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checkthisout 4th Jan 2013 23:28

Pilot of Doha, no offense, but youre making a joke of yourself.
I know its a country based on religion, but keep religion out of contracts.

People around the world not coming from islamic coutries are used to take a contract for each other as word and a promise on both sides. In case one does not keep his contract, there is a possibility to go into court to cover your loss because of the situation. In many countries that are still developing, I say Qatar is still one of them, contracts are changed according to the need of the contractor just because he likes to do so. No unions allowed, no lawyers, no civil rights.

Still all this is not supposed to be negative, its just being realistic.

Lets say it drastically (I really hope no one does that) - if someone sells all his belongings back home to move to Doha and to buy an appartment there, all based on a signed contract, and then the company does not adhere to the contract (we call you later, and later, and later) - well, that guy is screwed. Financially, maybe personally with family life, who knows.
Its just an example after all.

Maybe that guy took a loan based on the contract or quit his previous job after he SIGNED with qatar airways. And we know that several FO have signed a contract before. Not an offer of employment. A contract.

But that guy will NEVER get any refunds for the expenses he got caused by the delay, ultimately caused by absolute inability of planning ahead.

In most places in the middle east a contract is not worth the paper it is printed on. If you talk for a foreigners side. For locals its different. Ive seen people reasoning it with the Quran: Youre allowed to lie to the misbelieving if it benefits you. Great. Thats all the proof we need.

I think the ME can be a great place to work. But unfortunately there are too many incompetent people in high positions that keep every piece of power and information to themselves.

Personally, I think disagreeable is right. He doesnt have any benefits on telling us his point of view. Of course it is good to be positive all the time. But also I have to admit that many things sound very familiar. I too know some people in Qatar that told me similar in confidence. Also, I have heard positive news as well on every side.

And concerning the low hour pilots <2500h TT: I know that initially Capt. Alkhayat tried everything he could to get competent proffessionals into the company. The new Capt Miller actually told people to "screw themselves" and "try again the next life".

As this is a rumours network, everyone can post whatever he likes. In my point of view - I am being rather negative on the outcome of 2013 after what I have heard 1st and 2nd handedly. And I still know many people working there. In HR, Flightcrew(cockpit and cabin), recruitment, operations... As a matter of fact, many people resigned in December, others regularely jumpship, some change over accross the lake, many get terminated. The new airport is "about" to open and there are many aircraft on order. Yes. For the long term, Qatar Airways needs Pilots.

But looking at the beginning of the post reminds me how fast things can change and according to the information I have at hand, it might be very likely that those waiting for a long time already, might be kicked out of the pool. What did the "november update" say? ease of SO, seizement of FO... hm well. that leaves us with DEC, just as they are looking for on all the recruitment platforms.
I guess Qatar couldnt have figured that earlier - or rather invite DEC in the pool. Or maybe UPGRADE some SFO that are waiting for their upgrade since months/years.

Information policy is just as screwed as the rest. Often they just forgot about things and then they pretend it never happend. And my guess is, that someone at Qatar had an initial plan, left, and now the new recruitment is puzzeled with what was intended and created this pool thing. Without seniority or transparicy.

Again, dont get me wrong, I like Qatar Airways, Doha, and most of the people there. But so many things are screwed up. And to be honest, I guess most foreigners there wouldnt work in the desert with that much of misleading information, if they really had a well paid job offer on good aircraft back home. And the reason why aviation in the middle east gets bigger and bigger is among many reasons, the big subvention of the airlines by state, ultimately by oil/gas. If there werent any of it, people would most likely not come. This is just being realistic.

To close this, also I would come, because it is well paid for good and hard work. If it would be that easy, I guess everybody would be happy. But it aint.

Black Pudding 5th Jan 2013 05:34

Like I said before

What the rule is today may not be the rule tomorrow

What the plan is today may not be the plan tomorrow

If you don't like it, please do something about it. One thing for sure, whilst you are here, don't bother complaining to me or other pilots, we are not interested. There is nothing you can do about it apart from put up with it or leave.

And by the way, many are happy here, they just don't come on here telling you that. Many are grateful to have a job here especially those that have landed this as their first job on a large jet getting paid well. If you think its bad here, then go elsewhere will you as I don't want to be flying with you. I don't want to spend hours listening to you. It is what it is, man up and deal with it or go away please. If you manage to get through the first 12-18 months, you will be fine.

Some of the posting on here make some people look like spoilt immature brats. Do us all a favour, if you have something to post of useful information with facts, please go ahead, but posting someone has been fired, dismissed for no reason, your talking shite. The is a reason for everything, although I will be honest, some people have bad luck.

As for all those who are in the hold pool, I do feel for you. I do hope you all get the call sooner or later and look forward to you comeong to Qatar.


You have no rights here, so smile and be positive and hope for the best. If you piss people off here, no one will help you.

One last thing, dont believe most of what is written on here. Its by many who are just guessing or have had their arse kicked here

ADY 5th Jan 2013 07:07

Does any one know what is the future for those who have applied with the old procedure the last few months but they have not been invited for interview?

cccc 5th Jan 2013 07:19

My source about the 15 FTSO comes from an A330 captain who is also in the recruitment. And this is being confirmed by jeanpaul.
I know that the last mail from QR said that all manpower will be taken from the holding pool.
Why I don't trust them? Based on the following facts:
Interview: February 2012
Pass mail: March 2012 (This mail stated that it would take not more than 6 weeks to get an approval for the offer of employment)
Between March and October: called them a few times... their answer: please wait for next e-mail.
Mail received about next update in Nov 2012: October 2012
Mail received about next update in February 2013: December 2012
What is next? A mail in February which will say that there will be another mail update in xxxx?
As a lot of other guys/girls: I've waiting a long time...

checkthisout 5th Jan 2013 08:09

Black Pudding, Im not being negative at most, just being realistic.

You said it yourself:

"What the rule is today may not be the rule tomorrow

What the plan is today may not be the plan tomorrow"

Of course, if I had a job with Qatar AND already be checked out (so it is up to me to be fired and not up to random terminations) Id be happy and thankful as well.

But until now, I guess I am not the only one who Qatar brought grief. Thats all I am saying. Or do you honestly and uprightly think that everything they "planned" with the holding pool last year will be achieved?
Also, there is no denial that they break contracts and that many people are being put into very ungrateful situations because of that. As I said, its just plotting the realistic situation.
On the other side I know many people happy to fly for Qatar. Yes, it seems to happen as well.

But be honest with yourself - if you really really had a well paid job offer on a big aircraft back home or somewhere else than middle east, you probably not be in doha. In contra, of course I would be happy to have a job there as well, as I dont have - like most people here - another choice.

"You have no rights here, so smile and be positive and hope for the best"

Your quote sums it up pretty well. :ok:

jeanpaul172 5th Jan 2013 08:16

Hold pool
It's difficult to fully move on to something else with Qatar still in the back of our heads. For us (FT) SO's I do fear. Still it looks like they keep us in the pool for whatever reason. My view is that they just dont want to take the time to personally inform us we are not being expected this year (and probably not in the coming years as well) I know a few guys in the pool for NTSO who are well over the age limit of 30, still receiving pool updates!! These guys are still waiting, hoping only to be most probably told they are over the age limit once someone really looks at their file before spending the offer.

Black Pudding 5th Jan 2013 08:42

But be honest with yourself - if you really really had a well paid job offer on a big aircraft back home or somewhere else than middle east, you probably not be in doha. In contra, of course I would be happy to have a job there as well, as I dont have - like most people here - another choice.
You tell me where all the jobs are that I will earn as much as I earn now flying well maintained machines and not pressurised into doing something I should not be doing. Yes the rosters are hard, but I could hand my notice in, leave in 90 days and be unemployed.

I would rather be here than many places in the world. There is a lot of ex pats here all in the same boat and lots and lots of nice people. Its a safe place to be. Everyone speaks English. Most signs are in English. The job is secure unless you mess up and chances are, if you hold your hands up and admit you have done wrong, you wont get fired. Do something stupid and well, that's your own fault.

Do the job, smile, go home, how difficult can that be.

As for yourself, I don't understand ? are you here in Doha waiting to train or in the hold pool ?

If you're in the hold pool, remember, you don't have a job until you turn up here on day 1

As for breaking contracts, its their train set and they can and will do what they want. Many came in 2010 to go on the 777 and after waiting a few months for training, got switched to the 330 and 320 fleet. Never mind, life goes on and may of been a blessing in disguise.

Wear your hat and jacket buttoned up when your suppose to, be stable at 1000 feet (1500 to be on the safe side) and remember to flare.

You're only as good as the last flight you have done and its not over until the park brake is set and the doors are open.

If you're in the hold pool, you should keep looking and not have all your eggs in one basket.

Boeing777ER 5th Jan 2013 10:09

Holding pool
That's ok.
We should not have all the eggs in one basket.I dont do either.
But i cant understand why everybody thinks we are going not to be hired.
As I said, I have a friend FTSO that received the good news Mail a couple of days ago after the Nov update...why should they send it if they are not going to take him into account?

cccc 5th Jan 2013 10:54

I don't know why they do things as they do.
I will believe it when I'm in Doha,starting the training.

Why would they terminate the training of FTSO? Did they screw up or was it something else?

Boeing777ER 5th Jan 2013 10:58

I dont understand what you mean.

disagreeable 5th Jan 2013 12:14

Dear Not a pilotofdoha
You have done nothing in the above recent post other than to prove you're a managment plant, and if not, a complete imbecile.

You call me a racist, but then you email me about all the Indians nationalities screwing up your chances of getting hired. Your a selfish hypocritical fool.

Multiple attempts via PM to get me to meet you, and multiple attempts to try to link anything i say to being negative/wrong or being many logins. :ugh:
If i am so wrong, where are the massive numbers of people being hired? many on this forum waiting.
Why do a lot of people leave to go across the pond??
Why are the many poor SOs not being communicated to about why they are sitting around for 12+ months waiting for training??
Why are the hold pool people left guessing?
Want me to continue?

You cannot even prove me wrong, because what i say is correct because its reality, it may be a harsh reality, andyou may not like it, but it is what many see here.

If u can provide any relevant information to this thread then do so, you seem to boast a lot about your contacts in QR but PilotofDoha you fail to give anything of substance.

All i can say to you is there may be a reason your not hired yet, and praying wont fix that.

Never contact me again.

AVIATION REFUGEE 5th Jan 2013 14:47

I was ready to go to Doha, a few days ago, as DEC on 777....
Changed my mind two days before travel. Prefer to stay with present employer.
Q.A. is not the paradise for aviators. Specially when there is no commuting.
Extremely upset, when I received the ticket, in economy, rather b.c.
I suposed to be a captain on 777....not a bagger...Not a good impression.
Anyway, this is my opinion, right or not (time will indicate), to leave those folks in Doha, alone, without my presence.
Good luck for all of you, trying to enter this airline. :ok:

BDD 5th Jan 2013 14:58

WOW!!!! Turn down a potential job because of not getting a business class ticket. I guess you have a good job, and don't have to trouble yourself. Must be nice!! Anyway, leave the job for someone wow really wants it.
By the way, they always give everyone an economy ticket. They upgrade you at the airport.


South Prince 5th Jan 2013 15:05

wow,wow,wow!! Thanks "refugee". It was an economy booking but travelled First Class!!! wow wow wow.

Tritzo 5th Jan 2013 16:21

Well, maybe if this happens often enough people will start being treated differently/accordingly.

AVIATION REFUGEE 5th Jan 2013 18:00

bdd, south prince, if you like this kind of treatment , then run behind them....
Personally after 35 years in the cockpit, i don't like this kind of treatment.
Ending, my present job is very good, and i have to deal with persons who
are generous and cool.
And this job was founded, when waiting for Q.A. to give me a joining date...

upwhereIbelong 5th Jan 2013 18:21

Believe me , my impression is that as a captain you treated very nice here.
The rest , I keep myself out of the discussion.
Cannot complain ,and enjoy the ride .
I just know the feelin of a lot here .

Just my 50 cents....



RK303 7th Jan 2013 06:13


Because they have interviewed u does not mean your automatically in! Especially if your an NTSO!
If you get asked for reinterview then thats the way it is. And it seems to be a good chance of that happening for some. Also it will be a different hiring process so no walk in the park if it happens. And based on the previous hiring/fail rates it may be needed??
Can you give more details? Do you mean all NTSO waiting their Feb update are going to be reinterview before any DOJ?? If not, who are those concerned by what you said and why for some? What is the new process?

Just for curiosity, we’ve seen NTSO sent to the A330 fleet, did it happen for the 777 fleet? If not, does somebody know why the difference?

P.S:To NTSOs, maybe not a bad idea to get a A320 type rating while you’re waiting to put yourself at the same level of CTC’s or Tunisian guys already type-rated?

CLOUD999 7th Jan 2013 16:20

Could somebody give any indication of how long it normally takes to get a reply from DEC application for interview date? How much notive is then given for interview?
Is this done by phone or email?

scruff 7th Jan 2013 17:03

Response from application for an interview is approximately within a few months and your given about a 4 -6 weeks notice for the interview.Very rough guide only.All done by email.

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