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THE MIR 24th Oct 2011 15:10

Hello Every1. I am new to this thread. I wanted to ask if QA considers second officers with basic experience of 220 hrs(single+multi engine) + Type rating on A320(MCC included). If yes, what is the right way to start.

All replys and advices would be highly appreciated.

Deep Regards

shitzig 25th Oct 2011 02:01

I wanna see this...:}

gjln 25th Oct 2011 07:26

December Interview
I've been invited to attend the interview on the 18th of December.
Anyone else going on the same date?

maddog37 25th Oct 2011 14:37

Can anyone of those who had already received the second email(contract, dates and fleet) PM to me?
Thanks in advance!

winterinhell 25th Oct 2011 16:11

guys..just wondering,how would i know if the interview offer i receive is genuine from qatar and not a scam?

gdukkoq 25th Oct 2011 17:02

Use common sense :E

winterinhell 25th Oct 2011 18:23

ookk..hope my common sense is reliable this time..btw,what are the standard issued uniform for crew (shirts,pants,bag etc..)and is there any policy on wearing other than standard issued accessories (means if i hav my own nav bag or shirt..)

KMK 25th Oct 2011 21:13

Interview with Qatar
Hello all,
I have an interview coming up next month, looking for any info on the interview process... Any advise! Please let me know. Any info on roster? How many days off per month? On a320 upgrade time, I have a320 time does it help, over 8000 hours total, and FAA ATP.


jibba_jabba 26th Oct 2011 04:40

QR just announced that the A320 is going to yet another "Cream Spot" This time in Libya. I have been offered a PIC slot on this Machine, but it seems like life on the A320 is not much to brag about besides having to live in the Sandbox.
Coming from the left seat of the 744 and other Heavy Machines, QR told me that the A320 is the aircraft they need people on right now as a lot of guys recently quit. So this is what they offer.
I have asked in previous posts if someone (PIC's) on the A320 could enlighten us on how quality of life is on this machine but so far Nothing.
So far what I can gather is 90 Flight Hours a month and 160 Non-Payable Duty Hours approximately, max 8 days at home and max 3 in a row. Some European destinations, but don't get to fly there often, and not many layovers.
(correct me if I am wrong)

I am asking....is a PIC position on the A320 at QR better than a PIC job on the B737NG in Asia ?

Anyone please?

actually a public answer to D-winds questions would be great! :ok:
Seems like its a good gig (QR) but still needs to compete financially with EK! Still, it is slightly better than airlines in Oz, except possibly virgin?
I am waiting for the confirmation email, I assume I will be on the 320 as a f/o, as it seems they are very short in this area. I am mainly going for the experience, and hopefully wont get worked to death, but its looking like thats what is going to happen on the 320? Any current 320 roster would be great and news on the training slots and time from fast track s/o to f/o.

Also if you take company accom, do you still get the allowance?

albacantik 26th Oct 2011 17:45

how is it to work for QR??
if my medical goes well, i am joining QR!!

BUT before, i would so much love to know how is it to work for QR??
i read lots of people write but, is it really that strict to work for them?

and some people even say...
working like that (how much they work, how strict, following the rules)
doesnt make enough money ...

i know that once i start working for QR - that means i can not leave 2years at least unless i wanna pay penalty lol

please anyone help!!

thank you in advance!

Capt Krunch 27th Oct 2011 05:32

Devine Wind

(correct me if I am wrong)
your mostly correct.

I am asking....is a PIC position on the A320 at QR better than a PIC job on the B737NG in Asia ?
the only thing i would say about that is, the Asia contracts are great right now, but they are just that.. time limited renewable contracts. The job a QA has no limit. You have a job as long as you keep doing it to standard, it all depends how long you can do it or how long they will put up with whatever it is you dish out (if anything).


if you take company accom, do you still get the allowance?
seriously ?? are you really assuming that would be the case. it really does not have to be said but the answer is obviously NO.

its all what you make of it. As i have mention countless times in the past, i have been here a decade and its all ok. Living in this region can be somewhat challenging for some. This is definitely not the worst place to live, but then the same argument can be made that its also not the best place to live either. One thing is for certain, it is extremely safe, probably the safest place i have lived to date. as for the airline, Yes they work you to the limits at times, Yes the goal posts change all the time.. whats applies today will not apply tomorrow. The airline does not care about your personal issues in anyway. The basic mentality is that you come here to work, and thats exactly what they expect nothing more nothing less. Families make life much more challenging in this region. I see some people make a good time of it all and i see some struggle to no end.. again, its all what you make of it. make sure you have a 4x4 for desert getaways, a boat for tranquility at sea, and take full advantage of the unlimited ID90 travel (best done off peak times) then its not so bad.

jibba_jabba 27th Oct 2011 12:09

thanks for posting sample 320 roster.
What do the ======= (arrows you say) mean?
Can F/O's expect similar roster?

if you take company accom, do you still get the allowance?
This was asked because I assumed that if you get company accom then the cost of the accom was deducted from the 12000 Riyal and you get the difference, but thanks for clearing that up.

captain.weird 27th Oct 2011 21:32

Hi there Devine Wind,

the first flight is QR 482, so Istanbul. Are you at the end of the workingday, so DOH - IST - DOH, at home or will you stay in Istanbul and then going to DOH, an do the flight 110 (Dubai)?

I doubt it is:
Day 2: DOH - IST - DOH (Total of 9 to 10 hrs I think)
Day 3: DOH - DUB - DOH (Total of 5 to 6 hrs..)
And then 3 days standby.. not the worst deal I think..?? Or did I something wrong?

Expat Pilot 28th Oct 2011 00:18

I am in the same boat as you are. They are a little behind due to the Ramadan holiday and their growth factor. They will get around to you though.

Non Zero 28th Oct 2011 06:39

Hey DW

I saw you been happy in Asia with VOR ... what's going on?

teldwadieve 28th Oct 2011 09:44

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Capt Krunch 28th Oct 2011 09:48

Devine Wind

Listen up Mate,
you best understand that if this airline finds out anyones true identity on this forum that person will be subject to immediate termination if not worse. having said that, if that was indeed someones month schedule it would be extremely easy to find out who is giving away company information and thus subject to legal investigation. In the middle east working for a state run airline, thats the last thing you would want to have happen.

boko 30th Oct 2011 13:04

hi anybody on 13th of Dec for interview? pm me.
how can I bring my wife with me?

Expat Pilot 30th Oct 2011 23:43

The Wife
They encourage you to bring your wife but, you must pay for her ticket and arrange for her visa.

koenig 218 31st Oct 2011 12:04

Hi everyone,has anyone been able to contact HR department(pilot recruitment) at Qatar?Any advice would be appreciated,I have phoned the main office and they put me through to the HR but nobody answers the phone:ugh:

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