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B-U-S-S 2nd Nov 2013 07:39

Future of the A330 fleet
Anyone know the future of the A330 fleet?

salamalikum2 2nd Nov 2013 08:13

"Future of 330 fleet..."
That's a Good question...
looks like for the long term it's gone be a "dying" fleet, ( except for the cargo maybe)But who knowns..this is just my feeling.
Unless the boss is really unhappy about the 787 and decide to go for more 330 instead , which I doubt...
On top of that 350 is coming next year.
Let's wait for the Dubai airshow and any announcements....:rolleyes:

B-U-S-S 3rd Nov 2013 09:32

When are the A330 planned to be converted to freighters and anyone have a schedule for one month?

Dihaz 3rd Nov 2013 09:54

Guys, nobody has a current 777 FO roster to share with me....?????

migair54 3rd Nov 2013 11:48

future of A330...
Hi guys

Future of the A330 fleet is to be converted into Cargo planes and the rest will go to other operators, specially as soon as more and more B787, A350 and A380 join the fleet, thereīs nothing else they can do with them, some of them are 10 years old by the time they got the A350 they will be 12-13 so itīs good time to start replacing them or sending them to convert.

Qatar Airways to convert A330 jets to freighters | Reuters

Apart from the last 3 A332F the last A330 to join the fleet was in 2008, so if in the last 5 almost 6 years they have not ordered more itīs because the have decide about it.

Anyone has news about the PAT?? please PM about it if you can...

Thank you

Ref2010 5th Nov 2013 15:00

Assessment 1st October
Offer letter 5th nov
F/O 330

3500 total hrs on 320 330

hamd 5th Nov 2013 17:20

Congrats Ref2010!:D wht fleet have they offered?

jayjay340 5th Nov 2013 18:55

Congrats Ref2010 :ok: That was pretty quick......Time on type really helps alot!

jerman 6th Nov 2013 06:00

new here
Hi guys I'm new here,
Applied to QR in may 2013 , they sent me an email in Aug saying I'm shortlisted
And will contact shortly for interview dates, finally on Oct they sent Me the invitation for screening which is on March 2014, that's a long wait though
I'm a F/O 320
5000hrs total
4500hrs A320

de facto 7th Nov 2013 06:19

Arent you close to an upgrade in your airline with such hours?

TinkerTailor 7th Nov 2013 20:02


Well done. See you on the line some day.

Anyone know the future of the A330 fleet?
Some of the A330s have already been converted to freight. There is a flight to Madrid, and soon there will be to Paris, Georgia and Beirut. The 787 and 777 has already taken over many of the A330 passenger routes.

from BG2CT 8th Nov 2013 12:40

OK. So here's the scoop on my experience

Applied for F/O Non Type Rated. Interview May 2012, end of July got put in the TALENT POOL, been receiving updates every few months like everyone else... the famous " our manpower requirements have not changed, we will keep you updated" and so on ... got a request for some hours updates also...

Anyways, a few weeks ago got a very short and cold email stating that the requirements criteria in the mean time have changed and i have been withdrawn from the talent pool and am no longer applicable. Probably because i am not type rated and so on... So over 1 and a half years of waiting results in a simple "sorry goodbye"

Point being... its clear they are taking only type rated guys at the moment, DO NOT put all your eggs in one basket and always have a plan B and C just in case...

hawk99 8th Nov 2013 16:17

Sorry to hear that.gud luck n dont lose heart

migair54 8th Nov 2013 18:11

hi FROM BG2CT...

Thatīs really bad, specially if they donīt tell you exactly why you are no longer applicable, however why only you and not all the non type rated guys??

I am in the same situation, waiting on the pool, but letīs see what happens in the future, I did my interview on Sept12. Actually i went for FTSO, I donīt know whatīs going to happen with all of us, but I donīt think theyīve called any FTSO so far.

salamalikum2 9th Nov 2013 02:54

"...the requirements criteria in the mean time have changed...":E

Typically Qatar airways..., rules and regulations here keep changing like the wind direction....

upwhereIbelong 9th Nov 2013 06:42

I just got withdrawn from a Flight....so its clearly used for Training purpose.
You can see recently that a lot of Second Officers get trained on Line ....
New Airport is used to do circuits with new rated F/o and SFO.
Its moving and the Aircrafts are coming ,so hang in there.

Flyingmachine01 10th Nov 2013 00:51

My story so far.....
My story so far......
Sept 2012..... Technical Quiz, Interview, simulator onA330.... In Doha
Never heard a thing. No updates... No emails. No congrats.
May 2013... Qatar wanting more information. Hours and Simulator Assessments from my current job. Happy to send all that.
August 2013 Invitation for PATS Assessment.
I couldn't make it due to my current work commitments.
Nov 2013 I have booked in a PATS assessment in the coming weeks..

Currently 5000 hours
B737 Captain and applied for a non type rated FO position at Qatar.

I have no idea where I fit in with which group. Am I already in the pool? If so. Which one. Lol. Why are they flying back to Doha to complete just the PATS assessment. Hopefully things go well in the coming months.
Inshallah. :)

FlyK 10th Nov 2013 05:35

non type rated
Hey guys, First time poster
I don't know if this applies but I interviewed in 2012 was hired and finally received the class date for Jan. Hopefully this will keep some of you motivated.

migair54 10th Nov 2013 11:11


Congrats first of all.

Can you share a bit more?? hours, date of interview, PAT...


Captain on B737 and you canīt get DEC?? Good luck with PAT.

Iver 10th Nov 2013 16:47

If Qatar orders the Bombardier C-Series like Al Baker has "hinted" for awhile now, those aircraft will have a unique type rating so everyone should be eligible assuming they hit certain minimums. Will be watching next week at Dubai airshow to see if Al Baker finally pulls the trigger...

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