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MAVERICK42 24th Jul 2012 18:22

Hi all.
Does anybody know if QA has a PICUS program for those FTSO or FO who does not meet the 250 hrs PIC required by the regulations to pass the FULL ATPL exam?

I'm 3000 TT with 2750 on ATR42/72 turboprop and I was hired as just after complete my flying school training so I ONLY HAVE 100 hrs PIC.

Thank you for your answers.


tony2F 24th Jul 2012 18:52

QCAR-FCL 1.280 - Experience and Crediting
(See QCAR-FCL 1.050(a)(3))
(a) An applicant for an ATPL(A) shall have completed as a pilot of aeroplanes at least 1500 hours of flight time (see also QCAR-FCL 1.050(a)(3)). Of the 1500 hours flight time, up to 100 hours of flight time may have been completed in FS and FNPT of which a maximum of 25 hours may have been completed in FNPT, including at least:
(2) (i)
(iii) (3)
(4) (5)
500 hours in multi-pilot operations on aeroplanes type certificated in accordance with the QCAR[/EASA-CS]/FAR–25 Transport category or the QCAR[EASA- CS]/FAR–23 Commuter category, or BCAR or AIR 2051;
500 hours as pilot-in-command under supervision; or 250 hours either as pilot-in-command; Or
250 hours made up by at least 70 hours as pilot-in-command and the necessary additional flight time as pilot-in command under supervision;]
200 hours of cross-country flight time of which at least 100 hours shall be as pilot-in-command or as [ ][pilot in command] under [ ]supervision [ ];
75 hours of instrument time of which not more than 30 hours may be instrument ground time; and
100 hours of night flight as pilot-in-command or as co-pilot.
1-G-1 Amendment Q06/07

MAVERICK42 24th Jul 2012 21:03

Thank you for these precisions Tony, seems to be the one I had.

I was just wondering, if I join QR, would I be able to accomplish those 150 (PIC) hrs I miss by an internal PICUS program in order to pass the FULL ATPL exam to be "upgradable" when the time comes?

tony2F 24th Jul 2012 21:49

Hey mav, if you have 2750 on the ATR don't you have 500 picus? The requirements are either/or not both, hope that helps

Homo Ludens 24th Jul 2012 21:50

I don't know about 'overcrewing' on the wideboby fleets...
I'm on T7 and have been borderline to 900 hrs (870 to 890) for the last 365 days 6 months running.
How are those captains flying 500 hrs? Menagement? TRI/TRE?
And the first batch going to 787 is from our fleet. And 8 more T777s are still to come to QR.
Check your info and do the math more carefully, please.

MAVERICK42 24th Jul 2012 23:27

Thank you Tony, I've flown this 2750 hrs as a F/O, I had a line training consisting of F/O SOP wiches are running in my company so I cannot ( French CAA said ) consider any 100 either 500 hours on those 2750 as PICUS time.
They said PICUS flight time: provided that the method of supervision is
acceptable to the competent authority, a co-pilot may log as
PIC flight time flown as PICUS when all the duties and
functions of PIC on that flight were carried out in such a way
that the intervention of the PIC in the interest of safety was not required.

But in my company there was not any PICUS program with a method of supervision acceptable to the competent authority since two months ago.
Another problem now, the airline said : nobody can access this program without considering the seniority list and a captain upgrade program, meaning for me 10 years waiting at its best...so I will not wait I want to leave and I'm interested in QR.

That's why I was wondering if QR has an internal PICUS time as it seems that they used to hire Frozen ATPL profiles.

Airmann 25th Jul 2012 05:05

I know of some French pilots at QR logging PICUS time, they just get the commander to sgn off their logbook when they are PIC on the sector. Most CAAs will accept PICUS time from major airlines. If I'm not mistaken Canadian authorities accept PICUS time from any airline flying large jets, regardless of if the company has a special program in place or not.

MAVERICK42 25th Jul 2012 06:58

Thank you Airmann for this great overview.
I can find now that French CAA still the one with "self made" problems.

victor75 25th Jul 2012 10:00

No one could answer my previous post please guys?

Iver 25th Jul 2012 12:36


I do not live in Qatar, but I posted this video from Youtube a months ago about living in Qatar (from the perspective of expats). Doha seems quite cosmopolitan and in "growth mode" for western-type jobs as the economy continues to expand. I won't get into the Doha vs. Dubai or Abu Dhabi debates which I am sure will resurface. No place is perfect. See the link below:

Black Pudding 25th Jul 2012 16:15

Victor 75

Have you passed selection and do you have a start date ? PM me

aviator_88 25th Jul 2012 17:53

hey guys,

I did try to search for the answer in previous posts but couldn't find any. Anyway, a friend of mine is interested if there is a holing pool in Qatar as it is in Emirates??
Also, for those who pass the interview, how much do you wait to start the training??


ironbutt57 25th Jul 2012 19:01

There is a QR "FD Talent Pool"...if you are successful at the interview, depending on your qualifications, you may be placed into this pool until which time they are able to accommodate you....

ronburgandy 26th Jul 2012 13:42

Do any golfers in Doha know if Qatar Airways pilots get any form of discount deal at Doha Golf Club, either on green fees or membership? It seems to be Qatar Airways have a lot to do with sponsoring the Qatar Masters so it would seem possible there may be a deal in place for QA staff.
Also, what are the best Hotel Clubs to join for family to enjoy the pool, tennis, gym etc? I had heard the Ritz Carlton do a discount for Qatar Airways staff?
Any information greatly received.
Whilst I'm still waiting a DOJ (contract signed in April), I fill my time daydreaming what I'm going to do with my limited time off once I hopefully arrive.
Many thanks.

jibba_jabba 26th Jul 2012 14:15

a simple email to the golf club would answer your question.

Discounts are a plenty but not everywhere. you have a webpage on the portal (once again, when you get here) that will give you a good list of discounts etc.

all the rest of that stuff you will discover reasonably easily when you get here.

broompusher 26th Jul 2012 21:22

Ron Burgundy,

I brought a new set of clubs with me when I joined last year. I still haven't made it to the golf course. On your minimal time off you'll end up catching up on sleep.


victor75 27th Jul 2012 08:01

Thanks guy for the answers!
Do you have the roster of a NTSO on A330?
They said that it's impossible to leave qatar for the first 6 month but is it realy imposssible?

ironbutt57 27th Jul 2012 11:45

Hey guys! Is there a chance to get the T7 position with 1500h total time with 1000 in the B737? Would like to apply as First Officer.

Suggestion....go to the website, answer the preliminary questions accurately, it it lets you apply, then you probably have just as good a chance as any others....

jeanpaul172 27th Jul 2012 12:20

FD Holding Pool
Dear all,

I have been following this thread for quite some time, but this is the first time I post something on here.
I graduated from flight school in 2010 and was very lucky to be invited to an assessment with QR in January 2012.
Four months later I got the congratulations e-mail stating that I had to wait for 6 weeks max for the contract, than, about 2 months later I (just like most/all of you guys still waiting for their contracts) received the Talent Pool e-mail.
Now I am eagerly waiting for the promised update and I a m full of questions.
I know that Emirates also has a holding pool, candidates are picked randomly from this pool and the rumour is that after one year of ‘swimming’ one has to re-apply or else their application is not being considered anymore. I also know that Qatar has a similar rule: max 1 year between interview and date of joining. Is there a chance we need to re-apply/ our application is not being considered anymore if we don’t get picked out of the ‘Pool of Talent’ before that 1 year expires?
Besides that is there anyone who has some inside info about the operational requirement? It seems like all applications are on hold at the moment (no contracts send out anymore and also recruitment has slowed down) , any idea when this will open up again?
Let’s hope the end of July update will be here soon..

Goodluck to all, salut!

Stick35 27th Jul 2012 16:53

Hi jean paul,

Welcome on pprune. I also applied with QR, but so far never got a phone call. Never knew the real reason. Anyway, i kept on following this thread and i must say, i can draw 1 conclusion about QR: this company is always full, but full of surprises and tricks. In the past, now and probably as well in the future. I would not stare on this talent pool. So yes, in 1 year they might delete this holding pool, but you can also get a phonecall. If i were you, continue with your life and looking for another flying job. Dont reject other offers because QR might call you!!!! Thats a problem for later. Take what you can get and future will tell.

Good luck.

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