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Ref2010 24th Nov 2013 13:48

Fast track
I would really wanna get info on that...coz at my present company I'm expecting command in around 8 months, but I've been offered long haul with QR and heard that u would have a choice to stay on long haul and get your command as long as you meet the requirements.
If that's true...I'd rather prefer going to qr wait for another couple of years and getting my command on the big bus

jerman 24th Nov 2013 13:57

hi ref2010
which a/c r u flying currently, were u offered long haul with A320 hrs?
how long from passing the interview to date of join?

K1000 24th Nov 2013 14:06

Fast track

This is the information on a recent road show regarding fast track command for wide body.

Min 6500 total hours AND
1. 2500 hours on QR widebody type as FO


2. 1000 hours min command hours non QR type above 100 T


3. Min 3000 hours on non QR type (above 100 T) as FO

Ref2010 24th Nov 2013 14:43

I fly 330. From interview until offer letter it took a month.
Extended my DOJ due to personal reasons
But my question is if it is put in practice.....about the fast track command

Flyboy41 25th Nov 2013 08:22

Anyone been to QR interview recently. Any updates on which simulators are being used for the screening?... Thanks

casablanca 25th Nov 2013 08:48

Have had 3 friends interview in the last four months....everyone has been in the A320 sim. It really depends on what is available at the time.

Ref2010 25th Nov 2013 09:56

QR Interview
Sim is all raw data flying....zero automation....ils and land...no fd take off....apu fire on final approach....declare mayday and land.
Day 1 is pat....just b ur self...frankly speaking I didn't really read the booklet they send me,I recommend you read it well. They need to know ur personality and decision making skills. The key is stay calm
Day 2 is ATPL questions. 50 and u need 80% to pass
Formal interview is straight forward

K1000 25th Nov 2013 10:30

Any technical quizz?

Scott_T 25th Nov 2013 10:38

Any chance anyone has the number for their recruitment HR department as far as I remember there used to be a hotline....

tolosan 25th Nov 2013 12:07

@Ref2010 : sim raw data : Bird ON or OFF ?

Obbie 25th Nov 2013 13:29

"I didn't really read the booklet they sent me".....

Nice......you are really going to go far here :rolleyes:

Flyboy41 25th Nov 2013 13:29

@ Casablanca and ref2010 thanks much appreciated. Got an interview coming. I'm Boeing. Will see on the airbus goes.... :O

Ref2010 25th Nov 2013 15:56

QR Sim
NO BIRD.....only allowed to use PFD and fly using the Diamonds on for ur ILS.

B-U-S-S 25th Nov 2013 17:58

I only had ROSE ILS available... No loc/gs dev scales on PFD.

Flyingmachine01 25th Nov 2013 23:12

Day done
PATS Assessment completed.

It's a very relaxed day. Interview first. Behavioural. Really relaxed. Felt good.
Then the exercise. Hard work. Many screens to deal with. Try and relax.
I hardly answered all the questions.
2 modules completed and 1 is video recorded.
Then the last part. Watch your last module. And comment on how you felt. And why you did certain actions.
Hard to fly, hold speed, straight n level, answer many questions presented either side of you. And listen....
I personally not very confident in how I went. Always want to do better. Naturally.
Now it's a waiting game. :rolleyes:

hamd 26th Nov 2013 03:14

Guys any info how much time from a successful interview to getting the final letter for joining with fleet info etc?
Im current on type, intervied in OCT.


casablanca 26th Nov 2013 03:47

I think it has been as quick as 1 week and as long as 2 years.
I would think an average of 6-10 weeks. ( most of the longer wait periods have been for second officer positions.....it is horrible to wait so long but still you hear of good news even after such time. On the bright side it is possibly better than another ME airline that kicks you out of pool after 1 year.
Good luck

Ref2010 26th Nov 2013 06:42

Did mine in October too...got my joining date on Nov. Exactly a month.
They are in need of wide body pilots
Wats ur rating on?
PS: they don't need guys on 320 for now...that's wat I heard

jerman 26th Nov 2013 08:22

hi guys im 320 rated with time on type , i've a interview date for march 2014, over 4500 hrs on 320, if they dnt need 320 guys now does that mean i could be offered assigned widebody
any info appreciated

casablanca 26th Nov 2013 08:37

@ Jerman
Just my opinion and observation, but their needs are constantly changing...by early 2014 they could be short on 320 again. There has been a rumor floating around that they would try to make the 320 the entry airplane for everyone.
I personally don't see this happening as it will probably require even more training cycles.
With that being said, I think anything is possible here, and I could see lots of movement on the 330 as the 350 and 380 start arriving

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