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Iver 26th Jul 2013 18:59

Potential C-Series Order at QR?????
Al Baker has mentioned that he is "very" interested in ordering the Bombardier C-Series for shorter/thinner regional routes (if the airplane can actually start its flight testing!!!). A big order could mean a lot more hiring and more of a regional focus for longhaul feed.

Get your act together Bombardier!!!! :mad:

TruthaboutQR 27th Jul 2013 01:02

Truth About Qatar Airways Pilot Life
Here we go guys this the truth and nothing but the truth, coming from pilots from Qatar Airways that Cannot speak out about the conditions and the life style in general at this airline.
The recruitment process is frustrating and not so informative and misleading. You are not told about all the BS that goes on once you sign the contract and start the long process of training.

Housing is a mess. One day they promise a furnished accommodation and you arrive with your bags and nothing else expecting fully furnished accommodation, but what you get for the first two weeks is a hotel like suite that you must vacat within two weeks and you start the humiliating process of looking for your own accommodation with the little money they give you, that is not enough for a two bedroom flat, in not so nice area. You get frustrated but you have no choice you decide to pay out of your salary and get something somewhat acceptable but again all on your own with no help from the company what so ever. If you decide to rent unfurnished then you must put up all the cost of not only the furniture but also appliances because most places will have nothing in appliance other than A/C.
You get that part done and then you start the long process of getting all the paper work done. Residence permit process is humiliating to say the least. You are treated like cattle in this process for medical tests and so on.

Done now company training starts with a sporatic schedule of classes at different locations every time and sometimes you arrive at your scheduled class only to find there is no class. And this process can drag on for months, and when you think you are finally done they tell you oh we forgot you must do such and such class and they blame you for not telling or reminding them that you where required to take the class as if it's a process you are expected to know.

Sim training when you finally get to it is somewhat more predictable but as you will shortly find out the process is not what you call training but rather a process of testing and checking.

Line training is not much different in theory to sim "training" but rather testing and a bunch of distracting questions throughout the flight that your brain is unable to concentrate on learning anything. When you finally get done with that frustrating process where sometimes you show up to your scheduled flight only to find out that you where scheduled on the wrong fleet of airplanes, and sometimes double booking of training crew is not uncommon. When you finish and start flying the line you actually are flying with a Captain that is worried about getting fired at every moment of the flight for any reason. So because everyone is on edge you end up pushing that auto pilot button as soon as you are legally able to, that is 400ft and you can think about disconnecting it shortly before touchdown and only then you become a taxi driver taxing the airplane to the gate. If you are lucky your stand is a short bus ride to the terminal where you have to catch another bus or van and risk your life to get to your car in a remote parking behind the healthy fast food restaurant. Otherwise you could be at the other end of the airport where after waiting for the cabin crew to clean and tidy the airplane for at least 20-30 minutes then your ride back could take another 20-30 minutes and you finally arrive home after navigating through the roads that is full of construction and work in progress and after trying to avoid getting killed by the crazy drivers with big SUVs. You arrive home nervous as hell almost ready to kill your self, only to realize report time with minimum rest will start agin and you go through the process again only this time with another nervous Captain.
Kids school is another long story, learn to beg for a slot for your kids in a school where education is mediocre to say the least, and where you have to pay a big chunk out of pocket to cover the rip off tuition cost. Teachers don't care if the kids learn because they are not here to make a difference but only to get the paycheck.
Frustration in every aspect of life. You accept a position of first officer with two strips inspite of ones difference in experience. Some will have little or no experience and but still start at the same level. To upgrade you must interview again and go through a process that is far more complicated and unjust than someone coming as DEC without even being typed in the A/C where they will be hired and you end up being an underpaid line instructor to the new Captain that is not only lost in the region but also in the aircraft.

If you are thinking about a job here think again and do your home work. After this experience I can say I am willing to go back to my country and work any job at least I know I will not lose my pride in the process.

Good luck to all of us....

330airbus 27th Jul 2013 09:16


Welcome to the forum. You must work for EY or EK. :ok:
I cannot emphasize on what a useless and false post you just wrote.
Yes the recruitment process could be better i do agree, and it is frustrating.
Housing allowance won't always cover the cost, it can if you look at the right places, but otherwise you end up putting 1000-2000 QR out of your pockets, out of the pay which we wouldn't make close to back at our homes.

You are a idiot if you are going to the wrong classes. Been here for a while now, meet new joiners on a weekly basis and I've never heard that one.

If sim and line training feels like checking or testing, then either you just really don't know your shit, or the instructors are just put off by your attitude and don't like you. HMMMM why wouldn't they.

Yes usually people are scared for their jobs here, because of what they hear, and because of rumors, etc etc.
Sure QR is stricter than most companies with few things, but what the heck?
What could possibly go wrong by disconnecting at 2000 feet and hand flying if you're doing it right?
Even when you hand fly, if you do not fit the stabilization criteria, elect to go around and you will not hear from anyone.
Ive had my fair share of mess ups myself, either my own, or my FO's, and I wasn't called to the office.

I cannot comment on the schooling.
I just feel like guys like you will be unhappy everywhere.

See you around. NOT

salsaboy 27th Jul 2013 11:16

The one thing I agree with in post #6573 is that before you decide to come here [this region] do your research, absolutely...

But please ensure your research is more wide ranging than exaggerated, secondhand, sorry-for-oneself drivel like that.

Some of those things may have happened to some people for sure, but to make out that it happens all the time is sensationalist, attention-seeking BS...

Most people I know here are happy... Just sayin'!

Continue to enjoy your 'perfect job'... Go on, let us know where it is! LMAO

TruthaboutQR 27th Jul 2013 11:37

It is the truth and the reality, but unfortunately guys sometimes don't want to see it because they are stuck. I don't assume anything I just collected info and posted it for the benefits of pilots. It will not change the opinion of pilots like you who have been there for a while....maybe you should be talking to some of the pilots that work there and ask them to tell you honestly if they are happy there or if they had the chance they would be out of there. Some do it because they lost their job elsewhere and had no other choice. But most would think twice about coming if they knew more about the overall environment of not only the company but also the country. I don't blame you because you must not have many options and for that you can take the bs and give up your pride....
To answer your post about housing if have a family and want to live in a somewhat decent place you will have to pay qr16000-18000. a person that arrives in a country thinking you could find housing for 10000 qr but finds out later that the 10000 is only good enough for a single guy living in a one bedroom furnished flat.
About people who are scared because of what they hear and the rumors, you are saying its only rumors...then why should they be scared after joining and flying if the rumors are not true. Who is the idiot here...
What could possibly go wrong.....that question should be directed to the pilots in your airline that are worried they could lose their job any minute. Elect to go around.....only if you have have enough fuel to be legal after the go around....
About the classes... I guess the people you talk with are having the time of their lives...no further comments.....
About schools you cannot comment because it's true...

Don't hate because someone finally dared to post something real....and don't call people names, it's just not nice....have a nice day...

TruthaboutQR 27th Jul 2013 11:50

I did not mention anywhere that it happens all the time, and if most people you know are happy, it's because the ones you don't know quit. Do you know or does the company tell you how many pilot quit every year? It will be nice to hear the answer to that....it is true that there is no perfect job but still it does change the facts....

captjns 27th Jul 2013 14:34

Maybe its different for F/Os than direct entry captains. A friend of mine has been there close to two years. He did say the housing was as they promised him. The training schedule was adhered to pretty much with very little changes. The simulator and line training was a bit subjective rather than objective. But he made to the line. FOQA is a big part of the operation. The Uniform or Fashion police are abound. He was in the crew room when a manager came in to give a scare talk rather than a pep talk. So yeah there are good points and bad points. But at the end of the day, you keep your nose clean, play by their rule, get on with it, collect the pay check and move on after you amass a bit of a fortune.

Sephore 27th Jul 2013 19:34

TruthaboutQR, I will say it's your truth not the truth.

casablanca 27th Jul 2013 21:50

I can only comment on my experience at Qr as Dec on the triple, but it has been more pleasant than described by some.
Housing is expensive..especially if looking for a large villa for family. Currently I believe everyone at Qr is given company housing although in the past it hasn't always been the case.
If you have school aged children it is a problem finding space and the schools are getting very expensive.
The roads and driving here.....like most places in Middle East
As far as the training....I was not type rated and did full course. The ground portion was stretched out for 6 weeks...a little long but nice pace.
The FTD/ sim portion of the training was in my opinion done very well and thorough. Of course you need to show up prepared but it was overall very good.
The line training was always quite professional....I have many an instructor say we need to cover this but it is not a test ...if you don't know it we need to talk about it. I had over 10 different training captains and found them all top notch and professional. Training is never fun and always stressful in my opinion but this was better than most of my experiences from USA.
The flying as normal line pilot has been very good.....the triple 7 has better roster than say the 320 and I can't comment on the training..especially for second officers. I do know many second officers have had quite a back up in their training, often waiting up to a year.
It is a big decision to pack up and move your family to another country...do your research definitely. Expect some things to not go as smooth as possible and Qatar is expanding rapidly so there are growing pains.
Again I can't comment on living here long term.....it is always difficult to be away from one's own country so that adds stress to the job, but overall, either I was lucky or the situation is improving slowly.

Captain Partzee 28th Jul 2013 06:08

"I interviewed for Dec- widebody.
I believe if you were not flying as captain at time of interview they would not interview you for Captain position.
I've been in the pool since April but am now facing downgrade In Septeber at current company due to cutbacks/reductions.
Does anyone know if this will effect me?"

You have to be happy:E

Ma as-salaamah!

casablanca 28th Jul 2013 08:37

Re: Captain Partzee
In the past you had to be currently flying as a captain to be eligible for Dec.
Once you are in the pool as Dec then I think you are safe.
As of late they seem to be short of widebody Decs and have interviewed people who were very experienced but had been downgraded or had to start over as fo at another airline.
While things can change I think you are fine.

enthusiast 28th Jul 2013 11:59

seat class
When QR invites interviewee and he/she would fly QR to arrive Doha, does it provide business class or travel class to the candidate?

gatbusdriver 31st Jul 2013 21:36

You need to be current in the LHS, they want further documentation on joining confirming your hours etc. The very same situation occurred fo myself and I had to wait until my command was reinstated before they would then honour the offer of employment.


Pilot-A320 1st Aug 2013 05:18

Has anyone TR on 320 got any interview dates with Qatar?

PilotBr 1st Aug 2013 14:27

I applied on July, 29 and receive no answer until now.
And I realized that vacancy for A320 FO is no more available on QR website, anyone can confirme the information?
And after initial application in how many time they answer?

JGSE 2nd Aug 2013 07:37

29th July 2012 or 4 days ago???

RV6 2nd Aug 2013 11:21

The ticket is economy class, upgradeable to business class if available.

PilotBr 2nd Aug 2013 13:11

I applied 5 days ago, I just wanna know in how many time they answer, usually.

F14 3rd Aug 2013 08:14

It took me 2 years to get in, first year I heard nothing back. Second year I went to one of the roadshows, there they had a sign in sheet, where you register your contact details. Then a couple of days after the roadshow, I was e-mailed by one of the organiser pilots, who then fast tracked the application. About a month later interview invitation with a months notice, followed by another month till good news, 6 weeks till approval, then 4 months notice of start (at my request).

Here is a link to the road show season which starts in under three weeks. Good luck!!

Qatar Airways Flight Deck Crew Roadshow 2013

hawk99 7th Aug 2013 15:45

those who were selected last year and went for PAT test in recent week, what happened ??

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