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Papa_Golf 17th Nov 2016 11:51

I'm in the joining process and I've just wrote an email to my joining coordinator asking to confirm that. I was planning to revalidate my rating out of my pocket but I'd be glad to save a thousand bucks. Finger crossed.

Captain777max 17th Nov 2016 12:31

Application submitted
I have applied for the boeing type rated FO position

Question for thos who have had a response... how long did it take for them to get back to you after you first applied.
Its been 3 weeks for me still no word fromthem

eagle747_S211 18th Nov 2016 09:10

Hi guys, i've completed the assessment in doha early nov. was just wondering how long would qatar reply to see if you've passed the selection?

flyflye 19th Nov 2016 22:23

Talent pool
Hi guys I just received the email that I passed but that I will be in the talent pool...I'm a NTR FO. Do you guys have an idea of how long I will be swimming in the pool? 🏊🏿

Crashlanding 20th Nov 2016 06:01

You could be swimming a while, I and a few others passed in June.

BR-Pilot 20th Nov 2016 06:45

Originally Posted by Crashlanding (Post 9583914)
You could be swimming a while, I and a few others passed in June.

I passed in September and still swimming. Some September guys already got a joining date and guys who passed before us didn't.

Don't know their criteria, since there's a mix of TR and NTR guys among these new joiners.

Ex-Brazilian 20th Nov 2016 16:54

Hey eagle747, I'm in the same boat =|

Interviewed in the first week of november and still no reply... applied for Boeing TR

Turabi 21st Nov 2016 18:10

hi everyone,

I am a 25 years old, qualified commercial pilot licensed with frozen atpls, I am very frustrated that i have not even given an opportunity to be interviewed since my graduation last year.
i am currently working in the construction field and it is really difficult when you are being devalued especially when you have worked so hard and invested a big amount of money into becoming a pilot, and build up a career in the field of your interest and what turns out is that all doors are shut.

i would really appreciate if someone can direct me or even advise me find my dream job. i am really feeling down. i have the minimum commercial pilot hours.

Flyboy_SG 23rd Nov 2016 21:47

Hi Turabi,

You are not the only one. We have been there too. Some have got jobs after 15 years of getting CPL, while working as truck drivers and attendants at fuel stations for survival. So keep your enthusiasm high and do whatever it takes to land in a job. As a thumb rule, take up the first flying job you get, any aircraft.

I suggest investing in a CFI rating. This will help you get your first flying job, stay current, learn more, build PIC and ultimately your dream airline job.


mickey11 28th Nov 2016 05:05

During the interview, are there any technical questions? Or just HR related, Personal and situations ?

Many thanks.

BR-Pilot 28th Nov 2016 14:52

Originally Posted by Ex-Brazilian (Post 9584373)
Hey eagle747, I'm in the same boat =|

Interviewed in the first week of november and still no reply... applied for Boeing TR


Did you get any reply from QR?

"Abrašo, boa sorte!"

FlyingOW 29th Nov 2016 08:07

I know 3 guys who interviewed in Oct & Nov and they got start dates in Dec & Jan. I guess it all depends on your experience level and type-rating(s) and of course how well you did in Doha, that determine how quickly you join QR...

Best of luck!


trancada 29th Nov 2016 20:00

What re the chances for experienced Airbus pilots can move to NTR on Boeing 777 or 787?

Rodolfo 1st Dec 2016 02:12

Hello guys

I've passed also, but I'm also swimming in the talent pool.
One detail: The simulator examiner told me that he would recommend me to the boeing fleet.
Many friends of mine, who were invited / received de job offer recently, were invited to the A320.
Maybe the Boeing fleet are suffering a lack of instructor or SIM slot. That could be the reason of this "talent pool"

APU_inop 1st Dec 2016 06:36

Yes it's due to the high demand. Stay patient and flexible, have the paperwork finished!
you might get a short notice offer due to someone not being able to join on their assigned date.

Congratulations by the way!

terveydeksi 2nd Dec 2016 15:06

about being flexible...
Based on what I have heard or read here, it looks like that people with a longer-than-normal notice period (say 3 months) have only little chance to join QR. They have a habit of calling people with a DOJ which is a lot sooner than the end of the pilot's notice period. If you want to be fair with your current employer you cannot take the job at QR because they'll always find someone else to be assigned for that training slot you got. What do you guys think about it?

Cuillin Hills 2nd Dec 2016 16:03

They called me on minimum notice period - after waiting in silence for 6 months.

They also required six month validity on my IR at date of joining - this would have meant me me organising an off-schedule IR.

Quite difficult finding an available type IR examiner at short notice.

They only gave one date opportunity - when I asked them if the had any other dates they said no and withdrew my application as I couldn't make that one date.

dboy 2nd Dec 2016 17:13

@Cuillin Hills

Was you IR elapsed? Normally the first 3 month after expiring it should not be a problem to renew.


Cuillin Hills 2nd Dec 2016 17:39

No - current type IR.

I only would have had 4 months IR validity on joining (normal in Europe to have a 12 month IR with ATQP).

They eventually relented on the 6 month IR validity but I wasn't going to put my notice in to my current employer as long as Qatar had outstanding requests.

They wouldn't offer any other course date so I couldn't, subsequently, provide them with a release document from my employer.

As I was offered the start date on minimum notice period it meant that I then had less than sufficient time to put my notice in and get the required release certificate.

If they had not requested the IR 6 month validity on joining them there wouldn't have been a problem.

If they had given me more notice of the start date than minimum notice then there wouldn't have been a problem.

If they could have offered several starting dates then there wouldn't have been a problem.

Remember - the start date had only been given a couple of weeks before - they hadn't spoken to me for 6 months.

Obbie 3rd Dec 2016 09:31

An early look into the kind of airline you are so desperate to join.
This is QR management in a nutshell.
When an airline shows you who they really are, you should believe them.

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