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Scott_T 19th Nov 2013 13:33

Yeah 737 rated and current, but with about 940-950 hours on type and 2000 total, I am just hoping there might be some leniency regarding this, as Qatar is a good opportunity to get onto a wide body etc

south coast 19th Nov 2013 14:21

If current, why can't you get another 50 hours on it?

Iver 19th Nov 2013 14:32

Scott T,

I would apply and see how it goes. QR is notoriously BAD in terms of their recruiting/interviewing/training queue processes - but you won't know unless you apply. Tell them you expect to have 1,000 hours by a certain date and then update your application accordingly if that is possible.

I don't work there, but I would say the ME is certainly where you will find the non-BA/VS widebody opportunities going forward. The other non-EK UAE carrier might be another good bet if you are looking for a widebody seat - I believe that carrier has 41 787-900 firm orders to start with first delivery in latter 2014 or early 2015. :D

Good luck!

flying apple 19th Nov 2013 22:56

My friend told me about this opening this morning.
I'm currently in the holding pool as normal track SO but since the interview i've flown 1000+ hours on the 738 so i'm hoping i can apply for this application without doing a new interview.
Time will tell

light and variable 20th Nov 2013 06:47

No interview again; one size fits all. But you most likely have do undergo the infamous PAT up the backside if you havenīt already.

If it is the case that QR are presently hiring noTRd then your new hours figure should make their eyes sparkle. You need to make them aware.

south coast 20th Nov 2013 08:19

I don't understand why the advert is for non rated FOs but that you must be current on some other kind of Boeing with 500 hours, might as well say be rated?

What about those with more than enough TT, but no Boeing rating?

flying apple 20th Nov 2013 12:47

If the PAT test is still the adapt test they were talking about a year ago i think i'll manage it, have done the same test as selection for my flight training.
Their conclusions were wrong in the end anyway.
I did had contact with them and they would see what they could do.

flying apple 20th Nov 2013 13:06

fleet specific route maps
I'm quit sure I've asked before but i can't seem to find my own post again.
Around 1.5 years ago i found a website with the routes for each aircraft (330/320/319lr)
Does anyone knows if this site still exists or where i can find the routes for B777 and B787

jafarc 20th Nov 2013 15:14

classic time
No 737 efis time accepted ? anybody in the know ?

Boeingrestricted 20th Nov 2013 17:44

Adapt test
As the flying apple mentioned, this test is subjective , unprofessionally conducted, biased and the OWNER is well connected (the elderly chap).
They underwrite conduct which is not delivered , on none of the promises. To neither party! The psycho's are full of them selfs. While the 'operational' guys ARE all the opposite from the above. Since they're checking tangible properties of a candidate and are objective , once they reckognise 'talent'. Now go tell them this and let them critisize this as PRO's. Oh and btw I would tell them this in tha face. Especially the lady.

Iver 20th Nov 2013 18:22

Flying Apple,

Don't know of any fleet-specific route maps, but you can now add EDI to the 787 routes effective next Spring...

Press Release | Qatar Airways


AlexEspana 21st Nov 2013 00:46

Are they accepting 737 Classic time? It is Boeing time.

Obbie 21st Nov 2013 06:55

So is a B-27 Stratafortress, but they are not accepting that either.

Training expects you to be glass proficient before you start.

AlexEspana 21st Nov 2013 19:35

Thanks Obbie and Javadreaming!

casablanca 22nd Nov 2013 02:14

A guy in my class was Dec on 777 and had no glass experience, although he had 25 years on 74 classic.
I think they often make some exceptions, but don't know what to tell you other than try.

jerman 22nd Nov 2013 15:55

Can anyone tell me if I could be offered any other fleet than 320
I have 5000+ hrs
4500+ hrs A320
Any chance for a wide body

B-U-S-S 22nd Nov 2013 16:06

It has happend recently, but don't expect more than the A320 not to be disappointed. Everything is about the requirement they have at the time of your joining.

jerman 22nd Nov 2013 16:53

Thanks for the reply, one of my friend did the interview same experience as me
And they offered him to start training 10 days later :-), he interviewd few weeks ago, I think QR needs 850 pilots in the next 18 months

Ref2010 24th Nov 2013 09:47

Fast track Command
Does QR really practice fast track command. As of what I know if one completes 18 months and achieved 5000 hrs...one will be considered
And 2000hrs wide body and total 6500hrs to get wide body command
My question is....does this really happen in practice?
Your replies would be appreciated

casablanca 24th Nov 2013 10:45

I don't know if Qatar had a fast track command before....there was a company notice that they were starting fast track command about 2 months ago, but don't know how many people have started since then

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