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Firepushbutton 22nd Feb 2015 15:04

To CptBlood: PSA= pilot suitable assessment...personality questionnaire

CptBlood 22nd Feb 2015 15:08

Cheers, mate :ok:

MAS2000 22nd Feb 2015 16:06

Hi FirePb

Wish you good luck next time, the PSA(Pilot Suitability Assessment) test normally provided by different organization for QR, I thought HR won't help.
PM me if you wish.

nolimitholdem 22nd Feb 2015 16:14

what is a PSA test?
Hmmm yes upon reflection your definition fits better.

I've heard it both ways though.


PSA Test

Firepushbutton 22nd Feb 2015 18:22

Hehe, great one nolimitholdem!!

Thanks MAS2000, I guess u're right.

Mr Boombastick 22nd Feb 2015 19:58

I thought they had stopped the PAT testing? Is this still in use for all recruitment?

Just looking for some good study material for the ATPL exam, Ive heard Bristol Ground School is pretty good but with their 12,000 questions in the bank I don't fancy it!
Can anyone recommend some good study material for the assessment?

Many Thanks

abby001 22nd Feb 2015 20:12

Just wondering
I was wondering if one applies to QR with hours on heavy-wide body time (A306 or A310 time) what would be the possible fleet he ends up on?
And with couple of thousand hours on the mentioned jet (as FO), what are the chances of getting hired?

supervla 22nd Feb 2015 20:50


What did the PSA look like? Is it an online test ? What did you do at this test ??

Firepushbutton 23rd Feb 2015 00:26

Hi supervla.

Yes PSA is the first test u have to complete before being invited to Doha for the screening interviews.
It's online and u have to answer 600 questions/statements: false/true, agree/disagree, what fit the most to ur personality. No good/bad answers like "do u enjoy having a lot of acquaintances", "u usually plan ur actions in advance", see what I mean, and it's redondant.

Seems I dont match with what they are looking for. Too bad I lost this opportunity and was not able to show my interest in interview and sim.

supervla 23rd Feb 2015 07:43

Thank you fire.. I hope you find that dream job somewhere else

Mr Boombastick 23rd Feb 2015 09:29

Any idea how long they take to give results following the PSA?


Firepushbutton 23rd Feb 2015 09:36

Mr Boombastick -- it's pretty quick, couple of days.

abby001 23rd Feb 2015 15:17

I was wondering if one applies to QR with hours on heavy-wide body time (A306 or A310 time) what would be the possible fleet he ends up on?
And with couple of thousand hours on the mentioned jet (as FO), what are the chances of getting hired?

B737SFP 23rd Feb 2015 23:19

Here we go again ! 6 months passed flying (literally) and my time to reapply has come.

PSA complete, let us hope that this time my personality is somehow what they are looking for in an employee.


CDRW 24th Feb 2015 03:07

Good luck B737 - am sure over the past 6 months your personality has changed and you are now an outstandingly normal person - just what QR are looking for.:ok::ok:

mmorel 24th Feb 2015 18:21

Does anyone know if Hainan Airlines airline package is better than qatar airways or not?

Does the age requirement strict ?

Southpole 25th Feb 2015 08:56

My interview experience
Hello everyone,

Here is the resume of my 5 days in Doha for the Qatar airways assessment, hoping to help those interested.

Arriving at Doha,all it is well organized. Basically you go where they are waiting for you and they do all the burocracy then they take you to collect your bag and to the hotel. First day in Doha was off.. So that you can rest and prepare for tHe next day. I used this day to study and prepare all the papers.

Second day.

Pick up at 7.30 am, it took less than 20 min to get to the offices. All take place there, ground floor, I was expecting a huge skyscraper but at least the recruitment take place in two small rooms just passed the reception...
First , company introduction made with a PowerPoint presentation by a hr English girl plus 4 Qatar airways captains who basically collect all the documents and go somewhere else to check it.
After the interview, a change of room and you find yourself in front of a pc doing your written exam.
Our group was made by 9 candidates, 6 captains and 3 first officer.. A mix of Boeing and Airbus drivers.
The written test is all on Atpl questions and definitions. I studied on ACE to freshen up some useless definitions and it worked.. But without studying a little bit I admit i wouldn't have passed. 50 questions in 1 hour. You are told if you pass in minutes. We lost a nice 777 captain and two first officers.
Then one at the time, on their call, you have the "chat" with two captains.. It last more or less 35-40 minutes. They are really friendly, the interview starts reviewing your documents and then they ask you to tell ,based on your experience , some situations you had while flying.. How you behaved ,how the crew, and they make questions.. CRM is very important. No technical questions.
You are told if you pass in minutes after the interview and invited to the sim for the next day. We lost other 2 guys.. Most probably for poor English.
At 13 pm you are already back in the hotel.

Third day. Simulator assessment

Usually in the late afternoon, so you have more than 24 hours between the end of the interview and the sim. I used this time to rest and prepare the sim, Qatar airways provide a good briefing package, with flight plan and charts.
As usual at the established time a car is taking all the remaing candidates to the sim centre. We were told we would have had a A320 sim, but things change pretty fast and 2 of us had to do it on a 777 sim. At this point we were just 4 captains left and 3 type raged on A320 while 1 on MD11.
i went in the A320 sim, and I was happy with it.
Simulator: short Briefing before entering and then all according to the syllabus.

- one normal take off
-one normal climb
- one ils raw data
- one eng out after take off
-one non precision approach (gnss is you got the training) or vor dme with one eng out
- one go around with one eng out
-one or two failures during the cruise or climb

That's it, no feedback during or after the sim, the examiner is silent all the way till it stops the sim and tell you that Qatar airways will write us within 3 weeks.
now I am waiting to know the result.

Captain 11000 jet hours , 6000 pic A320 with

Hope it helps.
Best luck to all of you

Tremit 27th Feb 2015 02:22

How is the training Process?
Hello, how is the initial training in QR.?

With European passport how quick your family can live with you in Doha, and where are friendly areas near the schools where you can live?
Thanks for any answer...

Safe Fly!:ok:

B737SFP 27th Feb 2015 15:41

Hi guys...

I've an assessment coming in the following days, and my biggest concern is about leaving my country (brazil) and getting me and my future wife adapted to the life style in doha.

Is the city really all that bad ?

By the way how's the overall cockpit mood ?

I heard that there's not much to do for a couple in doha, is that true (concerts and this kind of thing that normal people do once in a while)?

Any chance she can find a job there (nutritionist) ?

If anyone could help, I would be very glad.


FlyHigh31 27th Feb 2015 18:01

Hello everyone,
Can someone please provide more detailed information about the simulator assessment? I am neither Boeing nor Airbus rated.

How about checklists and briefings?
Who is PM, the instructor or a second candidate?

Thanks for your answers!

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