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flyboy2080 12th Sep 2013 17:54

hawk 99 what about your update of adapt

Dihaz 15th Sep 2013 13:04

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know at what stage the background checks occur (i.e. license verification and past employment)? Is it before employment or after? Before issuance of contract or later?


Best of luck...

hawk99 16th Sep 2013 07:42

Any type rated in pool for more then a year plz pm me.

Jmodel 16th Sep 2013 21:12

Anyone knows how many pilots in the pool?

winterinhell 17th Sep 2013 01:04

hi guys..i posted about this few days ago but mayb i didnt click post or what i dont see it anywhere in the thread anymore..so i got an email saying they'll invite me for interview but ni date was given..its been almost 2 weeks since..yet no news from them..anyone experiencing the same?how long should i wait anyway?

Flyingmachine01 17th Sep 2013 01:38

Hi people,

Is there a booklet available as a pdf of the relevant information for PATS assignment or can anyone suggest a website we can use to practise on?

I have just received e mails in regards to picking a date to do my assignment in Doha. I haven't confirmed yet.

Help would me much appreciated..

winterinhell 17th Sep 2013 01:44

thats great..im still waiting for my interview date..u can do the question bank on ACE the technical pilot interview book..i read that book and i think they picked all the question from the book..anyway how long u waited till they give the date?

Flyingmachine01 17th Sep 2013 01:51

Interviewed and Sim September 2012.

I am now required to go back over to Doha to Complete PATS course only before i get a letter of offer..

So I guess it will be the final hurdle for me.

Jmodel 17th Sep 2013 04:49

Hi flyingmachine, are you type rated or non type?

Flyingmachine01 17th Sep 2013 06:13

non type rated....

winterinhell 17th Sep 2013 06:26

:( then i think its gonna be quite some times b4 i get my interview date eh..

disagreeable 17th Sep 2013 09:24

So many paranoid PAT Q's.

Flight Operations Department

1 | P a g e


PILOT APTITUDE TESTS are psychometric tests specifically designed to assess competencies of pilots. The results form important references for the Management to develop training plans to assist pilots recognize their strengths and develop their weaknesses in order to attain enhanced safety and productivity in new positions.


PAT results assist in highlighting competencies of pilots which facilitate the individuals to understand their capabilities and further help in professional and personal career development.


⇒ To identify strengths and area of improvement of pilots


⇒ To prepare a development plan for pilots for achieving a company required standard ⇒ To determine suitability for a particular position

1. Management Pilot Appointment (first time)


2. Training Appointment (first time) 3. Command Upgrade 4. Fleet Transfer (New type introduction to the Company only e.g. A380, not required for type variant transfer)

⇒ PAT will be a requirement for pilots joining the company as part of the recruitment process, in addition to all pilots falling into the above categories


⇒ New hire pilots mentioned above, not meeting the company PAT requirements will be considered unsuitable for employment. ⇒ The present role / position of any existing pilot not meeting the company PAT criteria will not be affected. ⇒ All pilots employed before 01 March 2013 are encouraged to volunteer to take the PAT,will be allowed to do so and unsuccessful completion of PAT will have no impact on their existing role / position ⇒ Different colours denotes the strength of the grade; • GREEN – High grade • BLUE – Above Average grade • HIGH YELLOW – Average grade (No safety issues, only minor training) • LOW YELLOW or AMBER– Below Average grade ( Safety issues/ training issues) • RED – Low Grade ( Safety issues/training)

Flight Operations Department

2 | P a g e

In order to preserve the confidentiality of PAT assessments, for those individuals graded HIGH YELLOW or above only a SUMMARY of strengths and areas for improvement will be disclosed to Fleet Managers and Senior Managers Fleets. A record of such PAT results will be maintained in a confidential file by HR. Individuals scoring LOW YELLOW, AMBER or RED will be referred to the company psychologist, who will be furnished with a full copy of the PAT assessment for evaluation. Again the PAT results will be maintained by HR in a confidential file.


⇒ Pilots being considered for a Management position or selected for Command Upgrade or Fleet Transfer to a new type (to the company) will be rostered for PAT (will be shown on roster as PAT)


⇒ Pilots will be contacted by Symbiotic Team who conducts PAT on behalf of the company. ⇒ PAT assessments will be conducted at a suitable location. ⇒ PAT will comprise of a cognitive test, an interview and personality questionnaire


⇒ As a general rule Green, Blue or High Yellow results indicate suitability for the position.

⇒ The results from the tests are presented to the company in the format as described in the above confidentiality section.

⇒ Results of grades denoted in Green, Blue and High Yellow will be sent to the respective Fleet Managers who will be responsible for debriefing the individual on strengths and areas for improvement and if deemed necessary assign development courses. Thereafter the summary reports will be forwarded to VPFO / CPF

Flight Operations Department

3 | P a g e


⇒ As a general rule, RED, AMBER or LOW YELLOW indicates that the candidate is unsuitable for the position at the time of the test.

⇒ These results will be reviewed by the CPF and/or VPFO who will brief the pilot and then forward the results to QRMC for further psychological review.

⇒ The recommendations of the QRMC Psychologist along with the PAT Results and other performance records e.g. Training reports and personal file records will be reviewed by CPF and/or VPFO or their designee who will determine an appropriate course of action. The Senior Manager (Fleets) or his designee will then conduct a debrief of the pilot and direct that the recommendations be implemented.

This can include, but is not limited to; • Remedial training requirements ( if appropriate) • If appropriate, an indication that remedial action is not being considered and that the candidate is frozen in their current position • Minimum time and requirements for a retest a) Command Upgrade – To be determined by respective Fleet Manager, but one year minimum prior to reassessment. (PAT considered part of the Command Upgrade assessment process.)

b) Fleet Transfer –To be determined by respective Fleet Manager, but minimum of 6 months.

c) Training - To be determined by respective Fleet/Training Manager, but minimum of 6 months

d) Management – To be determined by CPF/VPFO/CFOO but minimum 6 months prior to be considered for another management position.

e) New Hire - Not recommended for employment

vinouche33 17th Sep 2013 14:05

I am still waiting the Update for September...Did you receive it ?

Some of you past INTERVIEW/SIM the 10th Of SEPT 2012 ???

still waiting some news.


Mr.White 17th Sep 2013 22:40

I did pass interview/Sim september 10th and Sept 11th got successful email, today got an email from some UK company for background checks.

NTR Widebody DEC

Best Regards

B-U-S-S 18th Sep 2013 02:29

Congrats Mr. White,

What was the title of the email? I passed the interview before you, but as TR FO, so wondering if the mail from the UK company ended up in the junk mail or it just takes longer to get it for FOs.

Any FOs who recently passed the interview received a mail for the background check? How long time did it take from successful to that email?

mmorel 18th Sep 2013 02:48

I never heard they do any background check ,maybe they have just added this step.

Jmodel 18th Sep 2013 06:03

Congrats supersonic75
Hi supersonic75 when did you get the joining date? What plane were you flying?

Mr.White 18th Sep 2013 21:21

Tks, the email title was Hireright and it was not in the junk.

During HR presentation told us about this background screening for successful candidates.

Just waiting for some news.

Best Regards

mmorel 19th Sep 2013 00:51

You don't have to do the PAT test , I know a lot of people that got accepted with out doing PAT or background test and they are flying at Qatar Airways.
I don't know why they only ask certain people about taking this PAT test

SIDS N STARS 19th Sep 2013 03:28

When did they start mmorel? Before or after, March when the PAT started?

Does this mean ppl in the talent pool will be invited back to Doha to do the test or will they do it when they join?

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