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postern 23rd May 2012 13:55

Out of interest, does anyone know of anyone who has been allocated a start date in the last 2 weeks????

The 2-3 weeks they state on the contract confirmation reply has been (like the 6 weeks for contract and 3 weeks for pass/fail) a complete work of fiction.

It seems when they issue contracts and start dates they do a few at the same time. There has been no mention of a start date from anyone for sometime...

Tibor090 23rd May 2012 18:50

I submitted my application Dec. 15
Invitation to interview Jan. 30
Interview Feb. 14
They called at me at home Feb. 19 to ask if I would consider the airline side as I had applied for the corporate fleet.
Good news email Mar. 11
Offer letter Apr. 9
Received email saying they received my signed offer Apr.14 saying they would get back to me with a start date in 2-3 weeks.

I sent an email May 8 requesting an update but haven't received a response....

upwhereIbelong 23rd May 2012 20:02

patience is the key....

Cant believe i say this ,but its true ...


atpcliff 23rd May 2012 21:19

Employer stamps are fine As far as I have been told
The American FAA, and all American employers, do NOT stamp any licenses or logbooks. They don't even know what that means. Some airlines/CAA organizations do not realize that "stamping" is not done at all in the US.

I got my FAA license validated in the way posted above, and I got documentation (signed letters, or official forms), from my past aviation organizations to verify my flight time and experience.


Check Airman 23rd May 2012 21:59

Is there an application number associated with the QR app? I submitted my app, but can't find a number. Just wanting to make sure I didn't miss it anywhere.

Tibor090 24th May 2012 17:00

Just spoke with my joining coordinator this morning, same as above, they are behind, hopefully start date emails in the next week or 2. But sounds like no start dates before august or september, though she kinda started backtracking on that, so I'm not sure she was supposed to say that. She mentioned something about higher time people being priority right now, so I'm guessing that means DEC's

rain dance maggie 24th May 2012 21:11

@ Tibor
What is your fleet allocation ? Also I ' m wondering what was your target joining date ?
Be patient...

Samolin 25th May 2012 05:05

My DOJ is June 10 and starting my travel on June 6th. Sent them all the paperwork and docs that were required before travel, but havn't heard anything back about tickets or cargo arrangements.

Its the weekend there now, so I will call/email my coordinator on Sunday to find out more, but in the mean time...

Does anyone know when I get that info (about Cargo arrangements) and travel tickets for myself and the family?

Thanks for the response in advance. F/O A320 if anyone is interested, interviewed in Late December.

Gregling 25th May 2012 08:05

Hey mate, just a qestion. When you mean "they are behind, hopefully start date emails in the next week or 2", are you talking about YOUR new start date ? Or does it mean that things are moving on and they might call everyone in the next 3-4 weeks ?

Tibor090 25th May 2012 15:08

@ rain dance maggie

was told 320 fleet, and date of join I submitted was July 23 as I had vacation booked and paid for July 1-14 and once you join you cant leave the country for 4-8 weeks due to the processing of your resident visa.

@ gregling it sounded like for everyone they would start sending out start dates

off_spring 25th May 2012 21:45

still no response after interview in the middle of January :zzz:

victor75 25th May 2012 22:12

Are you sure that they will send starting date for everyone in 2 weeks?

Iver 26th May 2012 01:02

Any predictions on when we will start to hear about 787 FO newhires? August/September?

Probably hear about a lot more in 2013 as the fleet ramps up. I had heard that 5 are expected in 2012 and in 2013 you can expect one new 787 every 3.5 weeks for the next 4 years...:ok:

Cat3BNoDH 26th May 2012 10:24

What I've heard in February, during the selection program, was that the first 10 or so aircraft will be filled with crews coming from the 777 to set up the fleet with TRI's, TRE's and experienced wide body pilots. Then a mix from 320 upgrades and new joiners... But that was on February and things change fast at QR!!!

Nice landings

inner 26th May 2012 15:25

I just saw on ppjn.com that qatar highly prefers typerated guys for the ftso. Thats the reason why others and i dont hear anything of them.

wingsflaps 27th May 2012 08:47

FTSO for A320
Hi All,
I know it repeating a question previously asked. But I applied online last month, April 2012, for Fast Track Second Officer on A320. I do meet the minimum requirements of course. Anyone has a clue how long the process might take to get called for this category, and if not even considered, do they send a rejection email? :ugh:

Gregling 27th May 2012 11:20

It seems that they closed the assessment process until further notice, to be able to let people who have been waiting for a long time to get in.

FL123 27th May 2012 11:29


It seems that they closed the assessment process until further notice, to be able to let people who have been waiting for a long time to get in.
That could be the reason, but unless you are a Captain or a TRI, then things could be different. Also heard due to lots of A320 pilots taken in -- rosters for A320 getting better!!:D

and if not even considered, do they send a rejection email?

FL123 27th May 2012 12:07


i know the bad news comes first. but in how many days/weeks? so that after that time period i know that im safe...
Frankly speaking there is no certain standard time. But as per the past -- If you pass the first 2 weeks without a mail (after the assessment), then things are hopefully good for you.
Good LUCK!!:ok:

Stick35 27th May 2012 13:56

Did they really stop the hiring proces? I dont know what to expect. I applied in dec and so far never got reply. Shall i consider this then as "not interested"?????

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