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F14 10th Aug 2013 13:58

The problem is it's not really a pay rise for the locals, because it's a closed loop system.

What it does mean is that we get a burst of inflation with more cash printed (60% public sector pay rises) chasing almost the same amount of commodities, goods and service. Thus causing price inflation if there is not any government price controls.

In a system without taxation and limited internal competition or production it can be a tricky situation for any economy, with all the extra readies sloshing about.

Personally I would like to see a pension/savings fund instead of a pay rise. This would be able to keep up with inflation in the home country rather than adding to domestic money supply. I believe the other two major players in the region offer this...:D

Inno 12th Aug 2013 10:28

Hi hawk99 ck your PM

K1000 16th Aug 2013 00:35

Days off
Can anybody tell me how many consecutive days off you can get in QR? Is it the same for all the fleets or does it depend on the fleet? Thank you.

JohnnyBr 16th Aug 2013 01:09

Does anyone has any info if there are rated FO's that have successfully passed the interview getting DOJ lately?

I have heard that people that are being interviewed right now and the ones that did in the last few months are in the talent pool ......again.

Also that they are only going to be calling new joiners (FO) for the 320 next year.

Any info to share???


salamalikum2 16th Aug 2013 05:14


6 days off in a row max.( very difficult to get it on the 320 fleet I think)
But keep in mind that you have another constraint as well now as you can only have a max of 10 days off/ month.
( if you want more you have can try to bid for days off end of the month and beginning of next month...but you can't plan anything till you receive your next month roster, usually one week before the end of the month, indeed bidding for it doesn't guarantee you will get it.)

Before ( till April) was 8 days off in row, with no restriction of max days off/ month....
While for some us this new rule didn't have any impact,For others who used to "commute" to see they family abroad,this new rule was a serious backward step.

K1000 16th Aug 2013 11:53


Thanks for your reply, what are you flying in QR?

JetRider81 19th Aug 2013 01:35

A320 roster
Can anyone here tell how many nights per month do A320 guys spend at home in Doha?

What are the most frequent layover locations, and how long are rest times?

light and variable 19th Aug 2013 07:52

...depends entirely what you ask for. If you want to fly to Europe then expect layovers. Similarly with "exotic" destinations such as Africa and Maldives. If being in Doha overnight is important then bid for places like Athens, Istanbul, Luxor, Tripoli, Erbil and the regional shuttles. Random Indian layovers and night turnarounds cannot usually be avoided though.....

light and variable 19th Aug 2013 07:56

...can be as little as none or as many as eight. Expect average 22 to 26 hours off down route. Some days off at certain destinations on certain days of the week....
Hope this helps

mmorel 21st Aug 2013 00:15

internal website
Does Qatar airways has any intranet website to get the detailed benefit for captain like discount on hotels ,car rental ,etc ?I know the grade is fd.06 .

Samolin 21st Aug 2013 13:16

There is an 'intranet' with that info, for company personals! if you know someone, then they might share it with you. Most of this info in available through 'myapps' application just in case you are with QR already!
hope it helps. even though they might list the discounts, I have found better deals else where! except for money transfer, insurance and bank discounts, I have not benefited from any other deals, including car rentals or purchases. You are better off waiting for a special and then you will get the deals!
Good Luck!

Airmann 21st Aug 2013 19:07

I don't know if there are specific captain privileges with regard to discount, I think all pilots are entitled to the same discounts. There are some pretty good deals. I often use budget rent a car, I find that it's the cheapest. And the new health care plan is upgraded and has some allowance for dental and glasses.

mmorel 23rd Aug 2013 02:57

thanks for the information,

mmorel 23rd Aug 2013 07:08

Hi there ,

I couldn't find the medical plan on myapps ,do you know where can I find the details about it?


JetRider81 26th Aug 2013 18:35

Thanks, Light and Variable!

That is very good info. I assume you fly QR 320s. Can you (or anyone here) tell me more about this flight bidding system? (like chances of getting what one bids for, days off in a row, or other useful info...)


hawk99 26th Aug 2013 19:40

ok, so back to the real issue..any one who has been through ADAPT lately and got the result..

JohnnyBr 26th Aug 2013 21:04

Yeah...i am interested in some info about that too...anyone being called lately??

I know they are getting ppl to doha to the interview.....but has anyone actually joined these days?

Firegoofy 27th Aug 2013 11:21

Very good April Fool. But the 1st of April is in 217 days from now. :8

JohnnyBr 27th Aug 2013 21:47

Yeah...i am interested in some info about that too...anyone being called lately??

I know they are getting ppl to doha to the interview.....but has anyone actually joined these days?

hawk99 28th Aug 2013 12:12

Ppl waiting for joining for last 1 year and were called for ADAPT in last few weeks are still awaiting result.

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