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onitl 3rd Apr 2015 15:29

I applied feb , status incomplete had to re upload full licence copy ...... The wait continues ... NTR fo position

FMSPEED 3rd Apr 2015 15:48

Same here, status stll says new! hopping to get the PSA soon, and get invited to the interview.

Flyboy_SG 4th Apr 2015 06:32

I applied on 25th march, got PSA invite in a week. Awaiting interview call now.

I wonder for what fleet are they hiring now under NTR FO.


donpizmeov2 5th Apr 2015 12:36

Get your logbook stamped, have a copy of latest LPC/OPC and LineChk, get a declaration of the hours from the office and renew you 1st class JAR-FCL medical. It should be enough both for P1s and the infamous P2s.

Avenger 5th Apr 2015 14:51

You should contact your license authority ( state of issue) as you must now comply with PART FCL to get the EASA conversion. The issuing state will also need your medical records and thus you will need an EASA Part MED compliant certificate. If your 777 type rating was completed outside the EU you may be asked for a copy of the training records/ program. The Examiner that signed the LPC must also be approved by the EASA state. All acceptable means of compliance can be found on EASA website but you should get the exact requirements from your authority. Under EASA you may only have one " state of licence issue" so not sure how that will work if you are flying on a QR licence unless you are maybe flying on your JAR licence with " validation" from QR.

FMSPEED 5th Apr 2015 17:32

anyone else got status change ? from new to under review ? regarding the NTR FO job.

Guru8904 5th Apr 2015 18:42

I applied for FO NTR on Feb 10 and the status is "under review" since Mar 31.

onitl 5th Apr 2015 19:34

Let's brief as they work from Sunday to thur so should see changes in status soon I guess .... Still incomplete..... Let's see wat thur evening holds it seems that's when responses flow...... Just my observation :cool:

Aviator3858 6th Apr 2015 04:14

Interview results
Hi guys,
Had my interview on the 18 th and 19 th March, it's more than 2 weeks, waiting for the results still, anyone can give me updates.... Thanks.:)

ADY 6th Apr 2015 07:24


no news good news. Usually the rejection is coming in 3-5 days. So they try to find the dates for your training and they will inform you. What was the senario of your sim assessment?

Aviator3858 6th Apr 2015 08:24

Sim was pretty straightforward, I went to Bahrain, i was expecting some kind of emergency, which I didn't get,I was on A320, type rated, he switched off my a/p and A/t . And made me do ILS. Before that there was wx avoidance while taking off from Doha, thereafter a TACAS event. A v1 cut in Bahrain. And landing after that, no automation.
When I was P2 in the other leg, he gave my colleague medical emergency, which we both handled well, then same profile, no TACAS.
That's all. No debriefing... All the best.

dieana 6th Apr 2015 12:05

Any idea when will be re-open Captain NTR 787? or B777?
Hi guys.

I applied to B777 captain NTR and B787 Captain NTR, but they told me that nowadays those position are on hold but they didnīt say anything about the re-open time. Has anyone heard or has any information about that?


Kirks gusset 6th Apr 2015 12:24

Yes, according to the website NTR DEC must have 2000 hrs WIDE BODY, there was an erroneous ad kicking around stating command on 737 NG would suffice.. not the case and all the guys whom applied via this route I know were told FO only positions and expect " fast track" after 2000 as FO on type. Some Boeing PSPs we met in LA also confirmed they had no DECs that were not wide body experienced. Very little training capacity, since the PSPs went so expect delays.

DXman 6th Apr 2015 12:38

Joining the fun! Recently applied for the NTR FO position...

Status is now "Under Review".


FMSPEED 6th Apr 2015 13:39

applied back a few months...status still says new..anyone else got the same status ?

Boeinglad 6th Apr 2015 16:45

DEC 787
I have some friends with only B737 hours now attending the type rating for B787 and they are DEC!

PayJay 6th Apr 2015 20:00

atp questions
who's got the ATPL questions they ask on the technical test they have???

thanks.. already ahead..:ok:

Yoching 7th Apr 2015 16:01

Second officer recruitment
Hey guys !
I recently attended a Second officer interview and got the good news 1 month ago , however they placed me on hold .
Do you have any idea about the Second officers recruitment now in Qatar airways ? expected time before an offer letter and a joining date ? anybody in the same situation ?:}

FL123 7th Apr 2015 18:49

The induction is going on, but at a slow pace.
Could be long.
forget about anyone here..... Even the HR wont give you an approx time/date. There are good amount of SOs in the hold pool.

STUDENT PILOT 001 7th Apr 2015 23:58

Originally Posted by FMSPEED (Post 8913022)
studentpilot, are you applying for the NTR FO position? when did you apply?

yeah.... F/O. I applied through the CTC/Qatar Cadet Program and have been accepted into Phase 1. I'm now waiting to book a date for Phase 2 then travel to the UK for the programme.

I hope I scale through!

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