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loc22550 3rd May 2013 07:46

According what I have in my staff travel, yes they can use ZED ticket.
You don't have to list your mother in law and father in law now,you can do it any time later on.HR will only approve it after you submit a copy of the passport( of the family member) and wife's birth certificate( for you parent in law).

mmorel 3rd May 2013 18:00

thanks loc22550,So for adding the family members(brother and sister) Do I also need to get a birth certificate ,(copy of the passport is only show detail of the person and it can not proof that it is my sister except the family name column),Do I need to bring a copy of their passport with me to doha?


leeroy 4th May 2013 12:45

Hi all I have a DOJ at the end of the year 2013 DEC A320. I was unable to retrieve the following info: What is the salary from DOJ until the end of line training?

Airmann 5th May 2013 19:01

Question regarding the "Eligible Family Members". How long does HR take to process the documents you submit before they allow you to issue tickets for them?

casablanca 6th May 2013 11:54

the basic salary for DEC is 31000 riyal. If you are not type rated, then you wil be bonded and 5000 Riyal per month deducted for 18 months. transportation allowance is 1500 Riyal. Most new hires have company housing vs the allowance right now. So basic pay is 32,500 or 27,500 depending on bond.

hawk99 6th May 2013 18:44

hi guys, anyone here who was interviewed in june 2012 , and like still awaiting any joining date ? cheers

BDD 6th May 2013 19:13

You get all the money you paid for the bond back after three years.


hawk99 6th May 2013 20:15

hi guys, today is my 1st day on this site. i wish i would have read all your comments earlier, so that i would have not expected joining date this year at least. i was interviewed in 1st week of june 2012, and since then only updates from talent pool for almost a year now.last one was 4 days back. im happy for guys who have received their joining dates. by any chance any one here who was interviewed in june 2012 ? cheers mates

iQatar 7th May 2013 08:54

Qatar Airways in talks with Airbus to buy 10-15 A330s
AAB is going to by more A330's to fill the gap with the 787 delay. here

Also an interesting article about Qatar's delivery schedule for the next 5 years. here

hawk99 7th May 2013 11:17

Hi . Well I forgot to mention, I applied as FO, type rated on 320, but no clue what's going on.i read people got contracts after 2 weeks of interview, I straight away got talent pool mails, what does this mean ?

ClearedToCrush 7th May 2013 11:19

Hawk99 did they offer you a DOJ? If yes it seems like they call people aproximately one year after their interview.

hawk99 7th May 2013 11:54

No buddy, no DOJ, just updates.thought being type rated 320 should have been an advantage, but nope.

KRUGERFLAP 7th May 2013 12:58

Guys I used to work in Qatar in the mid 2000īs and now i am interested to return as SFI. I will be very glad if a current pilot of QR could coment about the salary and benefits and about the selection process if possible.



gatbusdriver 7th May 2013 14:51

Just done the selection for DEC. We had an SFI in our group. The process was exactly the same as ours apart from some different questions from the Symbiotics crowd during the chat about AF447.

alex storm 7th May 2013 22:31

June 2012 selection
Hi! I did my interview in the first week of june 2012, I passed and I recived the update mail like the other gays, the last one in may. My position is FO B 767

Tritzo 7th May 2013 23:00

To the NTSO waiting out there:

If youre not from Qatars new MPL scheme, nor from CTC or their own QAC, forget it trying to get a DOJ anytime soon.

I passed my selection in Nov. 2011 and got an update that within 6 weeks I will get my offer of employment, fleet allocation, contract, etc. etc.

I know 100% from several sources that everything with the application file itself is okay. (no regulations from the goverment either, another company that would hire me for a different position, doesnt have any problems with resident permit etc.)

Since the first months of waiting, news got worse and worse from update to update.

Now I am still sitting in the talent pool, being told that there is no requirement for NTSO in 2013/14. At least not from anyone outside of their sponsored schemes. Since they rearranged the hiring process and they moved to a new building in Doha last year, they tend to prefer outside candidates over the ones they screened themselves in 2011/12/13. No logic there.

I know, market for low pilots is tough these days.
Back home, about 4 solid regional airlines went bankrupt the last year(s). No chance of flying general aviation, as typerated captains will fly for first officer salaries. Even bush pilot jobs with small single engined cessnas in africa take more than 500 hours. Time to move on! I got lucky and have another awesome job now, I wish everyone waiting that long without having alternatives the chances.

Any questions per PN only.
Happy landings to all of you and good luck!

from BG2CT 8th May 2013 10:46

Myself and a few other guys i know interviewed in the beginning of May 2012 as Non Type F/O .. also just going along with the Talent Pool updates...
Am trying to figure out how many of us are in the talent pool, lets say 400.. half of which S/O . I truly still believe that there will be good news for all of us waiting so long. Can anyone confirm that it is true that a lot of Pilots are also leaving for some or other reason QR every month ?

Inno 8th May 2013 11:09

I think now we are in 200...
If you received the email with the next update in sept be quite till feb 2014...

hawk99 8th May 2013 13:10

By 200 you mean both FOs and SOs ?

hawk99 8th May 2013 13:11

are they giving preference to type rated FOs ?

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