not think it would make a difference if you join QR now or after you obtain the requirements because by the time you get your hours from your employer or with QR you will have spent the same amount of time, about 3 years.

casablanca 19th Apr 2015 10:08

@sambca..RE: training
As others have said I found the training a more relaxed pace than my last 2 companies( both USA) and the instruction was top notch...most were very nice and very good instructors.

gazze7 19th Apr 2015 15:12

When is the next interview date?
And will they provide flight ticket and accomodation?


Che Xindamail 19th Apr 2015 17:16

I agree with Casablanca. QR has matured and become more relaxed in the six years since I joined and is definitely improving in most aspects. Doha is what it is. You need to make an effort and it requires patience to get to grips with. It might never be a place that you really like, but if you learn to deal with the dust and the heat it's not a bad place. All things considered I recommend QR but keep an open mind if you decide to join.

iconflyer 20th Apr 2015 10:41

Anyone who's been to the interview this past weeks or going soon?
Any updates about it,please?

Swoosh32 20th Apr 2015 23:02

NTR FO Interview
Hello everyone

I applied for None type Rated FO position
Feb 10th 2015
Email to take PSA a week go
Result for PSA, the next day
Didn't study, just took it. Be honest and consistent.
Interview setup for next month
Hope that helps.

Any help or suggestion on how to prepare for ATPL TEST
And Simulator Assessment would be appreciated

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

foswillruletheworld 21st Apr 2015 09:57

Took the assessments last week.
Did the PSA and the only thing i can advice is to be honest. If you are just pretending, they will figure out the inconsistency in one or more of your answers. The result of PSA came in 2 days for me. They called me on the phone to schedule an interview date. Approximately 2 weeks from interview my company didn't give me the off days so i had to reschedule. In that manner i can thank the HR being so understanding and result oriented. Took the assessments last week.
The ATPL questions were a little weird. There were questions like what is the section 13 time of the flight plan(the answer is off block time just in case you want to know lol). However all passed. We had a synergetic and friendly group. 2 airbus guys and the rest was boeing. Airbus guys both FO and the boeing guys being 3 CPT and 2 FO. After the ATPL test we attented the interview face to face with 3 captains. Pretty straight forward and all very nice people. They want you to explain situation with the sentence starting as tell me a time you...
They want you to give details as many as you can and understand the culture of the company you are working, culture of you, nature of the abnormality and how you handled it. Also as far as i can tell they want to see if you can adapt to a really multicultural environment. They told me 130 different nationalities in company. So if you are not willing to work with people from many nationalities my sugggestion is just don't bother.
I need to mention that again; captains in the assessment were really friendly and really want you to join. No funny stuff, no trick questions.
Like 5-10 minutes after the assessments you get the notice if you have passed or failed. Again our whole group passed the interview.
Next day sim. A320 is a really nice aircraft and really easy to handle if you have Boeing experience. They are not expecting you to know everything. Just caring for handling, decision making, CRM in the cockpit and some basic elements like visual approaches or to maintain the course and attitude after an engine failure. Again, very friendly examiner. One take off, SID already installed in the FMC, you basicly follow the flight directors and "feel the aircraft". You have a sick passenger on board and try to figure out where to land.
After that you have an engine failure, so the wise thing to do is go back and land.
After all you start from the downwind of a visual approach with some crosswind between 10-15kt. Easy to maintain aircraft so you won't have any problems. Go and land. Auto thrust engaged throughout the whole flight.
Except the visual approach you have flight directors and can have the flight path vector(FPV/bird) during the visual approach.
Before the sim sessions they brief you about the company limits for approach. Of course they expect you to go around if you exceed any of the limits. They brief you about the MCP(i don't remember its name in airbus) modes and settings.
CRM is very esential. Informing each other in the cockpit for everything(and i mean everything) is what they are looking for.
Hope this helps.
Good luck everyone. I will share if i can pass the assessments and when i will start if i get the date.

Tatarin 21st Apr 2015 15:06

foswillruletheworld, can I send to you a PM?

G-V 21st Apr 2015 15:57

Hi All,

Do they fly you economy to the assessment? Are there upgrade chances?

casablanca 21st Apr 2015 19:03

All tickets are confirmed in economy...then at check in you will be upgraded if seats available. They are pretty good at this but unfortunately sometimes it is full!

foswillruletheworld 22nd Apr 2015 08:18

You can ask any question by pm. If it is kind of question that can help the guys, i will share the answer here.
You can get an upgradable economy ticket. If there is empty seat in business class they will upgrade you ticket during boarding at the gate.
FlyingKratos i understand you completely. That is an ocean and none of us have the time or patience to study all.
We had one guy studied from Ace the Tecnical Pilot book, also one friend of mine in the company did the same and passed.
I have started studying from ATPL from bristol. I mean atplonline. despite the fact that it is a huge source of questions, 70% of the questions are useless for QR exam. So you need to eliminate the questions which are useless and which are definetely operation objected.
As an example for principles of flight they do not ask you about propeller angle of attack or some other thing, however they ask you a lot abour slats, mach trim and aerodynamics. I am right now compiling some questions which are asked at the atpl exam of QR. I will share it for free when ready.

foswillruletheworld 22nd Apr 2015 08:54

OK guys,
Since one of you asked about the questions sources and types i answered him. In order to avoid miscompetition i am sharing some notes i can tell so far.

I tried to go through all atpl question bank i got bored to death on the half of the first subject already. So it seems to be impossible for me to complete bristol atpl. If you have the nerves please do.
For airlaw be ready for the details of ETOPS, manuel flight plan sections, MNPS(mostly seperation), some abbrevations(AIP, AIS), seperation during take off(including intersection takeoff) and landing. You should know the obstacle clearances during the pases of approach. Transponder C modes like, 7700 emergency, 7600 com failure and 7500 hijack. What kind of warning you experience as a TCAS RA, what kind of transponder you or the intercepting aircraft should have. Airport lighting.
Meteorology is very basic. Mostly what type of clouds bring showers, precipitation, windshear. What type of cloud you opt out the possibility of icing(cirrus), cold front, warm front, some METAR and TAF questions like giving you the TAF and asking you for a certain thing(like visibility or cloud ceiling) at a certain time period. Study the definition and the conditions of CAVOK(they ask you about an aerodrome which holding a TAF can be considered CAVOK. And you should take a look at ITCZ what weather conditions you come across.
For principles of flight;
General aerodynamics, slats, mach trim, minimum drag curve, shockstall and shockwave, tuck under, dutch roll, static and dynamic stability including different parts of aircraft like how winglets or fin effect what kind of stability. Changes of EAS, CAS, IAS, TAS, Mach during descent or climb, with a blocked static port or probe.

I know i mixed some subjects like blocked ports are subject of instrument but you get the general idea :)

These are some of the ones i can remember so far.

Flyboy_SG 22nd Apr 2015 14:18

In the Airbus i believe its called FCU.Flight control unit.

Pin Head 23rd Apr 2015 06:25

Fast track first officer;
1. Is it talk or do they really 'look' at you after two years?
2. Any bond? If so how much and how long.

Kind regards


KRUGERFLAP 23rd Apr 2015 10:16

1) BS - There´s a long line of guys ahead of you (this AD is just to get experienced First Officers to fly with young DECs).

2)Big Bond - 50K USD or 3 years ,something like that.

I am not in QR anymore.:):)Ppruners here seems to be afraid to tell the true. I know at least 2-3 guys who were Captains before ,flying B727 , B737-200 and Fokker that are still first officers after 8 years .If you confront some guys during line training or LPC ,because they are saying and teaching BS on the SIM your career is dead in QR.The only option is leave or fly for the money and benefits,like education.

If you got grade 3 in any LPC massalama(bye) your COMMAND!

Crazy Things: No orange Juice for pilots , no nuts ,no evian water,etc.

you will hear a lot this bellow:

Not Allowed

The Most Important thing in Doha

Multiple EXIT Permit

the Second One

Liquor License (Even if you don´t like Alcohol)



Non rev 23rd Apr 2015 11:51

Qatar just sent out an email stating the vacancy is now closed due to changes in the requirements ? :{:sad::(:cool:

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