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Airmann 3rd Aug 2012 15:00

Everyone here is completely missing the point.

Before the "talent pool" email you would pass the interview, or sign the contract and wait 7 months - 1 year with no contact from QR. During which you will come on PPrune and rant and rave for the duration, after which you receive a joining date, and post about how great an opportunity this is and tell everyone else to have patience.

The difference now is that you wait 7 months - 1 year except that you now recieve an email which says that you are in a "talent pool". During which you will come on PPrune and rant and rave for the duration, after which you receive a joining date, and post about how great an opportunity this is and tell everyone else to have patience.

Hello! NOTHING has changed, the only difference is that they send you an email after you pass the interview and tell you that you are in a talent pool, the difference between now and one year ago is nothing except for the email. Everything else is still the same. Someone at recruitment just took the file for pilots waiting to join and typed "Talent Pool" on the top line, highlighted it, made it bold and chose size 16. And there you have your talent pool.

av8tordude 3rd Aug 2012 16:05

I know its frustrating to wait for an answer (whether good or bad), but would you rather QR tell you they are not interested in hiring you? Ranting will not make the process move any faster. While QR have multiple training locations, keep in mind QR is not the only airline using those facilities:=.

You should also be aware, if you are on the A320 fleet (NTR), you will have 2-3 months wait before you start your type rating training. And even after you return from your training, line training is backed up as well. So it may be as much as 6 months before you are release from the training department after joining date(assuming you don't have any problems).

So if you don't have the patience now, then you need to reconsider your decision to coming her. There will be many other frustrating things you will experience here once you get here...I promise you!:ok: My advice...sit back, rub your ear lobes and say "Whoo Saghhh!!"

If you have a job and are in the talent pool, consider yourself fortunate as I know many people who aren't so fortunate wish they could find a job. If you don't have a job, why are you putting all your eggs into QR basket or waiting by the computer as if there is no tomorrow? QR is not the only airline that is hiring. There are many carriers around the world who are hiring.

For those who are in the talent pool, one email a month to inquire about your joining status should be ample enough to keep you up to date. Anything more will only put your name at the bottom of the call list (or maybe no call at all).

Good luck:ok:

SAS-A321 3rd Aug 2012 17:04

Ironbutt57 and Airmann:

What you maybe don't realise is that at least one of the A320 sims in ARN is approved by QCAA!
I agree with what others think, that it is actually lack of TRI, that is the case, but maybe you know better.

Airmann 3rd Aug 2012 18:22

SAS-A321: fair enough, but the sim is not the only thing holding up training and joining, there's the organizational requirement for joining, i.e. coordination with HR and with Immigration etc. So thats the first limit. Then there's line training to contend with as well. There's no point QR hiring tons of people only for there to be another bottle neck between the TR and Line Training due to a lack of TRI/TREs ahem.

ironbutt57 3rd Aug 2012 20:23

With approximately 3.4 sim sessions per day just for recurrent training for existing QR pilots alone, and new hire intake, I suspect all aspects of training is probably operating at max or more capacity...

Tibor090 4th Aug 2012 03:17


I don't agree with you. If their intent was to place us in a talent pool for up to a year they wouldn't ask you to sign back a contract with only a 6 day limit and ask for what your notice period at your current company. Not to mention, verbatim, "we will get back to you in 2-3 weeks with a join date". Now 4 months and 3 non personalized emails later....nada.

Airmann 4th Aug 2012 10:18

Sorry mate, I wasn't aware of that, I was under the impression that it was only people who passed the interview that were given the Talent pool email not people who had already signed contracts.

Black Pudding 4th Aug 2012 13:16

You have not got a job until you turn up on day 1. I suggest you remember that and not have all your eggs in one basket.

OXOGEKAS340 4th Aug 2012 15:40

Even as active and current on 340/330, I have being offered a 777 as DEC , with a nice 50k bonding.....Are they reading our cv's, or just they want to block us there for at least 3 years, when the bonding diminishes? If someone wishes to leave QR, before the 3 year period, he must nicely submit a bank check of 50 k $!...
What about if you where kicked out....?:ugh:

Black Pudding 4th Aug 2012 18:39

You have wide body time, they need you on the 777, its as simple as that

Black Pudding 4th Aug 2012 18:39

And don't believe half the crap on here, you would have to do something really stupid to get kicked out

OXOGEKAS340 4th Aug 2012 19:00

Thks BP for the info. My concern is, IF I want to leave Qatar earlier than the contract mentioned minimum time, what's up with the bond.....and " kicked out" I was meaning, what if they kick you out, is the bond still waiting for you in the corner, or is it a good opportunity to leave them without paying all this unbelievable amount.....
My friend, after 32 years in aviation, and moe than 20k hours, specialy on airbus, it will be hard for me, to start from the beginning.......Anyway, thanks or the info, will think about it. Have safe flights, my friend!:ok:

av8tordude 4th Aug 2012 22:58

If you get type-rated on an aircraft, you are bonded for 3-years. If you leave, you owe the bond. If you are terminated, you do not owe the bond.

While the latter may conjuror up some ideas, but unfortunately, the Training Manager at all the training facilities have been instructed not to release the records to the trainee or create documentation that will allow them to apply their new type-rating onto their original certificate because QR has been screwed by pilots getting their type-rating and purposely doing things to get terminated.

jayjay340 4th Aug 2012 23:57

Does Qatar choose which aircraft your using for the sim assessment, or you have an option to choose?

OXOGEKAS340 5th Aug 2012 01:11

This is not my idea.....to get a tr and leave them in the middle of the contract!
My concern is if you get busted by the AME, or if you get depressed in Doha....and you want to terminate, what's up?
As you mentioned, they are not releasing doc's in order to apply for the tr in your certificate , so what's the reason of the bond! Of course if this is the case then they must give you all documentation in order to endorse this type in your license.

b767flyer 5th Aug 2012 02:50

Qr bond.
If you want to leave before the end of your bond, you'll be charged proportionally depending on the time left to finish your bond.


Iver 5th Aug 2012 03:05

Go get a 777 type rating, get coveted 777 experience and expand your cultural horizons in Doha and the Middle East. Don't view it as a challenge - view it as an opportunity. IMHO, three years will fly by....... No job is perfect - so, set your expectations appropriately - don't expect perfect!

I'd do it - but that is just me and I don't know your context. :}

Good luck! :ok:

OXOGEKAS340 5th Aug 2012 09:43

Thank you all for the info! I have some time to think about it! Safe landings to all of you!

upwhereIbelong 5th Aug 2012 13:30

So what is now the Deal ...

Myself and some others already recieved the Letter of employment ,which in my eyes is the will to employ us under circumstances which are a) till d) if I can recap by memory ...
So ,we are now in the pool ...whats the announcement to those who just recieved a "yes ,u passed selection " and got in the Pool ?
any difference ?

I know u dont have a contract till day 1 ,but honestly didnt all you guys already flying there accept this and also put "all eggs oin one basket"?

How long was your timeline ...any delys ..any changes you can see ?


av8tordude 5th Aug 2012 14:35

Originally Posted by upwhereIbelong
I know u dont have a contract till day 1 ,but honestly didnt all you guys already flying there accept this and also put "all eggs oin one basket"?

Absolutely NOT!!!! := I had applied to airlines in the USA (which I'm still in a pool with one airline), Qatar, UAE and China. Of course I would rather stay in my home country, but my options we limited until those old geezers retire. Although Emirates was my second choice (USA being the first), I haven't heard from them. China was my last choice, if I didn't hear from Qatar. I was fortunate to get hired and it took 8 months from app to training.

My advice is to have patience and don't put all your eggs into one basket. You don't have a job until you show up for up for training. You will be greatly disappointed if QR decides they don't need all those a/c's they have on order. :eek: :ugh:

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