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gdukkoq 7th Mar 2012 08:52

Good thing to have more Spanish pilots coming, they are always fun to fly with.

captain.weird 7th Mar 2012 09:42

A lot of those Spanair pilots will go to Vueling.

perritopiloto 7th Mar 2012 10:02

That is for sure. They are being interviewed. Some already started.

samca 7th Mar 2012 11:43


Im spanish pilot, Ive recieved an email from HR Recruiter asking for my last logbook 3 pages. I have 1.000 plus jet hours, A320 type rating BUT no experience on type. Maybe they will call me for the interview here in Madrid. Im from Madrid and recieved the email at 08:05 this morning.


flyzede 7th Mar 2012 13:18

To samca
If you have 1000 jet you'll be called for sure...
Good Luck!

kingdingeling 7th Mar 2012 14:20

Spanair had 24 x a320 series(?). Thats about 300 rated pilots they can pick from (ballpark figure) :bored:

I guess they have there hands full with those rated Spanish guys at the moment.....


iQatar 7th Mar 2012 14:21


How sure are you of that rumour?
Why would Qatar still invite non rated people like myself for interviews. I have not been to Doha yet. The training department is very busy I know, but it still cost Qatar money to fly people over and book them in hotels.

Regarding the references. Would Qatar contact my employer or do I have to ask my boss for one. It will not be good for our relationship if they know I am going for a interview somewhere else.

Black Pudding 7th Mar 2012 14:52


I don't believe it


I dont think they ask for a ref until they offer you a job ?

potatowings 7th Mar 2012 15:12


Check your sources. I know several non type rated pilots going for interviews as we speak!

upwhereIbelong 7th Mar 2012 17:12

Everybody get crazy, panic?
Its always like that , but ob first occassion that spanair comes back they will leave back to espana!
Job Nomads , like most of US guys.
Ok, ready for my beating..round one..bing!
Just my 50 cents!

By the way now 6 weeks or so no answer,i call it now , not nice anymore?!

captain.weird 8th Mar 2012 17:14

Guys, a quick question, are there people who transferred from the cabin to the cockpit? So the people who had their flight licences, hired as a cabin and later made it into the cockpit?

Plus, is the 330/340 a mixed fleet? So if a pilot is allowed to fly the A330 and A340, will he/she fly the A330 and A340 at the same time or is it, just one?

Airmann 8th Mar 2012 17:38

There's no mixed fleet flying in QR.

In any case there are not many 340s, less than 4 I think, and it only flies to LHR and CDG, and in a 330 you'll probably be heading there anyway, so need to worry about missing out on routes.

upwhereIbelong 8th Mar 2012 18:47

7 weeks now aft Interview in Doha for FO.

Any news Guys ,I know youre out there checking this Page 3 times a Day ....:}

woodman29 8th Mar 2012 21:51


Did the interview on the 15 of Jan, still waiting...:ugh:
Good luck to everyone....

Bandit07 9th Mar 2012 13:47

To all,

I have been reading all the posts. I have to admit that all opinions cover the whole spectrum of being very happy to wanting to leave yestreday. I am scheduled for an interview in April however I have to admit that I am very hesitant to proceed. However, at the same time, I know that base on the expansion forecast at QR, now is the time to apply.

I have over 8000 hrs TT of which approximately 5000 hrs as PIC on aircraft > 80T. I understand that the fleet assignment is mostly random however considering my background, would they consider me for something bigger then A320?



Sephore 9th Mar 2012 14:54

If you are 320 rated you will be offer that airplane unless you have widebody experience which might help you to get on the B777 or A330, otherwise...... nevertheless you can ask for A330 or B777 and will see what happen, even B787.

All the best.

Bandit07 9th Mar 2012 15:26


I am not type rated on A320. My rating is on A310.


gottofly 9th Mar 2012 15:49

Bandit....they have A300 too,cargo side.they could offer u that too.

Iver 10th Mar 2012 03:33


Tell them you will take the 787 or NOTHING!!!!! :}:=:cool: Joking... Seriously, with your A310 time and likely international experience, you could get a place on the 787 depending on your timing as they are adding 5-6 this year. But I assume many of those slots will be taken - I would guess you would be offered the A330 or 777 given your widebody experience if you are indeed hired. Both would be great too! :D:cool:

Good luck in your process!

Sephore 10th Mar 2012 03:50

He might even get the A300

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