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light and variable 13th Oct 2013 15:38

Nitram I second your short summary :ok:

RK303 15th Oct 2013 15:59

To speed up
e-mails -> NO
Network -> YES (and you can start here on pprune, those guys are watching:))

Ref2010 15th Oct 2013 23:18

Hi guys I'm new here...interviewed and passed on the 1st week of this month
F/O with 3400hrs on 320 and 350hrs on 330
Just curious to know the fleet they would offer me

Thanks in advance

Flyboy41 16th Oct 2013 11:23

Hi all. Hopefully expecting an interview sometime for captain Widebody. I'm Boeing. So will the sim assessment be on the 777 or 787? Or could it be airbus too. Thanks. Appreciate a reply from anyone Boeing guy... Or gal who has been for an interview recently..... Thanks

ManFlex46 16th Oct 2013 12:17

details received regarding ADAPT and rest of the recruitment proc has no mention of the earlier tech interview by chief pilot! so does that mean no technical interview:D, or is just not the part of ADAPT.
anyone who has recently been through the process plz update.

Airb 16th Oct 2013 12:32

it can be the A320, A330, B787 or B777. you'll know just after successful in the technical interview. it's the sim whose is available at that moment.

migair54 16th Oct 2013 16:00

Hi all.

1013altimeter; all the best I hope you pass, but now I'm scare of the test, I'm not sure when but sooner or later I'll have to go thru also. Keep us updated please. I guess you are type rated, I haven't read anything about FTSO being called lately.

FlyBoy41; when I did mine, we were brief before lunch to prepare for the A320 with the documents we got, but upon arrival to the sim the examiner said we have some issue with the sim so we will do in the B787.


muslim1 17th Oct 2013 00:07

I have a question regarding benefits

I have two wives ,I was wondering if Qatar airways will give travel benefits to both of my wives .

Ref2010 17th Oct 2013 01:10

The PAT is a lot of work. But the key is patience and just relax....

Ref2010 17th Oct 2013 01:13

Any guys presently with QR could shed some light on the type one would be offered.....f/O 3500 on 320 and 350 on 330
And how long does it take for command

Anyone could shed some light on this pls

Interviewed and passed beginning of October

migair54 17th Oct 2013 07:39

Hi Ref3010.

I don't think anyone can reply to your question 100% sure but if your last plane was an A330 maybe they send you there, and for command, it wont take very long with your experience if your performance is good, but I think you should do at least 2000 h on widebody before, then you'll be elegible for widebody captain as well, or before that was one of the reqs. However I might be wrong....

ManFlex46 17th Oct 2013 09:00


Expect 330...how long did they take to reply to u regarding the result?

Flyboy41 17th Oct 2013 09:03

Thanks migair54 and Airb. Much appreciated.... :D

Ref2010 17th Oct 2013 13:37

Thanks a lot guys for your reply...
Well I was send an email the following day that I had passed the selection process, and that they would get back to me shortly
I'm current on 320 and 330.... My 330 IR expires in January

I'm not really sure that if offered the 320 should I take it or not....
Unless it will do me good for my upgrade

MDT06 17th Oct 2013 14:38

Read the majority of the thread and would like to know if it's ok to apply with an A320 SIC rating. I have about 1000hrs in the A320. I couldn't find anything regarding this matter.

Is a 320 SIC rating enough to meet the type rating requirement?


MDT 06

Fubaliera 17th Oct 2013 15:23

Pilot says Middle Eastern airline defamed, terminated him | Southeast Texas Record

atplfrozen 18th Oct 2013 05:47


anyone could help?

whats the basic salary of a a320 FO?
after training how better could get?
as a current FO what's my average salary?(i know it depends in a lot of criteria)
what are my benefits and how much i get on each?(school,house...?)
how difficult is to rent and to buy a car? do i have to pay something in advance?
company gives me tickets to fly during vacation? family has this benefit?
Does the company hold my passport during a period of time? isnt dangerous? if i want to quit the job?
How is training period? They try to get you crazy?
I've heard that if you drive a thing of the SOP you get fired. (ie. clear scratchpad of fmgs without double confirmation) is it true?

i know my questions are crazy but these things are important... be honest on your answer.

best regards:D

FLYJET123 18th Oct 2013 11:48

Hi I go for selection tue. Is there a panel interview? What questions do they ask. Any help very much appreciated.

transport jock 18th Oct 2013 15:05

atplfrozen, your questions have been asked 100 times here already, and answered just as many times... if you are serious about applying, do some research and find out some basic info for yourself.. the answers u cant get feel free to ask...

sand storm 19th Oct 2013 08:10

Hi, you can find some anwers on this site: pilotjobsnetwork.com, find Middle est than Qatar Airways, some gays update info for Qatar very quickly.
Let me know your search. :ok:

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