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cccc 10th Dec 2012 16:36

Hi All,
Update? Which update? :(
Interview in Feb 12.
Pass mail received Mar 12.
Holding pool mail received in Oct 12 that I will receive an update the end of Nov 12.
Since then nothing.
Applied as FTSO.

ironbutt57 10th Dec 2012 16:42

Passed as Captain, no update either

iQatar 12th Dec 2012 06:36

The advert for DEC captains has been taken off the QR website.

Tritzo 12th Dec 2012 06:47

Today was the original planned date (after delay) to open the new Qatar International Airport. 12/12/2012

Does anybody currently in Doha have any updates on the project?

For anyone else waiting: Still no Nov. update yet. And by now, I truefully doubt anything positive will come after this.

jeanpaul172 12th Dec 2012 07:29

From what I heard NDIA is scheduled to open around june 2013.

I hope we do get an update and also one that is tailored to the position we applied for. Regarding the NTSO position some of us applied for,I haven't heard anything positive lately. Seems like they are taking in only Qatari's / Arabs or family members of qatar airways staff. This will probably be at the expense of those in the pool.

supersonic75 13th Dec 2012 06:00

nothing but little hope

i dont think what you said about them taking Qatari/arab pilots is true . Im from one of the GCC countries and ive been waiting ( in the pool ) just like you , i got nothing from them yet :bored:
interview march 12
offer signed (a320 - non type rated f.o ) may 12 / total 2000 hours 1700 jet .
i cant remember the ( pool email ) date but i never got ( we will give you update on nov ) email . anyway im still swimming and really getting more scared now since im approaching the ( 12 months limits ) :confused:
wishing a very Good luck for everybody

Tritzo 13th Dec 2012 07:35

A friend just told me that he got invited for an interview as second officer (NTSO) next year. the application was sent way back in time.

I dont understand, as we havent got any news update on november... are they just gonna kick us all out and let go over the 1 years notice and invite new ones???

cccc 13th Dec 2012 08:29

It looks like that's the case.

jeanpaul172 13th Dec 2012 08:42

@ Supersonic, frankly I believe you have nothing to worry about. People with the offer signed will start to get called before anyone else. In fact, it is already happening. About the 1 year limit, it still is a very vague rumour.
I too have heard of this 'rule' but no one has ever been officially able to confirm it. Some people say this rule obeys people to be in before one year after their assesment date, others have been told this 1 year starts after receiving the good news. There are also people (even inside QR recruitement) who totally deny the existence of this rule. The truth remains unclear.

For the NTSO position, for which some of us participating on the forum have applied, I do believe a selection based on nationality is being made. I doubt that this also holds for the FTSO position and I'm sure it's not applicable to FO's and CAPTS. Fact is that Qatari nationals are preferred (which is understandable). Also family members of Qatar Airways staff will be preferred. That is what I believe, but than again it's mainly applicable to the NTSO position.

Tritzo, your friend being invited for a NTSO interview is suprising.
Or your friend has close ties with Qatar, family, living in the Gulf region? Or they plan on taking on us SO's all together by early spring next year (also a rumour that I have heard). Another fact is that Qatar has recently held recruitment days in Tunesia. I can confirm this since one of my close friends attented the interview. There were about 80!! cadets from which 20 are likely to get hired. When my friend asked the recruiters when (if they got hired) they were scheduled to join they told him, as from April 2013 onwards. My friend has not received the results yet.

Hope this is some helpful information.

Goodluck!! And let's stay positive.

Tritzo 13th Dec 2012 08:54

No, its a guy from asia not qatari. he got denied once before even getting a date, then reapplied and many months later (now) got an invitation for NTSO. no experience or anything. for people in the pool it feels like a punch in the face.

80-87 13th Dec 2012 09:23

Training department is in such a mess at the moment. Sure, they have many of pilots in 'the pool' but there is a shortage of TRIs to train on all fleets with the EIS of the B787. No planning. The appearance is that everything is going smooth..it isn't..

The attrition rate is so high that they can't train to replace the ones who are escaping and going elsewhere. That leaves little capacity to train for the fleet increase. Furthermore; the intake of the unfortunate group from Spain and their inability to pass the testing, really upset the planning.

SAS-A321 13th Dec 2012 09:32

Hopefully this ad is not for QR!

Airbus 320 First Officers (Middle East)

jeanpaul172 13th Dec 2012 09:40

One more thing
The only reason I can imagine for them to apply the '1 year rule' and kick us out of the holding pool after one year is because their selection program was too easy and they plan on revising it for new candidates. I can't think of any other rational explanation. I can hardly remember any individual on this forum that got a negative answer after his interview. Especially in the batch of NTSO's I was in last year the selection day seemed more like a formality. This is in total contrast to other major airlines where rigorous selection programs are being held.

Does anyone know if they keep our results? Do they rank us according to our interview results, do we have our own file in which our performance at the interview is written?

iQatar 13th Dec 2012 09:48

What do you mean the selection process where to easy? You wrote a test, a panel interview snd a sim assesment. Box standard interview.

What else did you want, pschycometric testing, a medical and a group excercise?

Tritzo 13th Dec 2012 10:27

The medical is done in doha as well. After your joining process.
I know a couple of guys who failed the simulator as NTSO (although flying A320 raw data patterns with a malifunction that day wasnt that difficult if you prepare for it and just plan ahead a bit). But they can see how you handle the situation and evaluate well.

I guess the simulator is - as like many companies - a chance for the training captains to get to know you and to see your work performance. They know you are probably not rated on the specific type. (Sim-ranges are from 320, 330, 777 to 787 in the assessment)

In my opinion group exercises dont tell more than a good sim evaluation.
A simulator assessment can put you in any kind of situation and see how you deal with it. Workload management, stress, flying skills, practical system knowledge, CRM, decision making - all of that can be checked much better on a simulator screening.

The group assessments or psychological interviews are rather a platform for psychologists to judge you, but most of the time, the psychologists themselves have issues.
And most of them dont even fly. So they are judging you upon theory, mixed with fictive situations.

Its one thing if some training captain dont wants you in a company, as he doesnt wanna fly next to you. I could totally understand that if the critique is constructive.

But if a psychologist told you whether youre good or bad (most probably you have just previously proven him wrong in the simulator) - in my opinion its just some kind of new fashion.

They had great pilots in the last decades and most of them wouldn't pass a serious psychology test at the time being, if the company is not hiring much.

It is only another stage for a company to adapt the flow of applicants to their requirements. I can understand computertests that check some of your -trainable- hardskills, like memory, selective/and focussed attention, reaction, psychomotorics etc.

@SAS: Most probably this job offer is for Qatar Airways, hence the given emailaddress involves CTC Aviation, which is QRs new low hour pilot source it seems. (Careful RUMOUR: 20 cadets joined in April?? or so and had overgone the regular recruitment process just like the spanair guys and just like soon the tunesian ones) It seems Qatar has no requirement on the pool people anymore. Everything has to go fast.

Comm 13th Dec 2012 10:36

Currently swimming as a fast track SO-

Info from recruitment at Qatar ( but not flight deck recruitment)

via email so it's confirmed that I won't get called forward until at least April.

Its a changing picture as well apparently.

Comm 13th Dec 2012 10:38

to clarify email was to third party about me- ive seen the email and its 100% genuine.

zburatorul1977 13th Dec 2012 10:43

Can you be more specific about the mail that you receive.Did you write them,asking about the joining date?
And then they reply you.

cccc 13th Dec 2012 11:04

A lot can happen between now and April. It looks like QR is changing their requirements is it goes. By the time April arrives, QR will say something else...
It's still not a guarantee you will be called to join QR.
I'm also swimming as a FTSO, but I think it's time to move on...
Someone has warned us for this, so we can't say we didn't know.

ND16 13th Dec 2012 11:28

It's time to move away, unfortunately.
Bye bye Middle East
Qatar Airways awards Future Pilot Supply Contract to CTC Aviation | CTC Wings
Good luck to those who were believing in the promise land.
Bad wake up. :{

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