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hawk99 19th Oct 2013 08:53

Hearing about "background security checks". Any info that whether its applicable on new applicants or even on those who are waiting for more then a year in the pool. Tc

A320CaptDav 19th Oct 2013 13:04

Qr fleet
I'm 4500hrs on the A320, I assume A320 fleet is what I would be put on but any chance to be considered for B787 / B777

Alen dimao 20th Oct 2013 04:55

Joining qatar airways
Hi every body.
I have 1000 hrs on 320 and im done with ATPL written exam only,is there any chance to apply for qatar airways?

hawk99 20th Oct 2013 09:45

And what is this "normal" , because never heard of it. In pool for more then a year . What I heard is that they have hired a british company (again) and they are responsible for carrying out these checks.

mmorel 23rd Oct 2013 05:44

what is maximum day off for A330 captain? Can they bid for 6 days off in a row?

salamalikum2 23rd Oct 2013 05:57

MAX 10 days off/ month( for all pilots) : a new non Sense rule IMHO introduced in April .
Yes you can bid for 6 days off in a row(max).
if you want more you can try to bid for days off at the end of the month, and beginning of next month...
Bidding for it , doesn't mean you will get it.

Ref2010 23rd Oct 2013 10:44


Has the British company contacted you to carry out the checks?

hawk99 23rd Oct 2013 12:32

Hi ref2010. Nope they haven't. Im in pool for more then a year now. Wonder if they already did my checks last year . What about you.

Ref2010 23rd Oct 2013 13:25

Yes they did...around 3 weeks after passing the assessments

sudani555 23rd Oct 2013 13:33

Good News
Good news for swimmers in Talent Pool...
Today many Pilots from T.Pool received their PAT test check Dates and few received DOJ ...

Best of luck to you all.

migair54 24th Oct 2013 11:56

That's grest news, the wheel is rolling again, unfortunately I'm not one of them :{ I'll have to keep waiting in the pool.

Good luck to all!!

from BG2CT 24th Oct 2013 12:10

hello sudani, are you one of those people ? how do you know that ? thanks

hawk99 24th Oct 2013 14:52

No one from this forum received joinings ? Will be appreciated if can tell us so we have an idea what is the trend.

sudani555 25th Oct 2013 14:03

3 friends of mine ,received their Emails to attend the PAT test next month...interviewed few weeks before my screening day SEP.2012...
I still in the Pool ....nothings rcvd so far..
at the same time they knew others received DOJ ..
anyway ,good news for me.

Chutchcroft 25th Oct 2013 14:16

Were these Type Rated or Non Type Rated who got called for PAT/DOJ?

from BG2CT 25th Oct 2013 15:43

ok sudani, thanks ! no news over here ..
interviewed early may 2012 (non type rated F/O) only talent pool updates and hours update.. i know plenty of guys in the same position, some on this forum even said they waiting since december 2011..
best of luck mate, cheers

Flyboy41 26th Oct 2013 20:35

Hi all. Anyone else got an invite for February 2014. I'm Boeing. Capt non-type rated. Any updates on the interview process. Thanks and good luck to all

Dihaz 30th Oct 2013 07:15

Hi All,

Would anybody be kind enough to PM me a crew report for 777 FO's? Just trying to ascertain the rostering conditions before deciding to join.

Best of Luck!



light and variable 30th Oct 2013 07:40

Be patient guys. The seniority list has not suffered too many casualties just lately, and most standbys do not get called out from short notice (from my own experience and others around me). I understand that some Spanair copis are starting to find work back home already though???

Rock320 30th Oct 2013 08:10

Anyone who's given the PAT...??is it hard and is there any material we can practice from, sample questions??

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