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Toto737NG 23rd Mar 2016 05:03

It seems We aré done!!
Finallly today some friends and me we receive an update from the Recruitment area and they were well explained that there is NO MORE Boeing Captains Vacancies for 2016.

We have to wait until the 18th month of the application extension and then apply again if they have the vacancy further.
But not for now!!

Finally they apologize for the inconvenience etc etc!
So What's next after 14 months waiting and swimming in the Holding Pool???

Boeinglad 23rd Mar 2016 14:58

Same story for me.. Not really expected..

dubaigong 23rd Mar 2016 15:29

Welcome to the Middle East...

Flying738ng 24th Mar 2016 16:10

type rated boeing first officer
What's the update for typerated Boeing first officer vacancies?

TypeIV 31st Mar 2016 19:40

I see that they're conducting roadshows around the world. Does this mean that the holding pool for the FOs is starting to dry up?

Southpole 1st Apr 2016 14:16

A Friend of mine did the interview in February and got a joining date in April. FO Airbus. I couldn't believe it

As far as I know captains all fleets will suffer major delays... For direct entry positions. Airline started massive upgrade program for FO. If you are not in by now, plan to spend another whole year out.

That was the last rumor I heard at least

Southpole 2nd Apr 2016 22:56

Heard a couple of guys talking in the office. It is not an official statement of the company..
Take it as a rumor.

joker737 5th Apr 2016 06:55

They want minimum 6 months of validity on your rating and + IR at the time of Joining, Guessing this means on the 737 in your case.

joker737 5th Apr 2016 06:57

Can anyone give a light into housing at Qatar? Where your likely to be placed?
condition on the furniture? Is it fully or semi furnished?

Thanks in advance

Ldggrup 6th Apr 2016 07:39

What you need is a valid license, with IR balid for min 6 months, medical valid for min 6 months.

You can give them any license. You are flying 757, so u got selected for NTR Boeing FO.

They need your license to have valid rating. Rating is only valid if your IR is valid.

U can PM me, i just went through alot of this discussion with QR, final result delay in joining date.

Sallytraffic 6th Apr 2016 08:06

Has anyone recently been out to Doha for selection? - 737 Rated FO. Would appriciate any feedback from the process.


Ldggrup 6th Apr 2016 11:54

Guys there is a Whatsapp group just being formed for pilots who have joining date confirmed..

We can share and help each other.. If you have a confirmed joining date, and wish to join the group please PM.

j4mi3 6th Apr 2016 19:20

Originally Posted by joker737 (Post 9333928)
Can anyone give a light into housing at Qatar? Where your likely to be placed?
condition on the furniture? Is it fully or semi furnished?

Thanks in advance

I've been trying to find out the same thing for years. It seems like it's the best kept secret in the world. Someone prove me wrong

casablanca 6th Apr 2016 23:13

Just my guess, but about 70% chance you receive company accommodation on joining, and if you do it will be fully furnished, ( at least Holiday Villa was) but styles seem to vary depending on the compound......
May be able to research some of bigger ones like Ain Khalid gate,
Holiday villa, and recently started putting some people in nicer areas like the Pearl Qatar.
Otherwise FO will receive 13000 Qr and CA 15000 riyal per month for housing

A320 Driver 9th Apr 2016 19:23

Medical Question
You guys have any idea about the medical requirements?

I'm researching if hiatal hernia surgery is a problem, but I haven't found anything yet.

My DOJ will be soon, so I need to be sure before I leave my current job.


WrldWide 9th Apr 2016 21:47

re: medical question

I would suggest getting the contact details of one of the AMEs and submitting to them this question. If you are unable to find any contact details I can provide some for you privately.


Check you PM,

Crashlanding 10th Apr 2016 02:57

Quick question on the accommodation, if you do get provided some do yiu get to stay until you leave the company or can you be moved about like EK are doing at the moment.

Thanks in advance

A320 Driver 10th Apr 2016 05:55

As long as I know, you can request a transfer to other company accommodation.

casablanca 10th Apr 2016 08:50

Up to now I haven't heard people being forcibly moved to another location, but you can request to be moved to other location or out of company accommodation.

Crashlanding 10th Apr 2016 10:38

Thanks guys

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