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volare_737 31st Aug 2016 13:04

I see they have increased the currency requirement from 12 months to 18 moths for rated Captains. Cant they find enough applicants ?

iamanaussiemavrick 2nd Sep 2016 08:24

Hi does QR hire Gulf air pilots ?

Also do they hire direct TRI on 320 ?

WrldWide 2nd Sep 2016 16:53

Apply and see.

itssmano 2nd Sep 2016 18:07

Seeking advise to join QR
I may be aksing a very repeated informatiom, but only in good sense to understand the actual scenario so as to apply or not. I am 737 NG FO with 2000 TT, looking for a career progression, global experience and good pay. At present with reputed international airline stable airline. 5 years or so to become eligible for command. In such a time frame, my idea is to find some money, fly over the world on a WB. So am looking at 5 years(to upgrade) in home nation at 5k to 6k/month vs 5 years or so in QR and upgrade. Can i seek some honest advise. We are only a couple for some more years. Thanks

Greenkiwi 3rd Sep 2016 07:54

Originally Posted by IBE8720 (Post 9492920)
There is no more fleet specific application. Just Boeing or Airbus. I was told in my interview that they will be doing Direct Entry on to the A350 by the end of the year. I applied for F/O Airbus. Not sure if this will apply to Captains (spoke to a Captain friend that works there 4 days ago and he said the rumour is A350 DEC soon), the other 3 guys I interviewed with were Boeing.

Hi IBE8720 I have my assessment end of this month. You say 3 guys you interviewed with were Boeing so did you end up doing the Sim in A320 or 777?

Flyboy_SG 3rd Sep 2016 15:01

@ Obbie Ref your post on 15th Jun 2016, 15:08

Weren't you one 10 years ago?? Did you land up on a widebody left seat straight out of flying club??
Get some life mate. Age and experience makes what we are today. We have to welcome juniors and look at them as our successors.

michaela74 5th Sep 2016 16:46

Went to the presentation in Manchester last week. It was very well done and gave a very impresive picture for Qatar.
About the sim. We were told that there are no surprises. Airbus guys go to the Airbus sim and the Boeing guys go to the Boeing sim. They need about 600 pilots next year.
I have an interview date for the 23rd November. Anybody else?

Pulkdahulk 6th Sep 2016 16:17

Originally Posted by AfricanSkies (Post 9498546)
Hi everyone. I have a question for QR pilots - I've just been to the selection, and was impressed by QR. Would you please give me a bit of info about cost of living in Doha? I've googled, and its a bit generic. I'd like to know what a single guy could expect to pay monthly for a 2-bed apartment, price of a 4 yr old Landcruiser, and monthly outgoings...not planning to go clubbing but the odd pub lunch etc , socialize at home and go to the desert a bit. Maybe diving trips.

How much covers rent, car insurance/fuel, food, utilities, internet/phone, gym, and the odd pint? I've been told $3k a month should be ok, is this accurate?

Where would be a good place to live? I visited the Pearl when I was there, went to Westbay Beach but it was dark so didn't see much. Also, what are your thoughts about buying a property in Doha?

Thanks in advance!

Buddy, all new joiners have to stay in company accomodation which has now become mandatory. So house rental, electricity, water, utilities, Internet, gym all taken care over at the residence you are staying. More details I am sure can be passed on by guys who are there.

1900D Pilot 6th Sep 2016 17:40

African Skies,

Could you send me a PM and leave your email address as I want to ask you a question
or two re. QR interview ?

Much appreciated.

Rigid Body 7th Sep 2016 16:29

Hi Pulk and AfricanSkies, Is this a housing policy a recent change to the existing one (furnished accommodation with utilities paid up)? I always thought they ever only gave the allowance or you got a house but pretty much an empty shell with no further assistance with utilities.... What sort of units are these (villa or apartments)? And does one get a choice or is there a policy such as rank/family size that determines what one gets?

Pulkdahulk 7th Sep 2016 17:50

@AfricanSkies - That would be wonderful news to hear then if its true.

When I did my interview, I was also told last year in Nov that we would either opt for a company rental or take the allowance. I am joining in December this year and my friends who are in the middle of their training had to take a mandatory company living and they could opt out but there is a long que for that. This would be a good news if its confirms true. I will get more info on it around November to confirm the same.

Pulkdahulk 7th Sep 2016 17:55

@Rigid Body - I think those who were married were either going to Al khalid Gate or the Al Saad and the Single one maybe Pearl. It could be different, I don't know, just depends on where and what are the availabilities. The Utilities is paid for if you are with the company and i have heard brilliant things. Qatar takes good care once you are in their villas/apartments from Internet to Water, any problems with the house are all top notch services. Actions reports are duly taken up and made sure you are happy being there.

APU_inop 8th Sep 2016 12:57

A couple of friends are in it with a couple of thousand hours on the 737. Seems like last year is repeating and start dates are being shifted forward.

striker26 8th Sep 2016 16:16

Sorry to interrupt the housing discussion, just wanted to know if Qatar still does Mixed fleet flying (a320/321/330)?? What are the requirements/minimums for this and how does a typical month look like?

Thanks in advance!

soakingpilot 8th Sep 2016 16:34

Any chance Qatar would look at an FO with ERJ 175 time only?

jjpm84 8th Sep 2016 16:53

Talent pool
Hello, For those in talent pool I think it's import to post about your situation in this topic: http://www.pprune.org/middle-east/583672-qatar-talent-pool-fo.html

So we will have a better picture how qatar is managing the talent pool.

Rigid Body 9th Sep 2016 02:54

@Pulk, Thanks very much for the info

aviatorMike 9th Sep 2016 09:50

hello i think Pulkdahulk is right , we might get a accomodation in pearl , by the way joining 777 fo in december

APU_inop 9th Sep 2016 13:22

I heard Pearl is pretty hard to get but this is old info

Rigid Body 9th Sep 2016 13:37

Hi guys, does QR operate A330/A350 as SFF, or they are segregated as separate fleets?

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