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K1000 11th Nov 2013 03:54

Online CV
Hello to all, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a doubt I have in rewards the online CV application. If I register do I have to complete the CV at once or can I come back to it later? I tried filling it out before thinking I could come back to it , but a few days later I got an email stating that I didn't meet the requirements, of course I didn't finish filling out the CV, would this be a problem if I register with a different email and try filling out the CV again. Any tips and guidance will be appreciate it. Thank you.

casablanca 11th Nov 2013 05:09

@k1000..regarding online app, I would think you could save and exit, return and finish before you submit.....however maybe it is better to try and complete all.
I do think you need try a new email, if it wont let you apply using the old one. I applied originally, and never received any response so tried to update and reapply several months later, and the only thing that worked was to start over using a different email

K1000 11th Nov 2013 10:42

Thank you for your reply Casablanca, do you have DOJ or are you already working in Qatar?

Flyingmachine01 14th Nov 2013 02:25

During PATS
If anyone can help....

During the PATS assessment..
I heard they ask you to describe your career to date? (break the Ice)
Is there any other behavioural type questions you get asked?

CDRW 14th Nov 2013 03:27

F01 - not sure how much you know of this test - its basically in two parts - " skills test" and I use that lightly - and a psychological " assessment" by two assessors, who take copious notes. Now they got to start somewhere so, I remember, that is how they start. But soon enough you will be into the bones of the interview and they will delve and prod and try to get you in a corner - common themes seem to be how you feel if you loose in a game of your choice -i.e for me it was along these lines

Question:What is you recreational sport.
Answer:Golf .
Q: Do you bet?.
A:Sure do
Q: Why
A: Puts a competitive edge to the game
Q: Describe how you feel win you loose

And from here they can delve into all lines of emotion - bla bla bla.
Just remember - that they making a profile of you - if you loose your cool or get shirty and obstreperous then chances are small of a pass.

Also a point to note that apparently this assessment was meant to be done by all operational staff - managers as well - and it was discovered that there where more than a few managers who not be recommended for employment let alone the position they where in!!! The rules had to be quickly re-written for present employees!!!

hawk99 14th Nov 2013 05:58


Try to give short replies and dont add anything extra. More u talk extra, more will be the pressure raised. Best of luck

FlyK 17th Nov 2013 01:10

500 hrs on type
can someone please confirm the fact that Qatar Airways gives new type if a pilot doesn't have 500hr on type

light and variable 17th Nov 2013 09:21

... I joined NTRīd so I do not know exactly where the goalposts are. However I know people who needed to do the full type-training and therefore bond committal due to insufficient hours on type.

Dihaz 17th Nov 2013 09:23

Hi Guys,

Can't anybody share an FO 777 Roster with me??!

Please PM me...


jerman 17th Nov 2013 12:13

Any idea what fleet I could be offered with
Over 5000 Total time
4500hrs on A320

Interview scheduled for march 2014 ,
Or it doesn't matter how many hours you have ,

TinkerTailor 17th Nov 2013 12:16

can someone please confirm the fact that Qatar Airways gives new type if a pilot doesn't have 500hr on type
Yes I can confirm this.

FlyK 18th Nov 2013 00:41

thank you
Guys thank you for replying to my post. Appreciate the answer

FlyK 18th Nov 2013 03:45

care to share more information on 320
typical crew experiences?
where do most 320 pilots live?
any other relevant information.


Scott_T 19th Nov 2013 11:24

Qatar airways requirements.
I saw this morning that Qatar Airways have begun recruiting for non rated FO's for the T7 and 78, couple of questions I would really appreciate someone answering,
1: it is impossible apparently to panes any decent amount of time at home at Qatar, whereas apparently EK you can get a bit of time at home in UK, do Emirates or Etihad ever recruit from QR or is there some agreement where they don't poach each other's staff?

2: I have about 2,000 hours 1050 instructor and the other 950 or so (ex astraeus) their minimums are 1000 multo crew multi engine jet, have they ever in the past made an exception for a 50 or so hour short fall???



light and variable 19th Nov 2013 12:20

Are you sure about the first point??? Check your source

It is possible to get home now and again, but you would not call it decent time. Max 6 days off joined together, each month.

Expect no compassion if you dont quite meet the hours requirements. Traditionally you would join as a fast-track second officer. Less pay and less priority when the training department is choked. But you would be released as FO upon completion of line check.

Scott_T 19th Nov 2013 12:36

Yep just double checked their website 777 and 787 no requirement for type rating but 1000 multi crew commercial jet time, so even if circa 50 hours short no leniency"........?

FlyK 19th Nov 2013 12:51

there is a different post
hey guys, there's a different post with over 300 pages of info. There are quite a few guys/gals on there. seem to me that fast track is very selective and has a long wait time. start towards the end.

south coast 19th Nov 2013 12:53


On their site it says the following:

To apply for this opportunity in our Flight Deck team you must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. A Minimum of 1,000 hours in one of the following categories:

Multi crew, multi engine jet aircraft

Command Turbo-Prop above 20.000 kg MTOW

High performance military jet

2. Be type-rated and current on the B787/B777/B767/B757/B737NG or B747-300-400-800 with a minimum of 500hrs on type.

Do you meet point 2?

light and variable 19th Nov 2013 12:56

OK, if you say so . .
Iīm not saying that they will not accept you with such hours, just that the requirements for joining from day 1 as FO are just about engraved in stone. This is why they operate the second officer (cadet) and second officer fast-track programs (for experienced like yourself). Its a toughen

Iver 19th Nov 2013 13:24

Now hiring directly onto the 787?
Interesting. 6-9 months ago there were a lot of naysayers about direct hiring into the 787 - instead saying all 787 positions would be internal movement from the A320 fleet.

I guess if you are really, really hoping to fly a 787 one day, QR might be the place for you... :cool: Sounds like they will take people with 737NG experience - probably many Ryanair & Norwegian folks who will consider it.

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