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Inno 15th Jul 2013 10:14

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
They give you some date? I listen around oct-nov....

hawk99 15th Jul 2013 13:20

Inno, they have called me for PAT , it is in beginning next month.i guess DOJ will be after that.PAT after receiving confirmation mail , dont know whether some one can be rejected after more then a year of waiting and receiving selection mail !!!

Smoothflight 19th Jul 2013 19:56

Also received request for hours update. Previously B737 f/o and since Feb A320 f/o with 315 hours on type. Should have at least 500 hours in next three months if that is the requirement.

Global01 20th Jul 2013 17:03

Al ahli hospital or qatar medical center

B-U-S-S 20th Jul 2013 17:38

I hear the tests focuses on ATPL theory, but did any of you rated FOs with 1000+ hours on type get technical questions about your aircraft type?

thevick 22nd Jul 2013 18:09

Think LONG & HARD before you join this circus..........................:ok:

Frenzo 22nd Jul 2013 22:42

Interview on june2012 good news and welcome to talent pool july2012 received all updates and recently hours update. To then get an email that my application has been removed for consideration due to higher management decisions. Thanks for wasting my time.
Regional Capt 8,000hrs
Did anyone else got the same ???

ManFlex46 23rd Jul 2013 13:00

WB Drivers
Hello gents,

Im 330 FO, 1000plus on type,Ive recently been called for interview..wud be much appreciated if anyone can give some info about their PAYSCALE and other benifits for WB F/O's...if atall its different than 320's?

Thanks and cheers:ok:

migair54 23rd Jul 2013 20:07


Did they give you any other reason or just that management explanation?? I read in the other foro that a guy was told that becuase he was above the age limit fro NTR FO he was remove from the pool.

Anyway itīs bad, every time I ask my friends inside Qatar they say that they are really desperate to get people, they need too many but iīm not sure what to believe.

Have they called any NTR FO or FTSO???

Iver 23rd Jul 2013 20:18

Frenzo - may be a blessing in disguise for you. I would try the 2 big UAE carriers. Not sure about EK given the RJ type (whether competitive), but you may want to try the other big UAE carrier.

Good luck

Inno 23rd Jul 2013 21:23

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Hi all, I have a lot friends in the pool since more than 1 y, same to me... And now I reading what's happened to people in the pool ... unbelievable

Pilot-A320 24th Jul 2013 01:34

Hello Guys
I had filled the online application a week before for TRFO. I m TR on 320 n 2000 plus hours on type. I got a reply from their team saying my application is incomplete and I need to attach my CV, references Academic Qualifications ....

But to my knowledge I have attached all the prerequisite and had sent the application. Dont know why its says incomplete.

Any comments & help needed

Frenzo 24th Jul 2013 03:11

Thanks guys for some of the reply. Yes of course Im trying the others 2 in Me.
no explanation what so ever. I dont believe is an age issue bc Im 38. unless thats a problem for them. Also I never call them or bother them like some other guys that have been taken out of the Talent pool. Anyways Good luck to those of you that actually make over there.

alex storm 24th Jul 2013 11:41

Hi, I don't think that is a age problem, I have a frend that he is 49 years old and is waiting in the talent pool...in the past they withdraw same FO with experience in aircraft below 21 tons....good luck.

South Prince 24th Jul 2013 15:44

Hi Frenzo, very similar to you but 15k tt, 10k wb. Can't explain it, just move on :)

disagreeable 25th Jul 2013 01:02

Sadly, You were all warned
I have avoided posting for the longest of times as this thread can be very circular, covering the same Q's many many times.

Unfortuneatly its a shame for those waiting for long time to be removed from hold pool. Believe me, many more have been removed, but not told.

You were all warned by my and others many hints at this situation, so in essence you cant blame QR as you did give them supreme control over your hope.

Move on with your lives and dont hold outfor this place.

A/C orders does not equal good airline.

QCAA medical
Hy, do anybody know where can we pass the medical class 1 in Qatar ? if you have adress and number it will good.
Thats the strangest of Question for a person who tell that he knew pilots in QR and lived in Doha.

migair54 25th Jul 2013 10:32

Hi there.

I know that you are most of the time right and itīs a pleasure to have someone to really speaks what he knows even if itīs bad news, many of us have been waiting here for a year or so and now been told thank you and good from QR is so frustrating and unprofessional, very bad for the image.

Anyway, are they removing people randomly or they are following some criteria?? Are they going to call anyone else from the pool of FTSO, NTR FO??

I can be consider myself lucky because iīm still working but I know some guys that are just waiting for QR to call and not doing any pilot job, even if in the email was clearly stated, "Do not resign from your current job"..

Any info will be highly appreciated.

Dihaz 25th Jul 2013 14:34

Hi All,

Anybody who went to the ADAPT assessments in the recent few weeks heard back yet?

As for removing people from the pool - Ive got a feeling that if anybody, those who are SOs would be since they don't need expats for this role. But surely, surely they should be telling the guys....

casablanca 25th Jul 2013 14:57

While I have to admit the hiring process has been very frustrating.....lack of information and long wait times, and now many people being kicked out of the pool after waiting so long, I am still mildly impressed that they continue to call pilots that have been swimming for almost 2 years.
Even the better airline from across the way has been less than perfect in its hiring process. Many people in the pool were told they must re-interview after swimming for a year, and some DECs were told their offer was no longer valid...unless they wanted to be FO.
I don't think they are intentionally trying to screw anyone....just poorly executed plan

RK303 26th Jul 2013 18:39

Maybe you should look at the initial expansion plans of QR? What about the new airport? Where are the aircrafts massively ordered?
Maybe the delays had some impact..

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