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perritopiloto 11th Apr 2012 06:18

I am about to end week 12th after good news mail and no contract.

thib017 11th Apr 2012 07:09

I've heard that a lot of guys were assigned the 300-600 fleet... does someone know why? as this fleet is already over crewed....

Tritzo 11th Apr 2012 07:44

same here. i had the assessment together with Victor75. positive pass end of January (initial interview was in the beginning of nov11). still waiting.

as for current news, as far as i am informed:

*I dont have proof for all of this, but as it is a rumours page, this is what I yet collected:

- training capacities limited and all occupied currently
-all normal second officer applications are on hold until further notice/no estimate, even for the HR yet
-a lot of spanair pilots came to join qr
-the training of most typerated people has been shortened, to achieve a faster training flow
-fast tracks and experienced people are processed like before
-as soon as the overflow of applications seizes again, SO programm will open again
- rumour: 'new contracts' upcoming end of may. maybe thereafter SO are processed again. (here again, I dont know about the details)

As most ppl here, I hope that my application will be processed soon, although I am aware, that it can take quite some time. But this is how it works in the middle east.
If you cant already live with this part, I wouldnt suggest you to go there, as you wont be happy and probably make everyone trouble.
If you dont mind changes, are flexible, its the place to go!

iQatar 11th Apr 2012 09:23

QR hv 20 or so ctc cadets starting type ratings in April so they must be hapoy enough with low houred guys.
I think that might be one of the reasons why normal SO have to wait so long.
CTC knew Qatar struggles with training capacity, these guy's can do most of their training in Southampton because they have their own A320 sim. Somewhere else on this forum there is quite a heated debate about this cancer(CTC) in aviation.

But then again this is a rumour network an I can be 100% incorrect or wrong.

Tritzo 11th Apr 2012 10:10

But the 20 CTC candidates should not affect normal SO training, as they are - as you said - being typerated in Southampton. At least its what I hope. I only read it in this post also, couple of pages back.

Black Pudding 11th Apr 2012 13:18


The CTC guys will be lined trained by Qatar line trainers on Qatar aircraft which are already working flat out

Tritzo 11th Apr 2012 13:28

so lets add another 2 months to the waiting times then :)

RED BARON 320 11th Apr 2012 20:47

Black Pudding , did you get my last PM?...hope everything is great, cheers

ITO 11th Apr 2012 21:09

This situation is the trickiest everfor me. The waiting game just throws you a sort of a curved ball. You don`tknow whether to move on, to secure something at least, or just to wait and waitknowing that it might take a year while other options goes by. The truth is, ifyou try to take a job – if offered, like a BE1900 FO as example – that includesa rating, while you try to keep waiting for a response from QR, it might justworsen the situation. What if QR calls you as you have just finished that typerating and due to start OPS ?

Oh man oh man ! If only we knew what was going on !

Stick35 11th Apr 2012 21:16

Ito, if i were you, i would gamble for QR.

I had a couple years ago the choice between a job on 737 self funded and a job in the corporate where they paid the typerating for me. I chose the second option and i regret it. Nobody is waiting for a guy with a learjet rating!!! Nowadays is all about marketvalue. If you go for the 1900rating your marketvalue is like the spanish would say" NADA". I think the gamble is worth it.

Good luck

Iver 12th Apr 2012 02:35


Really, recent newhires getting assigned the A300-600F? How many A300-600s do Qatar operate? Must be a smallish fleet - maybe 5 aircraft? Probably would be an interesting mix of regional and European flying - I recall seeing one recently in Amsterdam.

Sounds like fleet assignment at QR is like a roll of the dice - you don't know what you are going to get until the very end and plans can change...

menikos 12th Apr 2012 05:33

FYI the A300-600R are going to be phased out, crew already on their way to get the T7 rating so it might be interesting for the future for those assigned on that fleet they might end up on the T7, who knows.

RK303 12th Apr 2012 06:24

CTC knew Qatar struggles with training capacity, these guy's can do most of their training in Southampton because they have their own A320 sim
Guys, Is this a temporary recruitement or a clear message to non-qataris Normal SO that you better go get your own type rating???:eek:

SirWebster 12th Apr 2012 07:07

No it isn't a message for anything.
Those guys aren't paying for their TR out of thir pockets, it is added to the bond just like any other non type rated in QR.
A bunch of Bahraini guys doing their TR in Bah, those guys in Southapmton, and the locals amongst others, in Doha.
The second sim is due to start operating in a few days, which can only be good news.

Good Luck to all!

victor75 12th Apr 2012 07:30

Thanks for the answers but 12 weeks begin to be prety long now!!
Don't know what's going on there!

ITO 12th Apr 2012 09:39

@ stick35,
Thank you very much for your inputs. Decisions are tough sometime. Gambling isexactly what I did and continue doing. Joining Qatar has been always my toppriority, I always put all my efforts toward that target, and I was blessedhaving an Interview with them as NTSO. However, while waiting without knowing how long one has to wait, it isalso about market value as you exactly mentioned, and at my stage, FO 1900 orany other part 135 OPS, multi crew turbine will be a golden plus for me. Buthere is the dilemma, while waiting; I did let go two possibilities because ofnot knowing where we are heading, no news…etc one of them being on a turbopropmore than 23T MTOW…

but again, my choice, my decision, and with the current NTSO situation…etc I do notknow anymore if it was the correct one. Just hoping that something will happen andthat our case gets solved.

thib017 12th Apr 2012 10:02

300-600 ops

They have 3 planes and more than 70 pilots on it.
Apparently, 5 new guys will join this fleet and I know two other guys who were assigned this fleet as well.
I don't understand the point as I've heard that two of the 300 are leaving for a C check, and one for the D check!

If someone have some explanations ;)

Stick35 12th Apr 2012 11:21

@Ito can't you give QR a phonecall and explain your situation?

Second option: you take the beech job and if you can join qr, quit the job? Not really loyal but it might be an option.

flyer79 12th Apr 2012 14:44

contract, then what
Hi Guys,

Sorry to ask this question, especially for the people waiting for their pos or neg reply from qatar.

I did interview on 25 feb, got positive answer 2 weeks later. 3 days ago, received an email from HR, including offer of employment, ( it s not a contract, they say) and many other docs.

They ask to sign it and send it, in a very short amount of time: 4 days.
Signed it and send it back. In their email, it said " as soon as we receive your documents signed, we will let you know the next step".

Have done all that but nothing since. Anyone in this situation? They re closed on weekend, so can t reach anyone there.

Thanx for your advice and good luck and patience to all guys waiting. It has been also a waiting game for me too.

FL123 12th Apr 2012 15:23

@flyer 79
first point -- congrats for the good news.... :D
second -- your process was really quick. thats great :ok: Many people are still waiting.
For now you just need to wait and InshALlah, I guess you will get the joining date soon.

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