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MASTEMA 18th Feb 2013 03:08

If you don't like palm tree's and sandy beaches here, you can try the palm tree's and sandy beaches in Fiji.

A few commanders from Doha and EK have gone their recently.

Not much pay though, A330 Check Captain- $8K AUD per month, no super or any other paid benefits and no sick leave or annual leave. :sad:

datdude 18th Feb 2013 14:59

Disagreeable, please point to a single word or sentence from my short two sentence post that you think insults, harrasses or criticizes you as you imply from the highlighted excerpts below. Your response to my otherwise harmless post was unexpected and I can in all honesty say it was meant in jest but it's apparent comedy is not my strongest suit.
I am mostly a silent observer on these forums and I enjoy the read over putting my feelings and opinions forth. With that said, I will revert to my preferred method of participation or lack there of. Fly safe fellas and always keep the shiny side up.

If you dont like what I say (and I admit its harsh at times), your entitled to that, but PilotofDoha and Datdude bare in mind Doha and Qatar Airways is a small place , so you better think twice about the insults and harrasment you give.

. @datdude and PilotofDoha:
before you openly criticise...... Please read below.

Boeing007 18th Feb 2013 15:31

Having read and followed the posts of Disagreeable, I can't do anything else then agree with most things he says. However, I also find it impressive where and how he finds the time to be so active on this forum as a current member of the QR flightdeck team. I have lost contact with quite a bunch of guys that are so extremely busy out there that even a Skype call with the family has to be planned weeks in front.

captain.weird 18th Feb 2013 19:19

Someone who heard something about the (cadet) pilot programme between QR and CTC?

The Nemesis 19th Feb 2013 02:06

Ah Mastema, I see you have moved from the DG & P forum to this one to vent again about the T & C's of FJ ( inaccurate as they are ):=

Looks like the rumor around the karva hut is correct.

Sour Grapes:{:{

MASTEMA 19th Feb 2013 04:58

No sour grapes and no axe to grind, just stating facts from the IAC website.

I suspect that Jaba might be a mod nowadays because everytime FIJI is mentioned the post is immediately deleted.

Anyway, Inshallah

QatarAirway 19th Feb 2013 14:45


Not sure about their contract with CTC, but seems like CTC have a contract with my roster lately.
It's all I been seeing the past few months.. :E

Gncy 19th Feb 2013 16:38

Hi guys, just to share one of my day with you. Something you could be interested in if you want to join. It's only my opinion of course, you need to make your own.

The other day I went to the office for my flight, I always arrive in the room 2 hours before the ETD. The official reporting time is 1h15min before. This time I couldn't find easily a parking spot and did two times the full cycle (not just in front of Hardees, all the way back to the Mc Donalds and return to the parking behind the Hardees, the loop inside and then the technical building...). Two times! Usually I always find in the first minutes. This time I found on the third attempt in front of Hardees and it took me exactly 35min more than usual (you start to feel them when you lose your margin) and I was quick.

Then I tried to maintain the only printer available and failed. When someone could have a look and couldn't manage as well, he declared her U/S. I had hope because it partially worked so I wasted more time than I usually would have. 20 minutes to get my documents printed and I didn't take a break.

Luckily we were parked in the stand A and were in the aircraft 45min before, on time, we didn't have to rush any procedure. Considering the time to go there through the immigration and the security (which is simplified to the maximum here) and find a bus; you have a good idea of the time we had to check about the notams, TAF, flight plan, etc..
And if we both came 1h15min before...

Is QR responsible about the traffic jam and lack of space available? No.
However they didn't take any measure to try to solve this problem, like in Asia where the companies organise a pick up for the pilots. They don't do it for the same reasons that they don't hire more people to print the flight plans. Saving at any cost as the British say... even if you lose money on this (in my opinion, when I see how many pilots leave every year).

Am I trying to start a union and saying that I shouldn't have to print my own flight plan? No I have no problem to do that, even changing the toner and charging the paper tray of the printer. If my contract says that it is my job as a pilot, then so be it.

I am just saying: sometimes I spend much more time with such kind of things than actually preparing my flight and I don't think it is safe. I don't think it should be like that in a five star airline.

migair54 20th Feb 2013 06:12

hello mate...

I think they are not investing to solve things like the parking because they still think NDIA is about to open... :}

However its a shame this you are telling about the printing of the documents and all... but I with I could have this problems and not the really serious and sometimes dangerous problems i have where im flying...


Thank you for taking your time to write here and keep giving us updates, even if the news you give us are not always good...

Gncy 20th Feb 2013 14:30

Sure, you are absolutely right. Printer problems is nothing compared to what you can see in some part of the world.
I flew myself in some of these places and I don't forget where do I come from.

I just want the company to keep this higher standard.
And I have, and will always have,:) the silly idea that saying the truth can improve the situation. If pilots agree about the fact that we should have the time to prepare our flight, and if one day they belong to the management of this company, maybe they will want to do something about it.

I am not saying that the ones in charge now don't do anything. I also want them to know that I am not the only one to think like that. I don't have the feeling this is a place where you can freely report a problem, the non-blaming policy looks good on the paper but... Internet seems to be a way.

Hell, if everybody always say that everything is fine (like in this interview after the first six months of flights), well without the ballbreakers like me the new office might be exactly the same.;)

CLOUD999 20th Feb 2013 15:18

Aptitude test
Does anybody have any information as to what is involved in the aptitude test on day 1 of assessment? How best to prepare or practice ?
I have lots of information about about the sim and tech exam and interview but nothing about the aptitude test.

salamalikum2 20th Feb 2013 17:09


the 5 stars rating you mentioned is not related to cockpit crew service but to first and business class passenger service..only.!:rolleyes:
Ek is not a five stars airline but they do provide transportation for crew....
( If I can compare QR and EK..):rolleyes:
But I do agree if Qr can not provide adequate parking for crew to come to work, then they have to provide transportation.

SIDS N STARS 22nd Feb 2013 07:11

What have the T's & C's of a contract job with Air Pacific in Fiji have to do with Joining Qatar Airways?

transport jock 22nd Feb 2013 07:22

Was thinking the same thing.. If u wanna moan like little kids (read professional pilots) then take it to pm's please...

salamalikum2 22nd Feb 2013 09:22

Have heard that R.N. has resigned (again) from QR...
Rumor or reality..?

CLOUD999 22nd Feb 2013 17:54

Aptitude tests
No answer from my last post so Il try again. Has anybody taken the aptitude tests for QR selection?
Are the results of the aptitude tests taken in isolation to decide if candidates get through to the next stage eg company interview, tech exam and sim?
Anybody who has been through the process recently who has any info - it would be appreciated.

speedhold 22nd Feb 2013 20:55

there is only a written test 50 questions multiply choice pass that interview pass that sim thats how it was for me direct entry FO

speedhold 22nd Feb 2013 20:56

Any word on DOJ for Non type Direct entry F/O for A320

CAT1 22nd Feb 2013 22:59

Aptitude tests
The aptitude test has only just been introduced, for new joiners and existing pilots upgrading or being considered for training. I've not met anyone who has done it yet.

Paper Lad 23rd Feb 2013 04:25

The new aptitude testing is being run by a UK company called Symbiotics LTD and will apply to all new joiners, fleet transfers, command upgrades and poeple joining the training dept.

It seems to consist of an 'on line' personality question test (about 250 of them) followed by a non technical panel interview and then a computer based assessment.

The interview is about how you got into flying/general career questions followed by questions based around a senario that you will have been provided with at a prior date.

The computer based tests are, verbal reasoning, maths, sequence and shape recognition and finally a pseudo flight.

It all takes about 4 hours.

Thats all info that I have and it may not be entirely accurate as it is all so new.


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