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gdukkoq 3rd Jun 2012 05:45

FO (First Officer) SFO (Senior First Officer) for FTSO salary is 10,000QR plus housing (6,000QR) plus flight allowances once you start flying.
Basically you can enjoy being an expat only once you are line checked. FO salary is pretty good, 33,700QR including housing, plus 90QR per flight hours.

howitzer 3rd Jun 2012 06:14

FO and SFO
Sorry, I should have asked my question more clearly.

I have the experience for DEFO, my question is would I start at FO or SFO pay?

If I would start at FO, what do you have to do to move onto the SFO pay scale?


Zakary 3rd Jun 2012 16:24

I think after 3 years

hitacan 3rd Jun 2012 17:05

And how is the new bond for FTSO??

I was at the interview last week and they said it just changed :ugh:, can anybody explain how it is going to work please?

Tinga 4th Jun 2012 05:33

And how is the new bond for FTSO??

I was at the interview last week
and they said it just changed :ugh:, can anybody
explain how it is going to work please?
Hitacan, If you were sitting in a room and they told you that the bond had changed, didn't any one of you guys ask them to explain what the new bond system (if there really is one) is? I am really frustrated because people keep coming up with a story that the bond is changing for FTSO BUT nobody really knows what IT IS????????:ugh:

RK303 4th Jun 2012 06:49

Maybe it was a rumor, but someone here stated a new double bond system including the type rating and a part of the line training deducted from your salary.This has to be confirmed and we're waiting for.
If itís true ,needless to say that for SOís already having an initial training loan to pay off, youíll be financially dead for the next 5-7 years after joining. But this is the market law and there is not too much options out there to reach your goal if you can handle it.

Check Airman 4th Jun 2012 07:05

But this is the market law and there is not too much options out there to reach your goal if you can handle it.
It is not the new market law. If you allow yourself to be exploited, then so be it. I'm not willing to give up half a year's pay to fly there. They operate on a simple principle. If people are willing to accept the new conditions, they will continue withe the new 50k payment. If not, they'll just have to get rid of it.

Guys who decide it's ok to pay for type ratings never cease to amaze me.

Samolin 4th Jun 2012 07:51

Cargo Allowance
Me and my family are eligible for upto 350kg of cargo but I am sure we have gone in excess by 70kg.

Does anyone know how much is the employee excess cost per kg for Qatar Cargo would be???

Also, when we are joining we are given ecomony class tickets with upgrade to business class... so do we get 23kg for checked bags or is it 30kg??

Thx for your replies! Safe landings

RK303 4th Jun 2012 08:45

check airman
I agree.Personally I'll not be able to handle it but there is always people who'll go with it
because of no other choices available and financially healthy.

If they were not so many applicants in the holding pool i doubt this could be happened.

hitacan 4th Jun 2012 09:49

The new bond
Well, of course we asked, I just thought here would be someone form QR who could copy & paste the official information from the airline... That is why I asked here...

Anyway, what they told us at the briefing before the interview was that there is a new bond since some days now, it is only for FTSO (probably same for SOs), and it consist of a 1000Ä (more or less) payment during 30 months, recovering only the last 10 months, and the bond time is 5 years instead of 3.

They explained that the company values the type rating in 25000$ and the line training in another 25000$ which should be paid if leaving before the bond time (subtracting what you already paid).

Sorry for asking about it without giving you this info, I really thought and still think that there must be someone here who can manage to provide us with the exact details of this bond...

Hamid_27 4th Jun 2012 14:39

old bond, new bond, and newest bond
Hi all,

In the OM Part A it says NTSO are bonded for 5 years and pay $833 per month. But at the interview they said we pay $1000 per month for 36 months only, and after 5 years we get $36k back in a lump sum. But if you leave before 5 years you pay the whole $50k.

Will try to get the latest details on this "new" bond soon, if it even exists...

flight level 330 4th Jun 2012 16:56

excuse me do you have an idea about the cost life in doha

cccc 4th Jun 2012 17:38

Hi all,
The fact that a lot of Spaniar guys jumped in front of the queue, QR sending mails out in order to find out what the notice periods are, ...
With how much time do you think everything has been delayed for the guys that received the pass mail in March (as I did), or later/earlier in order to receive the offer, or joining date for that matter?
I am FTSO.

ITO 4th Jun 2012 20:09

Honestly, I think we are in for a seriouse really long wait/delay, and what kills is that we don`t even know what is going on, nore able to get hold of someone that knows something. After all the excitment I had for the Interview, somehow, I lost hope...

chrislikesblue 5th Jun 2012 07:47

Anyone knows if they are still calling people for interviews or they freeze recruitment for a while? I have applied through an agent,its been more than 2 months and still no invitation for screening.i was told by the agent that recruitment stops for a while because they have hired the people they need for now.

Stick35 5th Jun 2012 10:21

I think the agent is right. Dont put all your eggs in 1 basket i would say.

flyforfood1 5th Jun 2012 11:13

Word on the street is that QR have the 700 they need for this year so i'd expect recruitment to slow. If you think the wait is long now - some have been here in Doha 7 months plus and still haven't started training!!

Gregling 5th Jun 2012 11:44

7 months ? What are they doing while waiting ? Enjoying the sun... ?

upwhereIbelong 5th Jun 2012 11:58

so ,may I ask very straight forward ,i have signed the offer of employment ,wait on doj? any worries ?

flyforfood1 5th Jun 2012 12:35

Well the first month is generally taken up by MORE admin stuff (if you think the jointing process requires a lot, wait until you get here), ground courses and getting your RP and medical sorted, once thats over your just waiting for sim slots, depends on what type your coming from, but if its a type swap then expect a loooong wait and to be sent somewhere else in the world to do your rating, Mumbai, Cairo, Sweden, Singapore, Toulouse etc.

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