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CALLE13 20th Jul 2016 21:09

Thanks, I guess I have to wait!!

Pulkdahulk 21st Jul 2016 06:05

Originally Posted by flyflye (Post 9446179)
Was anyone who applied for NTR been in invited for november 14 y 15?

There were sixteen of us few days prior, got the pass two weeks later and joining date 2 months post that. Hope that helps

FoxForce44 21st Jul 2016 20:52

They're requiring 6 months of the type rating validity before the DOJ. Be careful with it before quitting boyz....

A320CaptDav 21st Jul 2016 21:31

18 months
The website says 18 months since last flight on type as long as you have an LPC

APU_inop 22nd Jul 2016 06:01

Lpc must be valid for more than 6 months when joining

Cuillin Hills 22nd Jul 2016 08:32

As others have said - be very careful as to meeting their requirements when you decide to put your notice in to your current employer.

Even the joining e-mails are vague in this respect. You need to ask the right questions to the joining team. I am thinking, in particular, of licence currency (LPC - they don't seem to be aware of ATQP in Europe where the IR is signed every 12 months) and release letter from employer (very vague on the e-mails).

Particularly relevant if they give you a start date that is just over your notice period to current employer.

Welcome to the Middle East.

Rodolfo 22nd Jul 2016 22:54

Originally Posted by flyflye (Post 9446179)
Was anyone who applied for NTR been in invited for november 14 y 15?


Received for 21th and 22nd of november. (NTR F/O)

1013 std 27th Jul 2016 17:26

Anyone can give some information pls
Got an invitation for 16th august so what should we study in general
What is the exam about and the sim anyone can give me some info.

CirrusCZ 28th Jul 2016 09:30

Fleet transition
Hi Folks,

may I ask is there any chance for NG rated FO to join Airbus fleet? If yes, what's the bond if any. I'm 3000h TT and 2700h NG.

Thank you.

BR-Pilot 29th Jul 2016 02:27

Hi folks,

Anyone attending interview on sept 25/26th? (If positive, PM me). I've applied in June, made the online psychometric tests an got the invitation few days later. I'm 737NG F/O, 1.400 TT, 1.100 on type.

We could share some study material. I'm basically studying by EASA ATPL summaries and doing a lot of exercises (Latest Pilot Jobs interview gauge and The Airline Pilots.com).

Anyone with troubles dealing with all the paperwork? In advanced candidate site, it's required a "Copy of NOC - Qatar Airways Group Employees". Where can we get it?

Thanks and good luck for you all!

JALOK 29th Jul 2016 14:38

Originally Posted by Clydedias23 (Post 9454125)
Hi have you got a start date from QR yet?

Not yet brother. Interview was on July 2015 , candidates from June 2015 got joining date

jetjockey696 30th Jul 2016 08:32

Hi guys.. anyone completed the skype interview with HR recently? I got invited for skype interview.. What are they asking???

faresjouini 30th Jul 2016 15:27

Originally Posted by BR-Pilot (Post 9411850)
Hi folks,

Anyone kind enough to PM me a Boeing FO (T7 or 787) sample roster ?
Thanks in advance.

For those dealing with the personality and cognitive tests, just google'em (you got the test names in the e-mail). There's a plenty of 'how-to-do's and sample tests online. Good luck!

Regards to all.

hi mate !
I will receive the personality and cognitive test soon ! want some tips ! how can I pm ! thank you

BoeingCP737 30th Jul 2016 21:03

Tell about you. Why Qr? Normal questions on skype a friend told me.

faresjouini 31st Jul 2016 11:49

skype interview ???????
hey folks !
i see some of you talking abt the skype interview !
is there a skype interview for pilot screening after finishing the online personality test ????? if yes , is it for SO F/O and captain ? thanks for replying and sharing infos about it !

BR-Pilot 31st Jul 2016 13:04

Originally Posted by faresjouini (Post 9456607)
hi mate !
I will receive the personality and cognitive test soon ! want some tips ! how can I pm ! thank you

Practice, practice, before you do the test. Try to get the logic on each one of them. I don't have the links here since I did it on my computer at home, but take the tests' names on the email you've received and google'em. There are plenty of websites with the test explanation, samples and free tests for training.

In the personality test, TELL THE TRUTH about yourself. Don't try to play a character. They'll ask you the same question in different manners along the test, so be consistent.

Good luck.

Clydedias23 1st Aug 2016 21:00

Originally Posted by mrudes21 (Post 9383443)
Hi titto, hope you well ! So far on my side , I'm still holding ! Did you get any date in September ? If yes , can you share which fleet you on ? Thanks mate !

Hey can you PM me please. Have a few questions.

Bridge55 3rd Aug 2016 10:41

Anyone else been put on hold file this year and recieved any news?

1013 std 3rd Aug 2016 19:14

Hi guys can anyone give me spme tips what to study for the exam and sim check
Some study material or references for the written test in doha.
Thanks in advance

mcp_speed 4th Aug 2016 11:15

For written Exam- Go through any JAA ATPL Question Bank online..latestpilotjobs.com,aviationexam.com,turbine turbine. etc. It will have 50 questions in 60 minutes.Interview will be a Non-Technical round with personality and situation based questions.For sim nothing extra if you have experience on Jets,just go through some training videos of emergency procedure videos on Youtube of different airlines.They expect you to demonstrate basic CRM,ILS OEI,normal ILS,EFATO,Weather diversion etc.Remeber to be stabilized at 1000 else go around strictly.They will fail you fly an unstabilised below 1000 approach no matter how good you landings are.Use you co-pilot and always communicate.

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