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ironbutt57 28th Nov 2013 13:56

do it when you have the hours...part of the online app includes uploading the last pages of your logbook as an attachment....

K1000 28th Nov 2013 14:08

Thank you.

TinkerTailor 28th Nov 2013 15:39

So are you saying it is worth applying if one has in excess of the hours requirement but not a Boeing rating (obviously without the 500 hours on type too)?
I can't say for sure either way. If it were me, I would still apply. Worst thing to happen is you waste an hour filling in an application form and you get told you don't meet the requirements. On the other hand you may get an interview and then a job out of it. There are people working here now who didn't meet the requirements on the website.

So what you are saying is to better wait for the 500 hours even though for FO is not a requirement under the minimums or I won't have any problems if I turn in the application with only 30 hours or so short, which I'll be completing the 500 hours in 2 weeks or so.
For the sake of two weeks you'd be better off waiting. If you don't have 500hrs on type you are seen as non-type rated by QR.

FMSPEED 28th Nov 2013 18:34

That's what i thought.. Do you guys think qatar will start calling non type rated guys again? since they've already starting calling 737 NG guys.. I've been to a road show a few months back and the HR told us that they wouldn't call anybody without a rating for the next few years to come…but after this update regarding the 737NG i come to think of it as a sudden change on their minds..specially given to the huge amount of aircrafts ordered by them..So maybe we can expect a NTR opening with qatar soon…at least that's what i hope for.

Iver 28th Nov 2013 21:39

The Bombardier C-Series won't require typed pilots since it will be brand new. Will be interesting to see if Al Baker actually orders it in a few months (rumour) for longer/thinner routes out of Doha. :ok::cool:

FMSPEED 29th Nov 2013 01:53

Well..that could be a gateway for those non type rated..but i think this is just a move from qatar in order to get airbus to reduce price on the A319's or 20's for 'em ..:cool:

Norvak 29th Nov 2013 08:44


Sorry for misleading you. I think they also accept non-type rated with experience on aircrafts above 100t. I do not follow the changes to the requirements in detail.

Just meant that you can always hear about a guy who did not respect the current criteria, but if you are not in a special situation (being local or considered as local, knowing significant people, have passed the exam 2 years ago under different rules, etc…) you will have to fulfill the current requirements.


hawk99 29th Nov 2013 11:57

They will recruit at a faster pace now. With so many orders from gulf region, it will be a race now.

migair54 29th Nov 2013 19:24

tail wind
I really think QR will speed up a bit, quite a few good news in the last days:

- A380 arriving soon, more B787, B77W, soon we will see first sets of crew going for A350 training, and maybe C-series or more A320 family planes.

-New airport to open in January, or at least that is the latests news, QR moving in June or July 2014.

Doha's Hamad International Airport to open in January - Business Traveller

-Qatar india quota to get a big increase, with few new routes in the pipeline.

India to up Qatar's airline seats quota under bilateral traffic rights - The Economic Times on Mobile

-Double the freqs to Indonesia, signed today, 21xweek to 45xweek. BERNAMA - Qatar, Indonesia Sign Air Transport MoU

It seems like things are getting great for QR.

salamalikum2 30th Nov 2013 10:48

Qatar India quota to get a big increase...

" it seems like thinks are getting great for Qr":E

Don't forget that on the other side most of the European destinations have seen their capacity reduced ( from 330 to 787).

south coast 1st Dec 2013 06:30

Does someone have an HR or recruitment email address for Qatar as my incomplete application has somehow been submitted and I just received a reply of not meeting pre-screening requirements.

It now says I cannot re-apply, but obviously I never actually wanted to apply with an incomplete application and need to either void that application or be able to complete it.

Any suggestions?

Capt Jack Rosen 1st Dec 2013 06:57

Start a new application with a different email address.

migair54 1st Dec 2013 11:52

Salamalikum2 you are right, hpwever for us in this foro b787 and a330 is the same, 2 pilots :-)

Reducing the seat offered help to increase the yields and also the B787 offers a much better experience on board, so it's kind of a better product.

Anyway it's nice to see that the expansion is going to boost as soon as new termianl is open, let's see when will they do finally.

freddi16 1st Dec 2013 14:21

Hi any rumors if qr Will resume interview for non type rated on the 320?

jerman 1st Dec 2013 15:33

my friend in QR said right now they have given interview dates as far as Aug 2014 but only type rated pilots, but it can change over night

freddi16 1st Dec 2013 15:49

I've heard also that the pilots pool is empty,lot Of rumors

Jet-Stream 1st Dec 2013 16:30

I've been here for a long long time since before the road between Hardy's and flight ops was first dug up and your friend is right "things can change here overnight".

It all depends on which side the decision makers leave their bed in the morning, not on any analytics of the situation and no consideration of the airlines long term objectives as far as human resource development is concerned.

When I first joined the company and visited QCAA for my temporary Qatari ATPL which was issued as a validation of my foreign ATPL. The gentleman I met was a Qatari. After handing over my temporary paper licence he laughed and remarked "this is valid for three months and if you are still here after three months you can have your permament licence"

In those day many pilots didn't even bother to resign, they would just take a flight to the nearest destination to their home country and just leave for home. "Jump Ship" as it was called. This was all because of the lies that they were told before they joined. I think this tells how the place is managed.

Good Luck

K1000 1st Dec 2013 19:39

South coast,

I went through the same thing, what I did was create an account with a different email. I haven't started the application till I have everything ready so I can send it all at once, I thought I could save and send it later but apparently the system sends it right away. Let me know how it works out for you, what I don't know is if the system goes with email or name, since in the initial application I got the same email about not meeting requirements. Hopefully is by email, that way when I turn in the application again with all the information it doesn't get rejected.

south coast 1st Dec 2013 21:06


That's exactly what happened to me, I didn't click submit at any stage nor did I receive an automated response by email to say that I had applied, but as I said I received the auto generated email saying I didn't meet the requirements.

Anyway, I shall do as others have said and try a new email address and I too will try and do it all in one sitting this time.

I wonder if recalling one's application would resolve the problem, would prefer my normal email address rather than having to regularly check a secondary address.

aviator_88 2nd Dec 2013 04:10

how long does it take for them to review application and decide whether they will call for interview or not??

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