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salamalikum2 7th Oct 2013 03:42

" you have nothing to worry about":rolleyes:

Well...be careful..just make sure you don't any mortgage in local bank here.
Indeed they won't let you out (not Qatar airways but the local authority)in case you resign or got terminated and have some big debt left behind...interesting scenario...: no Job, no revenue and stuck in Doha with debt..it happens before.So just make sure you pay all your "bills""and fines..and think twice before applying for a mortgage from any local bank.
I don't think qatar airways can prevent you from leaving the company,although I knew a few case where the company refused the resignation of the pilot in first instance..but I don't think its in their interest to keep a pilot who doesn't want to work for the company.:ouch:

And honestly and after so many years I still haven't got the meaning of this exit (or multi exit) permit. At the end of the day they can always block you at the airport,if they have to,even if you have an exit permit or multi exit permit.

SIDS N STARS 7th Oct 2013 04:59

Just wondering what fleet allocation you could expect with 1000 PIC jet greater than 50T but not type rated??

Applied for DEFO NTR.

B-U-S-S 7th Oct 2013 06:59

Depends on operational requirement at DOJ, but expect A320.

baobab72 7th Oct 2013 21:07

From bizjet to airline
5000tt, 3000+ PIC jet, about 1000hrs PIC CL605 - over 20 tons -, EASA atpl, European passport, any chance for a position with Qatar as an f/o?

Many thanks


Global01 7th Oct 2013 21:15

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Apply for Qatar Executive jet, they'll take you with your experience on CL605

baobab72 7th Oct 2013 22:03

Bizjet to airline
Hi global
Thanks for your concern, however i was aiming at the main line.


casablanca 8th Oct 2013 03:45

I am not sure what the published minimums are but that sounds pretty competitive.
All I see on the website is position for type rated First officers....this does tend to change periodically but other than the time on type you have the basic requirements.

baobab72 8th Oct 2013 06:47

Bizjet to airline
So casablanca would you recommend applying then? Even though i have not time on type on the airbus family? Would they keep my application on file or it is just a waste of time since i do not meet the requirements at the present time?


Global01 8th Oct 2013 07:21

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Everything is possible, so apply ! I have met flying instructors with hours on a seneca applied for fast track SO position and got the 330. You wont lose anything , apply and see what will happen.

Good luck


casablanca 8th Oct 2013 11:27

I think you will find that if you are not typed on one of the 3 airplanes they are hiring for; then you may not be able to submit the on line application....but it is worth a try. I think Qr and executive are more separated now than before but when I interviewed there was someone who had applied for the executive side and was interviewed for mainline.

vinouche33 10th Oct 2013 07:56

Hi guys,

I was wondering if it's possible to write them an email to ask about our situation ? I mean something like " Hello, when can I expect to join you ? " " Am I still in the holding pool because I didn't receive any update ?? " :eek:

thank you :cool:

alphabravolima 10th Oct 2013 13:48

Just a user name Mr Airliner. :D

mmorel 10th Oct 2013 20:59

education expenses
Hi ,
does qatar airways pay for university educations for children below 21 years old ?Do they have to study in qatar or can they study in other country?

hamd 11th Oct 2013 03:36

Selection process
Hi guys,

Seems interview process has started again in full swing, know a few guys who have got invitations, i myself have got it for next month.
Im 3500TT with 320 and current on 330, any idea what fleet to expect?

any info about what sims they use during selection would be much appreciated


casablanca 11th Oct 2013 04:51

Re: education expenses.
For flight deck crews children under 21 are covered. The allowance is 50,000 Rial for one child, but if you have more than one it is 35000 or approx 10k in USD per each.
The child can go to school anywhere...I have one in university in the USA and it is covered.

@ HAMD......while they don't seem to have any exact formula I would say it is most likely to start on the 330 as you are current, and have relatively high experience. There has been talk of making the 320 the entry ac for everyone, but I really don't see this being feasible as there is so much training going on and that would create even more fleet transferring.
While life is considerably better on 777 followed by 330, the 320 offers the quickest route to command which is something.

hamd 11th Oct 2013 07:04


Thanks for the update...I really would want to stick on 330, fingers crossed.
the news was that they are starting getting deliveries of 380's by march'14...is there any movement on that front?

Flyboy41 12th Oct 2013 10:59

Hi. Does anyone know which simulators are being used for the selection these days? Thanks

hamd 12th Oct 2013 16:54

wow!! so do they try to give bus drivers 320/30 and boeing guys 777 or its just whatever is available at the moment:rolleyes:? any idea about the exercises?

Intruder One 12th Oct 2013 18:59

Just a question after reading several pages of post......its seems the hiring process is quite long and involved.I saw on their website I think they will take you 1 year out of currency.(not working)

They offered me a interview about 3 months from now which I will be close to my year.Is that not going to be a problem to get me in class before my currency expires?

You would think they would be aware of this..........is this not a problem???

upwhereIbelong 13th Oct 2013 09:59

Myself coming from Executive ,was hired F/o 320.
Expect strict Sop's and a tough Linetraining.
Once passed this ,enjoy the ride ,and so far its very nice .
Despite all this written here.Theres always 2 sides and 2 Opinions,so one gotta think outside the Box .
One is here to drive ,not to manage .once u realize that u will be fine.

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