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hawk99 19th Sep 2013 16:47

I think those who were interviewed before 1st april or march 2012 were offered letters.and when they signed then they are not bound to go for PAT . those who did after that are undergoing pat. Any TR waiting since 2012 ?

mmorel 19th Sep 2013 19:18

I know one person who did the interview in FEB 2013,good news in April and joining data was June and he did not take the PAT test.

cccc 23rd Sep 2013 07:12

September update
Hi All!
Just received the September update.
No major changes compared to the last one.
Basically they only need type rated people, ocassionally a non type rated one. No requirement for SO, nor FTSO. But... it can change.
The next update is in January.
I guess I won't be seeing you in Doha, but...it can change.

from BG2CT 23rd Sep 2013 10:12

september update - what a shame... DEAR APPLICANT

migair54 23rd Sep 2013 10:47

Almost same email again, at least they are calling people.

Hopefully if they solve the problem with the new airport we will see faster hiring rate, but I'm not sure when we will see that.

It's not the first copy and paste email, I think they should started being more accurate after all of this months of waiting.

sand storm 23rd Sep 2013 21:25

Hi all,
today I recived email from FD Talent Poll with update like you, I'm very curious to know how many pilot we are, I understand that not all pilot that passed the selection program in Qatar read on pprune, but I ask all to report a brief note about:
-date of interview
-which aircraft

I estimate that the Qatar Recruitment are calling pilot at least march 2012.

So that's my situation:

-04 june 2012

jayjay340 23rd Sep 2013 22:17

September Update.
I know we prefer a detailed report or update....but the way I look at it, getting any type of update is a good thing for me (and I can only speak for me) because it lets me know at least I'm still 1 of the many pilots in the pool...so any update is a good one for me....and again (I CAN ONLy SPEAK FOR ME) :ok:

Inno 24th Sep 2013 05:36

26 June 2012

hawk99 24th Sep 2013 07:51

One of my friend interviewed in june 2012Tr 320 didnt receive update mail. Wondering wt it means

sand storm 24th Sep 2013 09:29

I have two friends:
June 2012
the other:
August 2012
This friends had the last update.

Ethiopia 24th Sep 2013 09:33

Pre-march 2012, no offer letter
Heavy turboprop Cpt
Last update received

salamalikum2 24th Sep 2013 09:47

Ladies and gents ..please move on...
Are you gone spent you entire live smashing your head on the wall and waiting for an answer from Qatar airways and put all your eggs in the same basket?
I do understand QR might be the only opportunity for you to get a job ,or to fly a jet aircraft..but I'm also afraid Qatar airways will continue to play with your nerve like that for a long time...
Not worthy.

FLGHeavy 25th Sep 2013 11:26

May, 2012

Latest "Dear Applicant" received.

Simba1978 25th Sep 2013 14:51

inteview on April 2012
good news June 2012
applied for FT-SO
current on DORNIER 328-100

Good Luck to all of You.

Simba1978 25th Sep 2013 14:55

you are right FLGheavy, now it's written "Dear Applicant" wow ...that's not a real progress ;)

vinouche33 25th Sep 2013 17:10

Hello guys,

I saw that you guys had received the update Sept... I am FO A320, 1300h, I didn't received anything .... :sad:

what should I understand please ?

I am in the pool since Sept 2012...Got all update, but not this one ...

No news, good news ???

thanks for your help, I appreciate.

casablanca 25th Sep 2013 19:17

As far as not receiving an update.....really that is anyone's guess!
I would say it does not automatically mean anything good!
On the other hand I didn't receive the Nov 2012 update, but in late December was offered a class date for January, so it may mean you are somewhere in limbo other than the pool?

00028EC 25th Sep 2013 19:45

I think that if you don't receive updates, you are a step forward....waiting for a call pretty soon. I understood that they advise you when you are removed from the pool for any reason. Obviously this is only my opinion; the point is that we all need to go for the PAT before joining if interviewed after april 2012. Talking. About FOs....do you agree?

vinouche33 25th Sep 2013 19:47

@HAWK99 : No, I didn't pass the PAT ! and hope I will not and join straight lol :cool:

@casablanca/00028EC :I hope you are right ! I would like to stop to swim, I am start to be too wet :E

Thanks for your help guys !

if anyone else has some suggestion, it's welcome :ok:

take care.

hawk99 25th Sep 2013 20:08

Yup EC ..its their policy to go through PAT now. Vinouche u TR ?

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