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from BG2CT 22nd May 2013 13:23

Is there any non type F/O that has been waiting for more than 1 year and 6 months after the good news/pass e-mail ?

Non Zero 22nd May 2013 14:35

is there really a need of the customers from worldwide to fly to qatar? I mean, is there really a marketing investigation done to see if there was really a demand?
that's a very good consideration ... luckily some countries don't know how to use condoms yet!

chrislikesblue 22nd May 2013 16:38

'' Is there any non type F/O that has been waiting for more than 1 year and 6 months after the good news/pass e-mail ? ''

You mean 1 year and 6 months until receiving a contract? Or until the start date? My guess is that almost all swimmers in the pool wait more than 1 year and 6 months until they finally get their ticket to come to Doha.

Airb 23rd May 2013 01:31

Talent pool
I've been reading the thread and I was wondering what exactly is a "talent pool". Can anyone shed some light on it. :ugh:

ironbutt57 23rd May 2013 08:14

I've been reading the thread and I was wondering what exactly is a "talent pool". Can anyone shed some light on it.

The talent pool is where a successful interviewee is placed after having received the "congratulations you have been accepted for employment with Qatar Airways" e-mail...you are placed into the pool until your fleet allocation is completed and you are offered a contract and class date... how long you swim in the pool depends on your qualifications, and training slots available for your fleet allocation...

Airb 23rd May 2013 12:21

thanks ironbutt57. Appreciate!! :ok:

czech85 23rd May 2013 14:05

hmmm so i was thinking of joining qatar under the mpl scheme for the a320.. some people says that the mpl scheme is no gurantee a job. but what is a conditional contract with qatar means?

after completion of the mpl training upon joining qatar, what salary range would i be expecting during the line training??

SIDS N STARS 29th May 2013 00:48

So if QA is now advertising and interviewing type rated F/Os, does this mean the non-type rated F/Os in the talent pool will have to wait until there are no more type rated applicants?

Non rev 29th May 2013 01:09

So why is Qatar accepting applications from type rated Fo's if they have pool filled with applicants?

SIDS N STARS 29th May 2013 06:44

Maybe it's cheaper and quicker for the airline to look outside of the talent pool and hire/train type rated applicants rather than invest time and money on someone with no time on type.

KRUGERFLAP 29th May 2013 08:31

ADAPT - Astonishing Dumb Aviator Piloting Tasks
This is SYMBIDIOTICS tool to acess Pilots !

That was the most crazy tool:mad: i ever saw in my life as an Airline Pilot.:eek:

5 secs to answer questions while you flying a game (LOCK ON) mission, as a A10 ThunderBolt pilot(single Crew?lol). While you listen a English old fart talking to you over the radio. The acft can`t be trimmed and you have to look 90 degrees to the left to acess the questions.Why i cannot use the second guy(trainer) as a tool to answer the question while i am flying the game? I am sorry Capt. "RAF" but that was a waste of time.Maybe this could be good to acess a wanna be Cadet Pilot,but to acess real experienced pilots over this is a JOKE.
5 secs to answer question whispered to you while you are gave ~ waypoint vectors ~. Symbidiotics is amazing way to loose money Fast. :ok:Well Done Qataria for wasting 410 Pounds for each applicant current pilot doing Upgrades / fleet transfer. :ok:

My advice 4 an aplicant. Be an Actor!

King on a Wing 29th May 2013 18:35

I know this has been probably done to death here in this forum and otherwise. But sadly, due to some OS glitch I can't access the search tool. Just upgraded to a new OS.
Oh well.
Can anyone give me information on what kind of accomodation QR gives its new joining wide body DEC's. The ones who join with family that is.
And is there any choice given to the pilot as to location etc. what would be a good location choice.
I believe utilities are looked after to a certain degree.
Sorry for the drift if any. But I'm trying very hard to compare EY, EK and QR.
Seems these days it's quite a close match.
Thank you all in advance.

Airb 30th May 2013 02:29

I'm trying to login to update some information and I got this message:

Login Confirmation

Your application for this vacancy is being considered. In order to ensure fairness in your application you are now unable to update your details.

What does it mean? Can't I update any information after I've submitted?


salamalikum2 30th May 2013 09:23

King on a wing,
There was a rumor that the company is gone increase the housing allowance...well i guess it was just a rumor unfortunately...as for the trend ,it looks like the the rental price is going up again...so it means lots if us will have to put our hands deeply in our pocket in order to offer a decent roof to our family.:hmm:
I don't really think there is a close match between EK and QR...:=
You can't compare EK vs QR...(as you can't compare Dubai and Doha:hmm:).

King on a Wing 30th May 2013 14:55

Many thanks for your candid response. Really appreciate that. Is Pink villas and Ain Khalid the only choices available to captains. Had heard something about some Al Markhiya villas...?
And most importantly Java, is this updated info sir. Just so that I can plan if I have to.
Thanks in advance.
Thank you salamalikum2 for your input.

free capt 30th May 2013 15:53

hi java,
thanks for the infoes and i'would like to have some clarifications

1 can you (as a DEC ) choose to have allowance or house ??
2 can you choose where....??
3 can you ,during years, change option as you need (from allowance to house)???

appreciate if you can answer...:ok:

Mr.White 30th May 2013 16:00

QR Rules!
Hi there!

After this email, how long do I have to wait before try again?...Any rule?..

Best regards

Thank you for taking the time to apply for the position of QR1898 - Captain Widebody Aircraft | Qatar Airways | Doha.

We have received a number of applications from candidates whose skills and experience more closely match our requirements, and we regret to inform you that you have not been successful on this occasion.

We wish you every success in your job search.

Thank you once again for your interest in us.

Best Regards,

Qatar Airways Recruitment Team

Nick 1 30th May 2013 16:02

1- No they choose
2- No they choose
3- No

free capt 30th May 2013 16:16


loud and clear....:{


casablanca 30th May 2013 19:27

You can request to move out of housing and take the allowance....it may take a month or two.
You can request a transfer to other housing....have had many friends transfer from Pink Villas to Holiday Villas...or Holiday Villas to Ain Khalid.
That normally takes a month or two.....there are other places but have heard the wait is 1-2 years?
Once you leave the company housing I don't believe you can return

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