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dash8pilotCanada 4th May 2012 17:05

In preparation for the ATPL questions.. Is it enough to read ACE or should i be studying other material also (such as JAA atpl question banks)? Is there any website that prepare you for the ATPL questions (i know there are few sites for the EK interview)


casablanca 4th May 2012 17:34

Latestpilotjobs.com has a paid interview prep... Approximately 20 dollars. Pretty good study guide

casablanca 4th May 2012 20:28

From what I could gather, my interview group was randomly given the same test .. They have several versions, a,b,c so you can't cheat but they said we could sit down at any seat that had a test. The prep from Latestpilotjobs had good information and definitely helps with what type of info to study. I also read ace the technical interview.
The interview was very comfortable and everything organized very well.
The technical test dealt with lot of altimetry questions and aerodynamics...

Skyfree 5th May 2012 07:39

Best compound in Doha for pilots
Can someone tell us about the best places where we can find nice accomodations in the limit of QR housing allowances?

crazy_max 5th May 2012 14:18

Kij, what's the name of the compound you are talking about?

FL123 5th May 2012 18:13

did you apply for NTSO or FTSO ??

tony2F 5th May 2012 18:15

Sorry to hear that val what sim did they use?

SAS-A321 5th May 2012 19:40

did you apply for NTSO or FTSO ??
Must be NTSO, since he says he comes from GA.

victor75 5th May 2012 20:47

Hi all!
more than 3 months after the good news and.....still nothing... Anyone NTSO got his contract?

FL123 5th May 2012 21:17

Must be NTSO, since he says he comes from GA.
which means -- assessments are still being held. hmmmmm

21-Lancer 5th May 2012 22:33

@aka the aviator
check this out mate:
@aka the aviator has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.@

RED BARON 320 6th May 2012 02:12

Hello my fellow aviators, I did the interview January 15th, got the good news March 21st and the offer letter April 24th. The offer was for F/O in the 320 fleet which is the one that I'm currently flying in my country. So happy about this opportunity and looking forward to be in Doha soon, just waiting for the joining date. Good luck to everybody, just wanted to share my experience with this the hole process, cheers

TPD111 6th May 2012 06:25

Anyone got any recent info on the visa process once you arrive?

fade to grey 6th May 2012 09:18

Thanks redline, I'll give that a try. Failed the krypton factor already...

4engdriver 6th May 2012 09:33


anybody has the email of a Capt on 320's from about 3 years Giovanni Attiani ... Ex Meridiana...

Kindly pm me his e-mail thank you

aka the aviator 6th May 2012 09:56

Sorry mate I think ''may not be allowed'' is the case I'll look into that

FLIGHTDECKMAN 6th May 2012 14:37

Dear all,

As you all know there is a massive expansion in QR, and they have come across a situation where successful candidates, training slots, fleet divisions (especially following the orders and future deliveries for A380, B787) has made the HR department to reschedule again all future plans. At the moment yes the A320 fleet is the most common one amongst new entries, however there will be a lot of surprises soon enough I trust on all other fleets. Therefore this delay does not mean necessarily that all of you will be assigned an A320 fleet.
As mentioned in this forum hundreds of time so far PATIENCE is the magic word for those who are willing to hold. After all this massive expansion does not happen every day and the planning that needs to be done before hand is too much for them.

Zakary 6th May 2012 16:05

FLIGHTDECKMAN, do you work for QR HR departement?

4engdriver 6th May 2012 16:48

Please please....

anybody has the email of a Capt on 320's who's in from about 3 years Giovanni Attiani ... former Meridiana...

Kindly pm me his e-mail thank you

em20 8th May 2012 00:17

June Interview
Anyone get invitations for the June interview for FTSO? I was told at the job fair that they would be calling people in May for the June interviews. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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