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free capt 4th Sep 2013 12:11

medical qcca
Hi all,
Does anyone know how many days after the joining date we undergo the QCCA MEDICAL ?
I'm not talking about the residence permission medical but the class 1 for the QCCA licence.


B-U-S-S 4th Sep 2013 12:37

Anyone been able to join QR with more than -8 dioptries and do they measure it from the glasses or contact lenses.
Do they perform a full medical check (initial requirements) or do they just transfer the JAA class 1?
I am surprised to see the QCAA having this limit, when it is gone from most other CAAs medical regulations.

Ethiopia 4th Sep 2013 18:05

@Hawk99 Thank you.

Just for the record: NTR fo here, nothing so far.

Good luck!

mhawwa 4th Sep 2013 21:49

Can anybody describe how is the general environment within qatar airways, and about the pay scale for captains ?

transport jock 5th Sep 2013 05:27

Can anybody describe how is the general environment within qatar airways, and about the pay scale for captains ?
I still cant believe that people make posts like this here. If you are really interested in coming to an airline like Qatar then surely you can make a bit of an effort to investigate yourself? There are loads of pages before this one in this thread with information on Qatar.

I have been waiting for more than a year just to get a chance at going for an interview and have tried everything to get it right, but some people think all the information/jobs should just be handed to them on a platter... :ugh::ugh::ugh:

winterinhell 5th Sep 2013 07:07

Haha..we share the same feeling dude..if u really want the job,at least show some effort to flip thru the pages..if u already have unlimited data plan on ur phone it wont cost any money..

Global01 5th Sep 2013 07:08

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
I went from Global01 to Local -01

Shooting_Star 5th Sep 2013 08:25

Hi Global, you got some news? :sad:
No news here still...

Mack Number 5th Sep 2013 19:45

Anybody out there with me DOJ Sept 22nd? Wonder if it'll be company accommodation or housing allowance?

Ethiopia 5th Sep 2013 19:48

Are there many ex-United at QR?

United Airlines to recall all furloughed pilots

hawk99 6th Sep 2013 15:22

Hi macknumber. When were u interviewed?

JohnnyBr 6th Sep 2013 17:13

I am guessing that macknumber is going to qr as a captain...and they are getting a doj way quicker.

Mack Number 7th Sep 2013 22:47

Sorry for the late reply, I've been traveling. I was interviewed in February. Yes, DEC on 777. No "holding pool" or anything. It just took this long to tick all of the boxes. Had to make a special trip to DOH for the PAT test though. That was in March when they started that requirement for the interview.

hawk99 8th Sep 2013 05:37

Good luck MN

Ethiopia 9th Sep 2013 17:55


hawk99 10th Sep 2013 09:45

And still we wait.

hawk99 11th Sep 2013 14:28

any body who appeared for only ADAPT test in past 4-6 weeks ? got result ? how much time thy take to inform. tc

cccc 12th Sep 2013 14:13

Max age limit of FTSO
Hi all,

Just wanted to share this info with all the FTSO in the holding pool.
Apparently the max age limit for FTSO upon joining QR is 35.
I don't know what to think of this, as I passed the age of 35 when I did my assessment successfully as a FTSO.

Still no news.


iQatar 12th Sep 2013 14:49


The age limit is 40. Unless someone has changed it recently.

cccc 12th Sep 2013 16:18

It has changed...
I have an extract from OM-A...

In chapter Qualification Requirements - Flight Crew - it says:
below 35 years at the time of joining Qatar Airways

Too bad for me, because I was already 36 when I went to Doha last for the assessment. I have received all the updates so far. But I guess I will receive a mail which states that I am too old now.

I guess someone has changed recently. :(


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