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Yankee Sierra 8th Jul 2013 16:34

I now that some costarican who were fired from lacsa are RIGHT NOW in doha doing the assestment , I know from a friend that the costaricans were contacted before all the line of applicants , for sure qr airways is not so transparent as they are trying to figure , I have a lot of friends who are applying from more than a year ago and are not been called , very interesting all the costarican does not have any ATPL licence an are at doha !

FMSPEED 8th Jul 2013 19:05

Qatar only asks for ATPL frozen.:)

Capt Jack Rosen 8th Jul 2013 19:56

Why are you so concerned who gets interviewed or hired first? Any company in the world will do what it deems best for itself. So stop complaining about things that don't concern you. And by the way, Putting people's names on a public forum is not cool.:ugh::ugh:

Airmann 9th Jul 2013 02:14

Anytime a big group of pilots becomes unemployed QR will do their best to hire them and will place them in front of anyone else waiting to join, or even people who are in the company doing their training. e.g. ex Spanair, Bahrain Air pilots. When these companies went bankrupt their pilots were interviewed immediately and offered start dates ahead of those already waiting.

FLGHeavy 9th Jul 2013 02:39

Inno, check PM.

Ethiopia 9th Jul 2013 11:49

Seems to be standard email for those still in the pool. A bit of hope?

hawk99 9th Jul 2013 12:31

its all about "who knows CEO" or can approach him, like his friend (ex-Bahrain air) . he is able to get start dates of Bahrain air pilots ahead of all, they received joining dates for December.keep swimming

iQatar 9th Jul 2013 14:06


Seems to be standard email for those still in the pool. A bit of hope?
What email are you talking about?

Airb 9th Jul 2013 14:09

I can't find anything about FO salary in the website. Can anyone tell me how much a FO is making flying the A320/A330/A340/B777? tkx

simmatch 9th Jul 2013 14:31

Guys, just got an hour update email from "FD talent pool". Swimming since long! NTR F/O.
Can anyone shed some light? What it entails?

hawk99 9th Jul 2013 14:47

they are asking from NTR FOs who are swimming since 1st june 2012.before that ppl were lucky as QR had policy of giving straight away contracts with "you are successful" mail.so as they were kinda employees so no PAT for them like us. asking update from you guys is I guess good thing for NTRs.at least things have started to move ahead.good luck :ok:

richard III 9th Jul 2013 15:21

Y S:
I've seen a lot of BS posted in here....but publishing names? based on what somebody told you?, mate. the person you talk about should contact the unnamable airline lawyer....
besides the airlines hire whomever they deem fit.....yours will be the first candidates union in history

FLYABLE 10th Jul 2013 05:06

(S/O)Normal Track vs Fast Track
Does anyone know the requirement and general information for two different type of S/O?

What I know is that only Qatari Nationalities can apply for fast track.. that is all.

rainbow-wings 10th Jul 2013 16:32

yes I did , any good news from this?

cccc 10th Jul 2013 17:03

No update
Hi all,
I am in the pool since FEB 2012, as a FTSO. Only received updates from FD Talent pool. The last one I received was in March I think, since then nothing.
Hope will receive something soon, a DOJ would make my day. :)

hawk99 12th Jul 2013 16:47

787 on fire
Again delays in joining due 787 on fire ? Hope not

Airmann 13th Jul 2013 03:26

What I know is that only Qatari Nationalities can apply for fast track.. that is all.
Not true. I don't think there is a single Qatari Fast Track S/O in the entire airline. Fast Track is for those with low Turboprop or jet time that don't qualify for F/O but aren't like new graduates from flight school either. Most Fast Trackers are from Europe.

flyer19832007 14th Jul 2013 17:49

Qatar Airways Careers - Road Shows ?Qatar Airways Flight Deck Crew

Might get a few answers by attending one of these!

Inno 15th Jul 2013 09:50

Hi hawk99, did you received the request from FD talent to update your experience? That's happened few weeks ago for me...
For which position do you had applied?

hawk99 15th Jul 2013 09:57

Hi Inno. I am TR FO 320. I didn't get any request for hours update. just the PAT . they ask hours update only from NTR . cheers

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