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waas 5th Dec 2013 10:27

Also got invited for the 2 day assessment. I am 737NG rated with around 1200hrs on type. A very general ambigious question: what to expect from the PAT ADAPT, aptitude test and presentation? Apparantly they will send the details one week in advance, but I know that won't be enough considering the fact I will be flying a lot those days (considering the days off I had to request to be able to attend the assessment).
Thanks in advance

momo95 5th Dec 2013 10:36

who are you to judge what research i have done ? "pay your dues like most already have in the industry", Why do you feel i'm cheating everyone by trying to go straight on an airline programme . I'm being realistic and want to do something sustainable.I love flying and want to do it for living, otherwise i would just stay at ppl level and do it for free. Where is the logic in paying for a cpl/ir and not trying to get into airline flying !?!? Chip on our shoulder have we ?
Do you really expect me to spend loads of money just to go bushflying or something like that only because some people before me did something similar and now can't get an airline job ?, well THAT'S LIFE.
I love flying and want to do it for LIVING, if not I suppose those loan repayments are gonna pay themselves are they ?
Don't for one second try and tell me that if you had the chance to join an airline straight away you wouldn't have !! there are many more schemes than qatar that pose less risk and i'm just trying to weigh up my options.

Wow you are one miserable bitter lot !!! ain't ever coming back here,

H.El.Shafey 5th Dec 2013 11:15

chill man take both sides and come up with your own approach...
noone is telling you not to wait just be productive while u are at it
and be prepared to do what ever it takes "if thats what u want" i know ppl that took it from scheduling to dispatch then right seat and others were cabin crew "Females"

Capt Jack Rosen 5th Dec 2013 12:17

Little man has got a bit of growing up to do. Go ahead and spend 100,000 and sit at home and wait for that airline call like the other hundreds of wanna be guys like you do.

Obbie 5th Dec 2013 12:53

A few good hard years of bush flying is EXACTLY what you need
momo95. I can tell already it would do you a world of good, both
in skill and personality.

DonAlejandro 5th Dec 2013 20:56

they don't know my FAA ATPL means im instrument rated..
Hey are there any pilots applying to QR with an FAA ATPL?

I have submitted all my paperwork and they replied saying "please provide proof of an instrument rating" and placed my application in an 'incomplete' status.

The FAA ATPL, doesn't specifically say "Instrument Airplane" because it is already a pre-requisite to have an instrument rating to get an FAA ATPL...

A friend there said that its probably an un-knowledgable office assistant that won't let my application go further until they see the actual words "instrument airplane"

Has anyone ever heard of this problem with QR before?

winterinhell 6th Dec 2013 03:47

Ahaha..yea..there are lotsa ppl like u momo..let me tell u this..consider urself lucky if u can get airline pilot job right after ur ab initio..i really seriously dont want to judge u..but from ur writing,u wont last long in airlines bro..its not really rainbows n buttefflies..i honestly respect those bush pilots more than airlines pilots..they still have their atpl knowledge intact in their brains when most airline pilots will lose it within 1 or 2 years after online..

gr84u 6th Dec 2013 04:23

DonAlejandro what keep you ATPL valid? A class 1 medical and a IFR test ride (ppc) no?

ironbutt57 6th Dec 2013 05:34

Don…have a recent 121 ride? send the copy…they want instrument CURRENCY

tonyflaire 6th Dec 2013 06:37

Tech info pls.
If anyone has any info regarding DEC interviews, tech and general knowledge questions for any of the 3 big Gulf carriers, would you please be kind enough to email me please. Many thanks in advance. Qatar, EY and EK please.

casablanca 6th Dec 2013 09:25

There is or was a link on the FAA.gov website that allowed you to pull up your airman certificates etc...I remember the ATP rating saying something about the instrument rating not being listed seperately as that is a prerequisite and understood....
You might want to get a copy of that but as someone mentioned, if you use the dates from your last proficiency check, it should work

cccc 7th Dec 2013 08:01

Holding pool
Respond to a previous reaction about the holding pool.
The holding pool is NOT empty, because I am still in it.
I passed the assessment in Feb 12 as a FTSO. :( Which according the latest update is not requirement anymore.
In the mean time I am a captain on the turboprop.
To be honest, I lost hope being called anymore.
Good luck to all of you!

Captainsami 8th Dec 2013 14:34

Application form!
Dear All,

I've submitted my application long time ago and every time I get a feedback that my application is incomplete because of a missing document.

Now, I've submitted all the required documents and I got an email from them says that: "This is to inform you that we are currently processing your application and will update you in due course.
We appreciate your interest in our company."

and I never heard from them again. When I try to log-on my application it allows me to go and edit what I've submitted while I wasn't allowed before. Did they change my application status to "incomplete" because I can edit it?

Any advice?

jerman 8th Dec 2013 15:46

i blve once its submitted and if u meet the requirement than u wont be able to edit again, same thing happeaned to me and i emailed the support group and they said check the documents u submitted it must be below the allowed MB for each document, so check the MB of each doc make sure its below the allowed MB nd submit ,

Flyboy41 8th Dec 2013 16:16

Hi. Any comments/feedback from anyone attending the selection recently. How was the PAT test?. Thanks....

Intruder One 8th Dec 2013 16:58

The 10 days off is not a guarantee, but at least on the triple 7 that has been the norm for me, at least since I finished line training end of May.
I often see pilots just going to Thailand or someplace for few days to get out of town

Thanks for the info..Yes I can see that on the 777.I will be on the 320. Spoke to a pilot the other night on SKYPE and he said the small bus is a whole different ballgame.Its the workhorse and you will work..ALLOT!! Oh well if I can get it, its a job.......it is what it is.

Captainsami 8th Dec 2013 17:38

Thanks bro,

but did they send you any email informing you that your application is not completed?

I haven't received any email from them except the confirmation email.

jerman 8th Dec 2013 17:52

they sent me a no reply email saying application is not completed and to upload the docs , i think better if u re-do the whole application with a new email, scane the docs make sure its below the allowed MB, once its accepted u wont be able to edit the application any more, good luck

winterinhell 9th Dec 2013 02:05

I think once u completed ur application and they're considering u,u won't be able to edit ur details anymore..they gave me date for interview and I cant edit my application anymore..

H.El.Shafey 9th Dec 2013 06:11

i had the a the same problem
but i think they unlock your update because they need more documents otherwise you wont be able to upload what they want so they cant lock the app again until sure
my two pence

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