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winterinhell 1st Oct 2013 12:52

got my interview date on 28&28/01/2014..1st day will be adapt test..hurm have like 4 months to prepare..

from BG2CT 1st Oct 2013 14:51

What position did u apply for ? Yeah plenty of time to prepare, thats for sure

00028EC 1st Oct 2013 14:53

Winterinhell, are you type Rated or not? 4 months to prepare is a huge time!!

winterinhell 1st Oct 2013 16:03

im 330 rated and applied for 330FO..but i guess wont matter as the interview stated FO only without any type mentioned..and as what ive learned u will be assigned to any fleet they want on ur DOJ..yeah 4 months is a lot..last 2 years they only gave me 1month to prepare..mayb this time more ppl applied so the queue is quite long..i dont know..and with the new apt test on day one..hurm..this may gets tougher i think..

from BG2CT 1st Oct 2013 16:19

Oh okay, i see .. Its a very interesting situation as by January next year there will be F/O's and S/O's waiting in the talent pool from 1 and a half - 2 years ... They are continuously still calling people... Good luck mate

winterinhell 1st Oct 2013 16:28

thanks bro..anyway i just hope to make it this time..as they wont let me know where did i screwd up on my last interview..and looking at how many candidates they have right now even if im successful in the interview i may need to wait another year or so for my DOJ..lotsa things can change by then..

speedhold 2nd Oct 2013 07:07

Training bahrain a320
Hi can anyone that has done training recently in Bahrain on a320 would be able to pm some feedback with the system test and training

Flyingmachine01 3rd Oct 2013 06:58

Still searching for any information on PATS test.
Can anyone in this wide world shed some light on this subject.
Please PM With details.
Much appreciated.

cosmiccomet 3rd Oct 2013 14:48

You can try this website, Future Aptitude Screening Tool
The on line test is pretty similar to the one taken in DOH.

mmorel 3rd Oct 2013 22:29

is it possible to get sub loaded first class ticket on qatar airways or it's only economy and business class?

salamalikum2 4th Oct 2013 00:45

Yes mmorel it's possible ,for Captain, not first officer.

mmorel 4th Oct 2013 05:54

but I think they only can ger id90 business and economic.
here is the link:
Qatar Airways pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.

Flyingmachine01 4th Oct 2013 07:36

Thank you.

salamalikum2 4th Oct 2013 07:49

This link is not very accurated.

As a captain you are entitled to purchase an ID90 first class.

Mr.White 5th Oct 2013 02:44

Hi there!

I have just been accepted into QR for DEC and my biggest concern is the housing because I see that the prices are very high and if you do not get the housing allowance we will have a poor quality of life.

In my case I am married and I have 3 children (only one goes to school) so I think we need a minimum of one apartment or villa with 3 bedrooms

With current rental rates DOH What can I get with 12000? and 15000? appreciate any information you give me specific compound to search online information

In the case of rejecting the job offer, what is the policy of QR? if within 12 months would accept the proposed work would have to go back through the process of selection?

Please feel free to give me an advice, recommendation on DOH, QR, housing, Scools, etc.. very grateful for your time

Best Regards,


bradders147 5th Oct 2013 10:49

I recently rejected an offer from Qatar as I got a job working for a carrier in Dubai, waiting for the offer from Qatar. The email I got back was surprising. It said thank you for you honesty and if you are ever interested in working for Qatar in the future just email us. So not exactly sure if they chuck you out the holding pool if you reject the offer!

alert100 5th Oct 2013 15:29

Very confused
Hi to all.

Iíve been through their selection process in Doha about 2 weeks ago.
Next day, before I even arrive home I received an email stating that i successfully passed the selection process.

About a week later, I received another email saying that after careful consideration they regret to inform me that they have been unable to obtain approval for my hiring process.

I emailed back asking for clarifications but the only said that they cannot discuss the reasons for their decision.

Anyone had this before? What do they mean by approval? By who?

My application was for DEC A320 and I meet all there requirements as I have 6000+ PIC on A320 and 12000+ total airline time with a UK licence and EU passport.

Any info would be appreciated.


hawk99 6th Oct 2013 08:17

Well thats bad. I can understand how you are feeling. There were quite some guys who were waiting since early / mid 2012 in the pool after receiving confirmation mail. And 3-4 months back received the same mail as yours that they are no longer required. Indeed very sad. But im sure something better will come for you. U can apply after some time. Tc

salamalikum2 6th Oct 2013 11:04

Try Etihad..:)

Black Pudding 6th Oct 2013 22:44


You have nothing to worry about. Its not like that here at all.

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