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Pilote122 14th Feb 2015 20:50

Thanks again FL 123
They sent me an application update( for the Hours) . Do they send it just before sending the offer? And do u think that the next step will be the offer?

FL123 14th Feb 2015 23:32

Have replied as a pm.

Pilote122 15th Feb 2015 00:21

I didn't get what u mean:ugh:( pm?)

FL123 15th Feb 2015 06:07

pm - private message - pprune inbox

Shooting_Star 15th Feb 2015 06:50

I read this one on Pilotjobsnetwork, does that mean you can't take more than 10 days of your annual leave days per month?

"Roster no more than 10 Days Off a month for ALL fleets. Further no more than 6 days in a row."

casablanca 15th Feb 2015 08:04

The six days off in a row does seem to be a restriction, and they normally do not allow more than 10 days off per month....this is not referring to leave as you can take 3 weeks in a row, or often I take 1 week with a day or two off in the front and rear and have 10+ days off in a row.
The six days off refers to bidding a block of days off each month.

jafarc 15th Feb 2015 10:15

Valid ICAO ATPL or Frozen ATPL (ATPL Theory Passes/Credits and MCC).
Valid Instrument Rating (IR)
Valid Class One Medical
English language proficiency level 4 or above
Not older than 55 years at the time of joining Qatar Airways
Minimum of 1,000 hours in one or combination of the following categories;
a) Multi crew, multi engine glass cockpit jet above 17000kgs.

With the requirements above for the new opening of non type rated first officer.

Do you think that time on the 737 efis would qualify ?

PS : i know there is no harm in appying however i actually want to know


Shooting_Star 15th Feb 2015 15:46

Thanks Casablanca :ok:

khnzore 15th Feb 2015 17:58

Fd Talent Pool
There are several things about this talent pool that are very surprising and disappointing, and clearly prove mismanagement on part of this airline. They put too much emphasize on type rated pilots, without acknowledging that there are other major important factors that makes a good pilot; their total time, PIC time, CRM skills, leadership skills, their adaptability, decision making, and basically the overall package that the pilot offers. Everything is left out and type rating became the main issue! Despite the fact that they provide training for their airplanes, I don't understand why lack of TR is a problem? I know this, because, I know 6 other people in the pool, that are highly skilled pilot, but don't have TR, and the airline called low time pilot with TR. This is not such a poor airline in Middle East or Africa with a poor training facility desperate to hire type rated pilots to cut costs! This airline like Emirates hired lots of non type rated pilot including captains in the past, trained them, and they are part of their pilot group now, and this was done when the airline was not even in such an advanced state as it is today. By keeping this pilot on hold and hiring outside people, they are damaging their reputation, which is really hard to repair. As they are thinking hiring those pilots was a mistake, what they are doing now will be their tomorrow's mistake, since they will lose/already lost many of those qualified pilots, that they spend a lot of resources and money to interview them! Please make better decisions in the future!

phantnick 15th Feb 2015 19:29


does anybody have a clue about Meridiana vacancies posted
in QR careers site ?
Supposed to be in Doha according to the job posting, however after a little
research I saw that this company has bases in Italy.

Any info would be much appreciated.

Happy landings !

Meathead Pilot 16th Feb 2015 03:30

Phantnik, those vacancies are for "meridiana" pilots! Meridiana is a charter airline based in Italy..QR will conduct interviews exclusively for Meridiana pilots next month.:8

WrldWide 16th Feb 2015 06:23


I understand your frustration, however a few points.
Myself and my training partner were not TR and were trained on t7, capt and fo. QR does hire non tr pilots as well as tr pilots. At the end of the day it boils down to supply and demand. QR chooses who they want.

Surely you do not belong to the mindset that feels they have some entitlement, because if you are of that mindset your chances are likely hampered by that perspective.

Anyone that is only applying to QR and waiting, whether in the pool or not, is seriously limiting ones options. There is no loyalty from companies toward employees and the return should also be true if one wants a full rewarding career in this business. Looking for a good airline job requires the shotgun approach of applying and when offered a job making a decision at that point of whether or not to accept that offer. Until an offer is proffered, I would recommend one apply to any and all companies that one would like to work for.


phantnick 16th Feb 2015 11:23

Thanks Meathead Pilot,

Have you heard if this recruiting is about the Airbus
or the Md-82 they are supposed to have ?

Thanks again !

Mr Boombastick 17th Feb 2015 19:17

Education Allowance

Does anyone know if the education allowance has to be spent at approved schools or if you can use it to pay tutors and home school?

I know you can use the allowance to send kids to boarding school in another country, just not sure if it can be used for private tutors to keep a bit of flexibility and educate the kids at home.

Many Thanks

casablanca 19th Feb 2015 03:25

RE: education allowance.
I have had no problem using for a variety of schools, university, dental college, and online homeschool.
It has to be an accredited school and only the tuition is reimbursed.....I doubt the tutor would be reimbursed.

enthusiast 19th Feb 2015 17:43

The equitable opportunity for upgrade
When I attended the interview, I can't remember the exact numbers, nevertheless there is time requirement for upgrade. According to it I will be entitled to become a candidate to join captain course approximately after 3 years or sooner. So when I meet the requirement and haven't been involved in any accident, incident and even failure on sim check, Can I expect to be called as a skipper candidate right away if one captain slot is empty? or An unmentioned internal requirement will cause to leave me far behind of other candidates who has less time than me? Just I'd like to be aware of it for information. Thank you.

p.s. If my family members have a trace of tuberculosis on the lung, my success will be canceled and he or she won't be allowed to enter Qatar territory?

Shooting_Star 21st Feb 2015 07:54

Hi, I am in the joining process with Qr. I was wondering when do you receive information you get the company housing? From when are you able to request leave days ? Is it 3 months after final line check or DOJ?

Thank you!

Firepushbutton 22nd Feb 2015 14:30

Hi fellows,

Lately sent my application form to QR and was first invited to complete the PSA. Unfortunately was not successful, I really didnt expect to fail at this stage of the selection process :eek: .
Anybody knows whether recruitment/HR team gives any details about the why?

Thanks guys and good luck to those of you who will go further.


CptBlood 22nd Feb 2015 15:24

Forgive my lack of knowledge: what is a PSA test?

khnzore 22nd Feb 2015 15:41


For sure, I'm considering all my options, since I've heard some people were eliminated from the Fd talent pool, apparently for not a valid reason! Also, I agree that they could choose whoever they want. However, the difference is some companies know this in advance, and hire exactly what they want, instead of putting people in a pool for 2-3.5 years, or eliminating from the pool, and start taking people who appear to be more qualified at a certain time! I'm hoping a sophisticated airline like Qatar could have better management practices!!!

Thanks for your response!

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