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aviatoreboy 16th Dec 2012 22:59

Hi Guys!
Same situation Interview in march. Got the letter and was assigned FO A320 end of April
Talent pool letter end of july.
Have not heard from Qatar since. Guess some of us are not on the update list.
Think the pool might be quite big by now.

RK303 17th Dec 2012 02:26

I cant remember where Ive eared this information, but I think you have to consider that there is in fact two holding pools.

The real one is actually in Doha:Im talking about a significant amont of pilots whove been hired but had to wait many many months to even start their training while being paid. And for some of them who started, the training is conduct at a very slow rate with a huge amont of time between sim sessions. I guess this holding pool is the one to clear before they call you all.

woodman29 17th Dec 2012 02:48


I did not received any update since July.
Interview mid January;
good news in March;
Offer letter in May;
Pool since July.


geronimoapache 17th Dec 2012 07:53


even though the long wait is very frustrating, I believe the update letter posted here is very clear and positive. QR does want to honor its obligations towards all of those in the pool (the number of which is now well under 400 souls). As clearly stated, they will draw their requirements from the pool first and then only if they do not have the required people will they look outside.

As to those who have received this new update letter, it seems that at this point it is all poolies that have done their interviews from somewhere in april going forward. That would mean that those who have done their interview in march and before and have signed their Offer mostly in may, from what I understand, are imminently to receive their DofJ (and thus did not have to receive the update letter). Anyone can confirm this theory?

Tritzo 17th Dec 2012 09:06


- It seems correct that QR now wants to take people from the pool over people which they are going to interview in the future. Which is good news - and should be common sense in any case (I know ME is not famous for its common sense) . But as the recruitment process is anything but transparent, I am quite sure that something like Spanair/CTC/etc can happen anytime again.

- How do you know about the "well under 400" ? Or can you just confirm if its a reliable source and not rumour. If its true, things are looking up. Although we [on pprune] never really had hard numbers upon poolsize, waitlists etc. . Ranges were from 300-500, even 700 or 100 were in the discussion someplace.

- I guess there are still some more people in the pool that have done their interviews well before April. e.g. Im waiting since November - and I know for sure that Im not the only one. (NTSO is bottomlist priority though). As QR doesnt really have a seniority system, people are pulled rather randomly according to their current requirements. There are people that joined just 1 month after the good news email - and there is us [discussing about the subject for quite a while now]

- Some FOs have signed their contracts, got delayed, and never recieved any more updates - not even the talent pool emails.

For me the email was "nice to have" but thats about it.

... you will recieve a fleet allocation and offer of employment within the next 6 weeks (January '12)...

... the contract is going to come March/April '12...

... we are sorry to inform you that the SO programme is on hold, wait until May...

... you are very likely to start in June (although still no contract)...

... wait until July + now there is a talent pool...

... wait until November + you might consider other career options...

... wait until February '13

In case they really intend to call us, of course, Im happy. But I cannot count on them anymore, as I have done several important decisions upon the first promises - which they didnt keep. For anyone saying its my fault that I made the decision to rely on them in the first place -yes I know. The decision was mine and still is after all. But also I am used to trust someone, who gives me his word, especially if its a big company.

B752 17th Dec 2012 10:07

Upgrade time
Hello everyone

Does any one knows what is the upgrade time from 320 to 330 or Boeing.

Thank you


geronimoapache 17th Dec 2012 10:32


Totally agree with what you said. I think the same goes for most of us, made importent decisions that have not materialised so far. I also agree that if similar opportunity arises, or just an opportunity that will simply pay for your bills, then you should take it (from what we know now, since we are much wiser then a year ago). But I truly believe that the constellation is alligned at this point that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The number of poolies is from a very reliable source. Also, from that source, there is an actual order in the hiring. Of course there is a difference between cpt, FO, SO, but supposedly the order in which people were interviewed is roughly the order in which they are getting called. So if you have been waiting for a year now, there are not many I am sure that have been waiting more then that. And as I wrote before, the spanairs experience have been so bad that I believe it will not be the path of QR for a long time. Cheers.

supersonic75 17th Dec 2012 12:22

wannabe in the pool categories ??
@speedhold , im also just like you . interview march 2012 / offer signed - f.o - a320 may12 / talent pool june 12 and NOTHING since then . i just want to understand something ?? the pilots who signed the offer and placed in the pool didnt get any email from them since ( you are in the pool ) email ?? and the ones who didnt get & sign the offer got ( we will update you in nov ) and now they are receiveng the update emails ? im i right ?? anybody ?

Boeing777ER 17th Dec 2012 13:44


Im FTSO who made the screening on September and received good news 1 1/2 month ago.

I have not understand what they mean whith the following sentence:
"To give you some indication of our hiring trends for the coming 12 months, we will see an easing of the requirement for Second Officers, there is likely to be no further recruitment of Fast Track Second Officers, a reduced requirement also for First Officers and an increasing requirement for direct entry Captains"

Does it mean that they are not going to make more assesments for FTSO but they will call to the FTSO that are in the pool (even they have not received the DOJ) or that not further FTSO in the pool will receive the DOJ???

I hope for the first.

Thank a lot for the repliying.

jeanpaul172 17th Dec 2012 13:58

I think that sentence confuses most of us SO's in the pool. Most people on here tend to think positive (which is good) and believe that this sentence means there won't be any SO interviews in the coming year, but the SO's in the pool will be employed thoughout the next year. I try to think positive but I simply dont know. Lets say that the email leaves room for speculation..

Nieks 17th Dec 2012 14:11

Hey man,

I have also received my update. Indeed neither positive or negative. I am really not sure if this update brings good or bad news. I did my selection Jan 2012. No offer letter, no contract, no DOJ.
Trying to see things positive, but this whole delay is making it harder and harder.

take care, Maybe see you all in Doha soon.

iQatar 17th Dec 2012 14:44

Does it mean that they are not going to make more assesments for FTSO but they will call to the FTSO that are in the pool (even they have not received the DOJ) or that not further FTSO in the pool will receive the DOJ???
That is a very good question. I interview end of March. Good news received a few weeks after that. I don't care if I have to wait another 12 months if they tell me that Iam guaranteed the job.

geronimoapache 17th Dec 2012 15:06

@Boeing777ER, unfortunately I cannot give you a sure answer, I dont work in HR, just like others I merely try to put the pieces of info together from different sources to get a larger picture. As Jeanpaul172 suggests, the letter can in a sense leave room for some interpretation, but I dont think it was its purpose. I would deffinitely distinguish between hiring and recruitment, and also the intention to use people from the pool is clearly stated.

In your case though, I would rather use some logic. Why would anyone bother contacting you more then a year after the interview if he was not interested? Also, the hundreds of pilots needed still remain, no CTC can train them in such vast numbers to be ready anytime soon, so keep the faith. 2013 will be our year.

RK303 17th Dec 2012 16:04

Nevertheless Tritzo said last Dec 13th:

A friend just told me that he got invited for an interview as second officer (NTSO) next year. the application was sent way back in time.
Quite confusing hum? :rolleyes:

I don't know if it was intentional, but yes, this update sounds a smart way to feed people hopes without any garantee.

You guys are really strong:D. Hoping that your 1 or 1.5 year of waiting will pay off...

The game continue.

Tritzo 17th Dec 2012 17:54

True, thats also why I am quite sceptical right now. I see it the same as RK303. An update email that keeps us "happy" and calm.

nicab 17th Dec 2012 18:02


Just wondering if any Captains in the pool have recvd Nov update?

chrislikesblue 17th Dec 2012 19:20

''An update email that keeps us "happy" and calm. ''

I didnt really feel happy and calm,that email left me with no feeling after the first time I read it. Then I put more effort trying to understand it by reading every sentence carefully again and again and a feeling of confusion started to appear. After having read their explanations about their 'hiring trends' soooo many times I still dont understand if they guarantee employment for all the swimmers in the pool, and if they do what would be the expected timeframe.
Anyway lets keep a positive attitude and hope all of us stubborn swimmers will succeed. By the way one sentence I really dont like in that email is 'Dear applicant' ! That word makes me worry a bit as I dont consider myself an applicant. An applicant would be someone who wants to apply and is filling the application form now.

supersonic75 18th Dec 2012 05:09

did any one with a signed (offer) receive the ( end of nov update ) email ?? or it was sent only to the guys who dont have a signed offer ??

casablanca 18th Dec 2012 05:21

@ Niacab
I was selected as DEC back in April... no update since July!

Boeing777ER 18th Dec 2012 06:46

So,everybody understands that they are referring that they are not going to make more assesments to NEW FTSO, but the ones that are swimming in the holding pool are going to receive DOJ in the 12 following months, isn't it???

It would be incredible , in my point of view, that Qatar would tell us (to the FTSO) that doesnt need us with this kind of coolnes...I suppouse that at least, they would send a "sorry email".

Apart of this,I wouldn' t understand why they are not going to need more FTSO , but yes more NTSO and FO...

I think that the update, even being a little bit confusing, wants to calm everybody telling us they count on us.I agree that we are not applicants anymore, but i hope this is only a expressions.

This is what I think...Indeed I would like to Know the opinions of others FTSO, if possible.

Thanks a lot.

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