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Ref2010 14th Dec 2013 17:01

Interviewed October, offer letter November.
I requested joining in April...April granted 330f/o

ManFlex46 15th Dec 2013 06:53

Interviewed November, added to talent pool December...330 f/o !!!

Obbie 15th Dec 2013 10:21

Well I guess somebody was a lot more impressive than somebody else during the selection process. :}

Flyboy41 15th Dec 2013 18:36

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with skytest software prep for the interview? Was it helpful?... Thanks

clearedfortaxi 18th Dec 2013 10:50

Hi guys and gals... just wanted some info ..
Applied last month and on the recruitment portal it says INVITED FOR INTERVIEW (since a week)... but still have not received any invitation through email? Anyone else in similar situation?:rolleyes:

vitorps87 18th Dec 2013 12:57

A320 FO Talent Pool
Interviewed in Dec, 10th 2013. Got the email saying I'm in the talent pool a week later.
Any 320 FO who was in the pool and have gotten the joining date?

Flyboy41 19th Dec 2013 19:21

Hi vitorps87,

Congrats on being placed in the pool. Can u confirm which simulator was used for the screening. Was it the B787 or A320? Thanks

jerman 23rd Dec 2013 17:49

a friend interview on Sep said A320 used

Flyboy41 24th Dec 2013 10:49

Thanks Jerman

cccc 24th Dec 2013 13:05

What's the point?
As far as I know, QR is mainly recruiting type rated pilots at the moment.

A friend of mine recently went to Doha for the PAT test, he is type rated on the A320 as a FO.
He received the pass mail 2 weeks later, and another 2 weeks later he received an offer of emplyment on the B787!
What's the point of being type rated on one of their aircrafts, being able to go pretty quick through their training, if QR is gonna put you on another type? Is it because they want you to pay for the type rating, spending more time training you?
Why would they do that? What's the difference in recruiting FTSO, SO. They also have to pay for the rating, and the salary is less.
But then again, it's QR we are talking about right? No logic here.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

salamalikum2 24th Dec 2013 13:23

The point is ...if you hire a 320 type rated pilot and you put him on 320, he doesn't have to sign any bond and so he is free to leave anytime.
( it happens recently I think with a couple of 320 pilots who left after just a couple of months and went back to their previous employer).
No if you put the same 320 rated pilots on 787, it means he will have to sign a bond,and he will be basically " locked" here for a couple of years.

That's the Qr Logic IMHO!:hmm:

cccc 24th Dec 2013 13:51

That's what I thought. :)

vitorps87 24th Dec 2013 16:26

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Flyboy41, my SIM was on A320. I was lucky because Im type rated on it. A friend of mine went on november and also did his SIM on A320 but he is 777 FO.

vitorps87 24th Dec 2013 20:51

sim session
Hi, im A320 rated and my SIM was on A320. I know 10 pilots who went through the assessment during the last 3 months who had their SIM rides on A320, even if they were rated in other types.

vitorps87 24th Dec 2013 20:54

Hi, im A320 rated and my SIM was on A320. I know 10 pilots who went through the assessment during the last 3 months who had their SIM rides on A320, even if they were rated in other types.

Iver 25th Dec 2013 14:07

Nice to see that 787 FO slots are indeed being offered to newhires! If you are looking for a new job, why not at least get a desirable type rating and gain some new experiences in the process? Great news!

Anyone care to estimate the proportion of aircraft type slots given newhires in terms of A320/A330/B787/B777 slots lately? Any trends in newhire aircraft assignments?


FMSPEED 25th Dec 2013 14:47

If Qatar is hiring to the 787 without a boeing rating what's the point ???? Unless this guy had a boeing rating a non type rated pilot would be bonded the same way as a 320 guy…makes no sense at all.. i know there are a lot of non type rated guys like me who would be willing to go to Qatar and sign a training bond, and would perform the job just as well..Let's hope they start calling NTR guys again...

qatari001 25th Dec 2013 15:45

The other main reason newhires are offered 787 is that most of the existing qr pilots refuse to go to 787 for various reasons...
A lot of B777 pilots prefer to stay on their type for better destinations within qr till the 787 gets better network and dispatch reliability...As many still fear for another grounding...
Some qr A320 skippers prefer to get transferred to A330 and eventually to the A350/A380 which both are coming very soon...
Since the 787 is expanding a lot in the near future, there will be loads of slots for new hires...

FMSPEED 25th Dec 2013 16:09

So why not hire non type rated for the 787 then ?? …makes no sense asking a 320 TR for a 787..

A320 FWS 25th Dec 2013 19:57

But generally they aren't calling A320 tr pilots to 787. I know 1 FO from A320 that received the 787 offer, and that guys had a Boeing 757 experience. I'm type rated on 320 and got the talent pool. There isn't a pattern or trend on this.

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