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Tritzo 1st Aug 2012 12:15

there is still a lot of delay because some of the spanair guys screwed up. no further details available (rumours are that because of their bad english and lack of good training quality they have to redo the complete TR instead of just getting some standardization)

jeanpaul172 1st Aug 2012 12:37

Tritzo, how did you get this information?
Do you know about how long the delay is?
Thanks for at least some info!!

casablanca 1st Aug 2012 17:44

It seems so far that everyone who has received an email in July has been slotted for the A320 fleet? Has anyone hired on the Boeing fleet heard any news.
I have a colleague who interviewed in April and is starting this week as 777 Fo.
It does not seem to be as backed up on that aircraft; at least for FOs.

HS8V 1st Aug 2012 22:06

Hey guys how long after you applied did it take to hear anything from Qatar?

supersonic75 1st Aug 2012 23:46

@ MALAK , no my friend im not a320 type rated . i signed an offer of employment as a320 f.o and now im on the ( talent pool )
wishing good luck for everybody

dash8pilotCanada 2nd Aug 2012 00:43

Talent Pool
Seems alot of posts from FO/SFO, rated and non rated for the 320 getting
put in the talent pool.

Anynews on DEC (Rated and Non Rated) Captains for the 320 being thrown into the talent pool?

ironbutt57 2nd Aug 2012 04:34

The issue is most probably simulator availability......as in most airlines..

SAS-A321 2nd Aug 2012 09:29

There are two A320 simulators available in OAA - Stockholm, so I doubt it is due to lack of simulators.

flyforfood1 2nd Aug 2012 11:25

I think it's more down to a shortage of trainers, they are all working flat out.

parahawk 3rd Aug 2012 03:26

I applied earlier this year and the only response I got was that they got my resume. Nothing after that. I am not sure why-A few of the FO's I have flown with in the past at my regional in the States have been hired with half my experience. Shortly after I applied my family life changed drastically with a divorce happening-so my wife and kids would not be joining me for sure. I was happy not to have to deal with any decisions on an opportunity overseas but now that the divorce is almost done and the regional I work for is a sinking ship I want options as I still have a house to pay for and have to pay support for my kids. I still have not heard anything-and I am thinking about reapplying. I guess my only concern is the rumors about the body mass index. I am about 15 pounds heavier than I was when I was in the army and at the time I was 25% BMI-could this be holding me back from Qatar and/or Emirates?

Saam-85 3rd Aug 2012 04:32


Hopefully you will get what you want and just to let you know, in Qatar Airways, they do not really care about your BMI because i know pilots way heavier than what they shouold be. I am not sure about Emirates though.


casablanca 3rd Aug 2012 05:54


Emirates has BMI requirement
I dont remember hearing about BMI at Qatar....and i have witnessed some that are surely pushing the limit if there is one.
I dont know if it lets you re-apply....I think it might if you use a different email.
It is defnitely worth a try, especially if you have waited about 6 months.
I applied and never had any response so later I applied through an agency(no longer doing screening for Qatar) and got an invite pretty soon afterwards.

ironbutt57 3rd Aug 2012 07:13

There are two A320 simulators available in OAA - Stockholm, so I don't buy the "lack of simulators", as an excuse.

Think about how many they have hired and need training, then also the amount of recurrent training necessary, then go have a look at your two(WOW:confused:) simulators you are speaking about...then rethink your words...:ugh:

Andrexxx 3rd Aug 2012 07:53

...maybe I'm wrong, but I think they have a really good Training Center in Doha equipped with FFS (B777, B787, A320, A330); if the crew member is not type rated, they use Airbus Training center in France or others JAR approved spread in Europe for the whole training (OOA in LHR, Cockpit4U, etc.) : it's difficult for me to believe that they are delaying the hiring process due to the lack of simulators !!! Maybe the real problem it's TRE/TRI shortage; Anyway it should be easier to upgrade couple of Pilots to TRI or examiner (it shouldn't take so long time) in order to make training using all the FFS available in the world :ugh: ; for recurrent training purposes they could also send some First Officer anywhere to get the SFI rating.... whatever, I think that put pilots in this f..!.X.K:..ng pool waiting so long could deal QR to be desperately looking for pilots in the near future : they should really care about these people... just my two cent.....:rolleyes:

ironbutt57 3rd Aug 2012 09:55

Yes, one of each...hardly enough to cope..all airlines here short of sim availability, one sim here isn't even plugged in yet, and it's already booked for the forseeable future...as are the others operating 24/7....sim availability is a big issue with all Gulf carriers...trust me...not the sole reason, but a major one...

Airmann 3rd Aug 2012 11:36

QR is using sim centers in:

and more that I probably don't know of.

What you don't realize is that in order for QR to send people abroad the Qatar CAA has to first visit the center and approve its use. Secondly, QR have to ensure that the quality of training at those centers is at an acceptable level, and finally the QCAA have to approve the TRI and TREs at that center if they are not QR personnel, i.e. if they don't have QCAA licenses.
So its not as straightforward as saying, such and such a sim is free, why don't QR use it?

ironbutt57 3rd Aug 2012 13:00

My point exactly.....

upwhereIbelong 3rd Aug 2012 14:06

">Git-R-Done !!!<:ok:

pampa1 3rd Aug 2012 15:37

Rosters A320 Captains
Hello everybody! Does anybody knows how the present roster pattern look like for the A320 Captains? I am evaluating to join and bring the family with me.

Tks bye bye:)

upwhereIbelong 3rd Aug 2012 15:47

man Im getting annoyed now by this ongoing recruitment when u have so many in this fr****in pool:
I even hear that guys with 100 hrs jet get called if they can come on short notice to join for 330...

Is anyone from upper Management reading whats out in the net ?
My fellow other FoS which had signed the letter of employment now back in pool with all together ...wheres the sense in that ..or is tthat pool now only for people which had a signed letter and the others are in the open sea ???

Whats goin on ...where will it end ...a email sorry we have now kingfisher and air india and air france guys which are qualified so thanks for holing bye bye ...

I dunno ...im really upset ...good theres Mr Morgan and the Captain

Cheers UP:=

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