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vinouche33 25th Sep 2013 20:41

yes, Type Rating A320, 1300H on type.

hawk99 25th Sep 2013 20:48

I thought im the only 1 TR here. Im here since jun 12. Did PAT in aug. Received update .Gud luck.

vinouche33 25th Sep 2013 20:53

thanks Hawk99 ! so you will join soon if you did the PAT ! nice for you ! hope to see you soon over there ! take care !

hawk99 25th Sep 2013 20:57

Fingers crossed. Tc

Global01 29th Sep 2013 05:45

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Any good website to practice for the PAT ? I found : pilotaptitudetest.com 45 pounds for 700+ questions, any other suggestions ? Thanks

Airmann 29th Sep 2013 09:49

Here's some info from the website of the Company that does the ADAPT screening

Overview of the ADAPT Test ADAPT Pre-Screen

More detailed info about what is being measured http://www.symbioticsltd.com/images/...-%20Yellow.pdf

Part of the test is the FAST test

Info of FAST TEST Future Aptitude Screening Tool (If you click on the picture on the right you can do a sample test for GBP20)

Instructions for Taking FAST test

H.El.Shafey 29th Sep 2013 14:51

hey all
f/o 1800 320/321
anychance they will consider me for a heavy type?????

light and variable 29th Sep 2013 19:09

If you can pass 2000 before you join then (from what I have seen) it is almost certain you get sent to the B777 fleet.

H.El.Shafey 30th Sep 2013 06:15

thanks for the reply.

JGSE 30th Sep 2013 07:55

Or even A380.

Obbie 30th Sep 2013 09:41

You are being played with Shafey, don't take the bait.
It is extremely likely you will end up on the A320.

salamalikum2 30th Sep 2013 10:15

Everything is possible.
A lot of 320 rated pilots have joined QR straight on 330
Even pilots without any jet experience have joined the 330 fleet straight!

salsaboy 30th Sep 2013 10:47

Totally depends on requirements when you join (and in some cases just after you join!) I had 3500 hours and got A320... A colleague joined with 1700 and got 777.
They are 'trying' to put all new starters on the 320 to standardise fleet progession, BUT it's not 100% obviously.
Anyway, as tiring as the 320 roster is for a few days every month, it has a great network, layovers and earlier upgrade possibilities.
Get here and get what you're given, try to enjoy it and you will find it a very rewarding place to be.

groundtoflightdeck 30th Sep 2013 14:41

Does that mean that if you apply for A320 FO, or 777FO or whatever, you are just applying for an FO position and not necessarily applying for a specific fleet?

light and variable 30th Sep 2013 19:12

I am not playing with anyone just for the record. Rather amazingly I did manage to extract a very tiny amount of useful information from all the bullshine on this thread before I joined QR.
So my only intention is to give a little back from my own experience.

When I joined - within the last 18 months - all the ones with experience on 320 and 737 over 2000 hours went to the B777. Simple.
All the ones with regional jet experience to the 320.
All the cadets to the 330.

H.El.Shafey 30th Sep 2013 20:41

the a380 comment was the hardest thx brew

H.El.Shafey 30th Sep 2013 20:50

so salsaboy you are saying basically doesnt matter when in rome.. ummm what about salary wise ?? because where i work there is a significant difference between the guy who takes off and the guy that waits two minutes

hawk99 1st Oct 2013 07:48

Any body received hours update mail recently?

sand storm 1st Oct 2013 09:48

The last one was 8 Jul...;)

Jimmy The Big Greek 1st Oct 2013 11:00

can someone please show me a typical roster for the A320 fleet :ok:

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