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TripleCOP 6th Dec 2012 06:06

Wrong Title
Dear PilotofDoha

To call me a liar is a cheek, apparently your have the best connection inside QR.

I was directly in contact with HR and explained my situation.

They replied with the comments in my previous post.

I could be a different situation in my case, but I have to agree that I used the wrong title.

If you have so good connection inside QR! Why you giving no more details about what happen inside.

Everybody wich have applied looking forward for a new job or like me wants to go more westerly.

It is very hard to decide to stay 3 more years in Asia or wait for a unsure time frame to get the offer from QR. A CDR Rating and Position is not all in my life, my life is my family and my friendships.

Best regards

RK303 6th Dec 2012 10:30

@ Disagreeable
No need to be so Disagreeable :)

Donít get me wrong Sir, this is not for me but for the SOís in the pool still waiting for news so Iím absolutely not asking for help here. All Iím saying is that it should be a good thing if SOís currently in Doha come here to DIRECTLY report their feelings and life experience . I believe it will add weight to what youíre saying regarding the frustration you stated in their case, do you agree? Otherwise because you're currently working for QR I respect your point of view like everyone here, so donít feel insulted.


two of my friend did it, one they didnt accept him and the other one is still waiting for his good news mail
Which position your friends applied for?

speedhold 8th Dec 2012 02:25

@ saam 85
Did.u apply as direct entry fo or so. Did u get the contract while u were waiting.

80-87 8th Dec 2012 03:52

These A330 freighters will be replacements when they park the two A300s. Net 1 new aircraft. There is an optional 4th.

jeanpaul172 8th Dec 2012 06:10

Saam, does this mean they are cancelling your application? Does this holds for all of us NTSO's?

jeanpaul172 8th Dec 2012 06:15

Saam, the quote you posted is very concerning. Can you be more specific or post the WHOLE email? Did they tell you to wait longer or are they cancelling your application? I hope you can answer that question..

FL123 8th Dec 2012 06:31

@saam 85

" ...as we have been unable to obtain the necessary approvals for you to start employment in Qatar Airways. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause."
A very diplomatic statement! :hmm:

jeanpaul172 8th Dec 2012 08:32

Hey man,

Did they stated a reason for this? :(

Im afraid this is going to happen to all of us NTSO's that have no connections inside Qatar / don't have clear ties with the country.. Why did they have us come and asses, and than sent us off?

Whats happening :S

Phil Squares 8th Dec 2012 10:45

Hopefully, this question will not get buried or lost in the ongoing discussions.

Just wondering if anyone has any info on where the new-joiners are being put up for the 6 weeks? I had heard the Oryx was being used as well as other locations.

Also, any other survival tips for the first few days????

Thanks in advance.

PS feel free to send PM if you would rather do that.

RK303 8th Dec 2012 11:05

I told you guys, youíre playing the loteryÖ Do prepare seriously your plan B.

Sorry to hear whatís happened to you Saam but that is a clear sign to all other NTSO waiting. It seems that the interview is just one step of the selection process, and do not guarantee that you will join.

Im afraid this is going to happen to all of us NTSO's that have no connections inside Qatar / don't have clear ties with the country.. Why did they have us come and asses, and than sent us off?
I do believe thatís the case. As I stated before someone in the QR HR informed me only about this criteria when he checked my file.
In the other hand, since Disagreeable mentioned the new SOís contract, I have the impression that for one NTSO to survive in Doha with basically ďno knowledge of the country and no money incomeĒ youíll need a local family member or good connection to support and monitor your evolution in QR.

Iím not sure about that, but it make sense to me. Any idea?

CadetPilot 8th Dec 2012 12:40

So sorry to hear SAM.
Cannot imagine how it feels but I do hope something else comes along the way for you man.
Is there a chance they had an issue preparing a work visa for you?
Not sure where you're from but maybe they have some issues with the country.
Just an assumption.
All the best.

GgW 8th Dec 2012 12:58

QR don't need to employ NTSO's because they get them from CTC. Partially type rated aswell. Remember the 18 that started in May 2012.:mad:

jeanpaul172 8th Dec 2012 13:18

If Qatar doesn't need us, than they shouldnt have called and assesed us. The process we NTSO's are involved in has takes more than 1,5 years for some of us (application, invitation, interview etc). They assesed us in big numbers throughout november, december 2011 and january, february 2012. It would be a bloody shame if those guys patiently waiting would be thrown out with no explanation. Yet, it seems to be happening already.

Twinotterguy 8th Dec 2012 16:07

Guys I did the interview for NTSO and all last year but the same old story, had to wait forever for the results, didnt hear anything from them till now.... fortunately I got a nice opportunity on the other side of the lake in the UAE so I had to move on. Good luck for those who waiting but remember dont just depend on this, if you get another opportunity whatever it is go for it.

OXOGEKAS340 8th Dec 2012 21:00

Any info available for captain's accommodation provided?

jeanpaul172 9th Dec 2012 16:31

Anyone got 'the update' already?

speedhold 9th Dec 2012 20:42

Nope no info what so ever ......

Comm 10th Dec 2012 08:50

No news- still awaiting end of Nov update........

Smoothflight 10th Dec 2012 15:33

Interview in June 2012. Never received congrats letter. Received pool e-mail right away. I guess I passed. Now waiting for Nov. update. Currently employed B737-300 and 400 series. Applied as FO.

ND16 10th Dec 2012 16:34

Update talent pool mail
Hello to all desperate swimmers,
Interview in May 2012
No congrats mail.
Put in the [email protected] pool in August
Still no news at all:ugh:
Applied for F/O position
9700TT on Heavy turboprop, full ATPL
bored with this too long waiting

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