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flying apple 11th Aug 2012 09:59

i got the interview in February and my pass email was the same as the holding pool email

SUK 11th Aug 2012 14:28

In the same boat as u.
Interview in march and pass email in may indicating formal offer and fleet allocation in no more than 2 weeks.now it's 3 months+ and nothing.No pool nor update.

crjflyer12 11th Aug 2012 22:35

Is Qatar (QR) still interviewing?
I submitted my application about 2 months ago to Qatar Airways and still waiting for an email/phone call/etc. Are they still interviewing? Wonder when the last interview was accomplished.

Saam-85 12th Aug 2012 02:07

Any July, August interviews!?
G-day all,

Just wanna know if there has been anyone through the interview process any time from July till now... If anyone did his/her interview in either July or August, please let us know. I have seen only one post from PilotofDoha who did his interview early July...

As far as I've heard, there hasn't been any interviews going on lately. Just wanna know if it's true or not.

Safe landings all :ok:

Machfive 12th Aug 2012 06:47

I have a friend waiting for SO training for the last 3 months post induction.There has been a hold on hiring for the last couple of months. Mainly due to the large number of inductees from Spanair on the 320 and a backlog of SO training.

bradders147 12th Aug 2012 08:00

July interview
I had an interview on the 4th of July applied for FO position just been put in the holding pool and an update in November expected! I am not expecting a start date until summer next year as I guess I will be right at the bottom of the talent pool.

salamalikum2 12th Aug 2012 09:50

Have been told there are 400+ pilots in the holding pool..waiting for a joining date!
So surely the key word must be : patience!:uhoh:

Hamid_27 12th Aug 2012 15:37

Hi All,

Anyone got a DOJ for early December? Got mine a month ago.

PM Me :ok:


overclock25 12th Aug 2012 20:46

I will try again
Guys, anybody knows something about near and future positions as Second Officer at QR?

Am I eligible with these requirements?

more than 1000hrs most of them in a single turboprop airplane and almost 2000 TO/landings?

thanks a lot

Global01 12th Aug 2012 21:50

talent pool
QR is trying to liquidate a % of pilots from the list since they have no space for the moment until 2013... They are expecting a large number of Auto-layoffs ...lol

Ive heard from a good source that NOV update guys are considered for 2013.

Good luck to every one !!

iQatar 12th Aug 2012 22:08

They are expecting a large number of Auto-layoffs
What's a auto-layoff?

Global01 12th Aug 2012 22:21

talent pool
hehehe i meant drop downs !!! since it was mentioned on the EMAIL ;)

RK303 13th Aug 2012 09:55

and the italian airline Windjet (mainly A320 fleet) ceased operations yesterday bankruptcy announced..."holding pool"...ready for further delays?:rolleyes:

salamalikum2 13th Aug 2012 12:11

Having said that RK..QR is NOT the only airline recruiting 320 pilots.
Only here in the gulf you already have 4 options fort those jobless pilots;QR,AA,EY,EK...:)

luvly jubbly 13th Aug 2012 12:23

What makes you think than any airline bankruptcy would mean further delays for the hold pool?

Spanair went bust because Qatar Airways cancelled their plans to buy the company. There was obviously some agreements in place to take their pilots.

Rgds LJ

ironbutt57 13th Aug 2012 12:34

Spanair went bust because Qatar Airways cancelled their plans to buy the company.

Spanair went bust because it was in financial ruin..QR decided it was not a wise investment, so they declined.....

upwhereIbelong 13th Aug 2012 15:34

all that swimming
guess I lost some weight doin all this Pool thing ....:}:}:}

Seriously ,need a Job ,now !!!

luvly jubbly 13th Aug 2012 21:04

Qatar were in talks to buy the failing company. They didn't go ahead so the company went bust.

Spanair leaves passengers stranded after going bust

In those talks there may have been an agreement to interview the workforce.
Seems thier hold pool is pretty full now, so I doubt Qatar will be doing more interviewing in the near future.

still posting on PPrune since 1999, despite the morons they let on these days....

bradders147 14th Aug 2012 16:41

Qatar or flydubai
I am in the talent pool for Qatar told i will get an update in November! I have also passed the assessment for flydubai and will have a start date before Christmas. what does everyone think i should do? I am very keen on the long haul fleet but i think flydubai would be better on the short haul :confused:

flying apple 14th Aug 2012 20:33

Personally i have to say go to flydubai.
But that is only so there is someone less in the talent pool :E

I have no idea about the conditions and and the flying at flydubai so i won't be of any help

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