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safeflyer3 4th Mar 2015 02:29

A320 Capt roster
Hi guys,

Could someone give me an idea of a typical A320 Captain's roster? I expect to be joining as one shortly and would like to make an informed choice.

Thanks and happy ldgs.

Iver 4th Mar 2015 23:01

Are the Boeing fleets like the 787 still drawing FOs from the internal A320 fleet?

Mr Boombastick 5th Mar 2015 06:56


Ive got an assessment coming up in the next few weeks. Im currently looking at the latest pilot jobs stuff, just wondered if anyone knows if the ATPL exam focusses on any particular subjects? Or if the database they use is available anywhere?

There are literally thousands of questions to review so don't want to waste time.

Many Thanks

B737SFP 5th Mar 2015 21:08


I saw a few pictures of the compound's apartments and they didn't draw much of my attention !

What the majority of pilots do ? Take the company accommodation or opt for the allowance and look somewhere else to live ?

Any chance I could get a nice 2 or 3 apartment on the Pearl or West bay for 13,000 Qars?

By the way, I heard the initial training is pretty intense, is that true ? Anyone has an idea of what's the failure rate ?


Southpole 5th Mar 2015 23:45

Failure rate? Do you mean for NTR pilots?

B737SFP 6th Mar 2015 00:36

Actually, I would like to know if, let's say, any 737 rated pilot was unsuccesfull during his line training on the 787 or 777...

Just as a matter of curiosity !

I heard rumours of guys having a had time during their line training...


WrldWide 6th Mar 2015 03:33

With respect to 737 pilots having difficulty during line training, if it is in fact true, it would likely be due to the various longer haul trips that could be significantly different from typical 737 flying. Typical 737 flying is good prep for widebody boeing aircraft handling experience but not very helpful for gaining the other necessary multi continent traversing experience.

WrldWide 6th Mar 2015 03:35

Quote: The PNF will most probably be another candidate. They are not particular about check lists and procedures. Just normal handling and some universal procedures.

Unless things have changed the pnf will likely be the evaluator / sim operator.

B737SFP 6th Mar 2015 03:45

Exactly WrldWide...

You went right to the point !

You painted the scenario that I'm worried about.

On the other hand, I'm pretty confident that this is the kind of difficulty that can be overcomed with some study and, of course, a few sectors.

Best regards,


lol777 6th Mar 2015 06:28

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Hi guys. I have applied for the ntr fo A320 position. But haven't heard anything yet. How long did you guys wait for a interview date after applying.

FMSPEED 6th Mar 2015 17:44

has anybody been called out yet on the non type rated job for QR ?

AbsolutSkyy 7th Mar 2015 15:02

B787 NTR
Hi Everyone,

I appeared for the QR NTR Captain interview in Nov 2015, and was informed about 3 weeks ago that my application was successful. My Joining date in in October 2015 on the B787.

My colleagues who went for their selection in Jan 2015, haven't received any news of their selection. The unsuccessful ones received an email, but the rest (assuming they were selected) haven't heard a word from QR.

What I have heard is that there has been a major reshuffle with the HR at QR and all selections, fleet allotments are on hold. Its also said that all pilots applying for the Direct entry NTR B787 jobs will be getting the B777 fleet, provided they have 8000+ hrs.

If I get any further info, I shall pass it on.

Meanwhile, i really want to know from the pilots who are there if its really a good and "happy" place to work and live for a childless couple in their late 30's?? I have read enough to put me on the back foot, but would still appreciate some other views...the more realistic ones, good or not so good.


sspencer1248 7th Mar 2015 15:36

Qatar Airways Careers - Current Opportunities

enthusiast 10th Mar 2015 09:59

Do all brand new FOs start at the same grade regardless of fleet type? Thanks.

Pilote122 12th Mar 2015 09:55

Is it still open ( SO position)?

Southpole 12th Mar 2015 14:00

Today I received this mail:

Good afternoon!

We are delighted to inform you that you have successfully passed the Qatar Airways Selection process.

Unfortunately, due to recent manpower requirement changes, currently we do not have the adequate position to issue a formal offer letter of employment at this time....etc...

Anyone knowing what is going on?

FMSPEED 12th Mar 2015 17:33

I am curious about wheather or not they´re calling out NTR fo´s with no boeing or airbus experience ? it´s been a month since i have applied and i have got no answer so far.

Mr Boombastick 12th Mar 2015 21:09

What position did you apply for Southpole?

Southpole 13th Mar 2015 03:42

Mr Boombastick,

I applied for type rated A320 captain's position.

lol777 13th Mar 2015 07:26

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
I also applied a month ago and just got a mail saying my application is in. That was for the NTR A320. But las night wanted to go on and update my application and it said that my application is being considered and for fairness I can't make any changes. Don't know if that's a good thing or a standard thing.

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