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winterinhell 2nd Dec 2013 05:58

mine one month..given interview date 3months away..

migair54 2nd Dec 2013 07:36

Hi Freddi16

The pool is not empty, maybe empty of type rated guys but I know that some guys I know they are still waiting and even myself I'm still waiting. I really don't know what will happen to all of us but some of the guys I know have been waiting for 18 months, and not long ago some guys in the pool got an email saying that they are no longer required.

freddi16 2nd Dec 2013 07:38

@ south coast i had the same problem, are you type

H.El.Shafey 2nd Dec 2013 15:46

today i received an email asking me for my atp grades is that normal it wasnt included in the list of required attachments

Ref2010 2nd Dec 2013 17:35

From what I know is that they are desperate for wide body pilots.
One of my friend who just joined was asked if he knew pilots with time on the big bus and interested to join QR

Bear in mind the 350 and 380 are starting entry from April.

H.El.Shafey 2nd Dec 2013 20:46

thnx ref
and in relation to my question lol

Intruder One 3rd Dec 2013 02:24

I have a interview very soon,been reading allot of post. Yes money is pretty good for DEC but from what i'm reading you can't leave.My last contract I looked forward to my break and going home.My understanding and from reading the post you never leave........you must have a break sometime, vacation or something???

If not how do you stand it?

salamalikum2 3rd Dec 2013 03:51

" asked if he knew pilots with time on the big bus and interested to join QR....":ouch:

1-Well it's Not a easy task to move to Doha with family and kids...
2-Maybe extra money and benefits and/or commuting contract will make the task more easy to attract qualified people.
3-treat people with dignity and respect.
4-make Doha a little bit more " expats friendly".
5-If somebody is qualified on the big bus and willing to move in to the gulf I'm pretty sure he/ she will look first TO EK or EY....(points 1-4 might explain why).

casablanca 3rd Dec 2013 03:58

@ intruder one:
Not sure where you got the " you never leave" from?
I'm from the USA as well and don't go home very often as it is just too far!
I often have time to go home but kids are in school here etc....so usually not worth it.
Many of my friends from Eorope are almost commuting, going home 10 plus days per month.
I have had about 1 week vacation per month for the last 5 months....usually they add few days off and I have gotten 10-14 days off in a row for several months( which I actually don't like.....as I said with the kids in school staying home for 2 weeks gets boring!) but would be pretty easy to go home if one wanted to.
The only time it is difficult is for first couple of months you have to get exit visa from flight ops...after 3 months you get multi exit visa and are free to come and go at your leisure

Ref2010 3rd Dec 2013 10:14

That's the reason they have started fast track command.
Entry aircraft 330 and a choice of 2000 hrs right seat on 330 you get your command or 18months in QR to be considered for 320 left seat
And wide body FO with experience would having quiet a good amount of time on jets. So guys with experience come here just to get their command fast tracked than rather go to EK or EY and wait years for seniority

Jet-Stream 3rd Dec 2013 19:04

Asked if he knew pilots with time on the big bus and interested to join QR.
Don't know if there would be many Big Bus pilots available these days, leave alone the ones willing to join QR. According to the latest projections of the aviation industry, the industry has already entered in era of unprecedented shortage of airline pilots for coming years.

The problem with QR is that it is not a professionally managed company. Airline management is a specialized field of study. Many major universities offer MBA in airline management.

Qatari locals sure enough want to be in management and they have a right to do so, after all it is their national airline. However, if the person at the 9th floor would have had any sense himself, he would have arranged scholarships for the locals to go and study aviation management and earn a qualification from a university that would allow them to return to QR and make great managers.

Unfortunately, this was not done at an early stage of QR's establishment and expansion. And so for all these years QR's management has been nothing more than a monster without a head.

The locals have always been put in important Flt. Ops. management positions but brought nothing but childishness to the job. Their attitude has been "This our toy and we'll play with it the way we like" they fail to realize QR's reliance on expat pilots for their very existence and also that their unprofessional behavior is putting people in undue misery.

This talk of foreign bases and compressed rosters has been going on for at least the last 8 years, but despite being perfectly workable, does not materialize because of the Qatari mindset. It's considered a great management failure to have an employee be seen walking around with a smile.

Alas! it's not likely to change. So where do we go from here? Just wait and watch! Shortly there will be a panic situation like many before, when all the toys on order arrive and no pilots to play with them. Then the chief will come up with a new pay package, make a disgusting speech, and send out his loyalist on a treasure hunt for pilots from all the bankrupt airlines of the world. He will look himself in the mirror, pat his own back and tell himself "Brilliantly Done!:D"

So whoever says we are not likely to get a pay rise, doesn't know QR well enough. Just wait and watch. Bon Voyage!

Intruder One 4th Dec 2013 01:04

To Casablanca..

Ok sorry...I assumed from what I was reading that 2 or 3 days in a row was all that you get.I'm from US as well.No probably would not return to US every time but there's other places I may want to go just to get out of the sand box,So you're saying you can get maybe up to 10 days in a row.....well the that's not too bad.

I understand the first two or three months you can't leave training etc,thats true everywhere, just wanted to be able to get out sometime.

casablanca 4th Dec 2013 03:09

The 10 days off is not a guarantee, but at least on the triple 7 that has been the norm for me, at least since I finished line training end of May.
I often see pilots just going to Thailand or someplace for few days to get out of town

salamalikum2 4th Dec 2013 07:00


Regarding scholarships for locals, some of the locals ( pilots) have already been selected to enroll such a course as aviation management and already start it.

Not convinced though about your "optimism" For the pay rise remark.

South Prince 4th Dec 2013 12:54

@ Jetstream:

there isn't a pilot shortage.:)

momo95 4th Dec 2013 18:34

Hi Guys.

I was wandering if someone can help me. I'm considering applying to the qatar airways mpl with ctc wings. It seems like a good programme at face value (except the price !!).
My question is regards to the pat test. I'm aware that any normal applicant only has one attempt at doing the qatar pat test, but does anyone know if this one try only rule also applies to cadets ?. Because if it does then it means over 105,000 down the drain and nothing gained (if the cadet failed first time), as my mpl would only be valid with qatar along with a TR.
Thank you


Obbie 5th Dec 2013 04:28

Go get a normal entry flying job and build some experience,
then apply as a FO. Don't be their bitch and play their stupid game.

Jet-Stream 5th Dec 2013 05:30

Hi salamalikum2!

Sure, they can start their courses now but it's about 15 years too late, Nevertheless, it's a good start for the next generations of Qataries. And I hope that as a special favour to the aviation industry the Little Big Chief would tag along too! It never too late!:E

I know you've been here a while too and we've seen this story over and over again...I believe more money is coming!

@South Prince

You are right, there is no pilot shortage - there's just a shortage of pilots!
Here's some reading for you;

Airlines hire pilots as shortage looms

momo95 5th Dec 2013 10:36

"Go get a normal entry flying job and build some experience"

I would love to. Though where can these jobs be found ?, as far as i'm aware there is nothing out there for fresh, untagged fatpl holders (around 250 hrs) without having to fork out at least another 25,000 or so for TR.

"Don't be their bitch and play their stupid game."

seriously ?

Btw, can anyone else please answer the question asked ?


Capt Jack Rosen 5th Dec 2013 11:18

A whole lot of flying in the world besides airline flying to build your flying experience. This is what we call entry level. Do your research and pay your dues like most already have in the industry.

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