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gdukkoq 16th Oct 2011 12:35

They will tell me that in no more than 4 weeks, with formal job offer.

SkyMan2011 16th Oct 2011 13:01

Congratulations!!! It's a magic moment.
Enjoy it!

maddog37 16th Oct 2011 13:24

Did they give you an starting date or just said you have passed?

gdukkoq 16th Oct 2011 13:46

Just that have passed, and that they will send contract and fleet allocation in no more than 4 weeks.

maddog37 16th Oct 2011 13:53

Thanks!! :ok:

blusky75 16th Oct 2011 14:40

Now don t be stressed if they don t write u after 3 weeks:))) i got the offer after 2 weeks.. So maybe it will come earlier than 4 weeks... Congrats guddok

trackalpha 17th Oct 2011 00:09

I`m off to Doha in November for interview. I understand you don`t do a medical during this process. Tech quiz, interview and sim assessment, then you go home and if successful a contract is offered. Is the contract conditional upon passing a medical or is it up to you to have a class 1 medical on your licence and thats all that is required. Also is the tech quiz now only 25 questions.


Gypsy 17th Oct 2011 07:53

Please could someone post the correct pay figures for a captain including all allowances. I have heard 2 different figures and they do not match. Thank you in advance.

one8tee 17th Oct 2011 16:58

Hey guys.. anyone currently at Qatar come from a Canadian airline? (AC/ Jazz/ WJ etc) I'd be curious on your take on everything.. If you wouldn't mind PM'ing me!



winterinhell 17th Oct 2011 18:23

Devine Wind, ur explaination is really comprehensive,anybody mind sharing the same for FOs/SOs..or is their benefits same as Capt?
and if im coming with my wife n baby and planning to employ a maid as well,will i get at least a 3 bedroom apartment?
btw they emailed me for interview earlier this month after about 4 months since i sent in my application,so i guess for those who only waited for few weeks shouldnt be worried..and my interview will be on November as well,but still didnt get the details as they need my copy of passport to apply for visa which i still havnt email to them yet..

Leger 17th Oct 2011 21:17

Im going for an assessment soon and wondering if anyone been there e.g. in October?
According to some recent posts here, the tech quiz is changed to 25 questions now, is that true? And what's the passing score, 75%?
And is all the other stuff still the same, interview and late night sim?
All the information highly appreciated. Also PM.

Vcrit 18th Oct 2011 00:10

Guys there are sample rosters for all the airplanes, I believe, posted in this thread. You may have to go back quite a few pages to find them.

For what it's worth I interviewed earlier this month. Unless they are using different tests for different groups, the technical exam will consist of 50 questions. If you pass that, proceed to three-on-one panel interview. If you pass the panel, continue to the simulator assessment (mine was A320)

Studying ACE and JAA material is good for the technical, no idea what the passing score is. Panel interview is like described in the gouge, as is the simulator. A good idea is to use flight simulator on your computer, and a joystick if you have one, to learn where to look for information. The Airbus screens have things displayed a bit differently than some other EFIS airplanes.

Haven't heard anything yet. Hope the info helps.

DragOverLift 18th Oct 2011 06:50

50 questions: a good half of it is about JAA Performance stuff ATPL. So concentrate on performance jet airplanes. Forget the turboprop stuff. And the rest is more or less basic pilot knowledge.:ok:

I think if you study FAA perf stuff, that should be ok as well.

Be relax and yourself during the interview. Do not try to invent things that happened to you. But be ready to answer questions with real examples. They like examples. If no examples pup up in your mind, just tell them, and they pass to the next question. But have real examples in your pocket as you can not go all the time to the next questions.:=

Good luck

Gypsy 18th Oct 2011 07:51

Devine Wind

Thank you for the details

One last question for anyone 'in the know'..........

....in addition to those figures is there any flight duty pay and what happens about per diems on layovers?

Once again thanks in advance

jibba_jabba 18th Oct 2011 08:08

Flight pay is about:

FO: 90 Riyal p/hr
CPT:120 Riyal p/hr

I think layover pay is cash. But I am not sure.

skya320 18th Oct 2011 08:23

Pay per block hour (Flight plan Block hour)
F/O: QAR 90

As for perdiem, it's all depend on destination. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner pay
Never pay in cash at Qatar Airways. You will get your perdiem&flight pay with your salary at the end of the month.

Leger 18th Oct 2011 09:57

Thanks Vcrit and DragOverLift, much appreciated! :ok:

pilotcpb 18th Oct 2011 16:45

i'll reinforce what vcrit said. you better be studying because the written exam is challenging, even though it is similar to the gouge. i used "ace the technical pilot interview" and "jaa professional pilot studies" to prepare for the written, as well as gouge and JAA questions, focusing on weather and performance. lots of questions about ASDA, TODA, etc for me. you really gotta know that stuff because a few of the questions are tricky, there may be 4 answers that are all slightly different.

as for the panel interview, think hard and come up with as many TMAAT stories as you can. i got a book called "airline pilot interviews" by irv jasinski that was a major help. the sim is what it is, midnight A320. i am still waiting but a few guys from my group recently were offered the job and i am staying positive, maybe the good news will be here tomorrow!! if i get the bad news its going to be vacation time and ill reapply in 6 months.

maddog37 18th Oct 2011 17:29

What pilotcpb says it is mainly what you will need... I did the same and I am still waiting...
When did you go for the interview pilotcpb? Any guy of your date recieved a negative answer? Hope you recieve a positive one asap.

Kayou 19th Oct 2011 09:45

Hi all,

This is a question asked many times, but never published - only PMs to the intial asker...
Thus I guess I have to do the same.

What about the life conditions in Doha, as a FO on the 320 ?
Also, my fiancee and I are currently on a partnership: as the latter is not recognised over there, mariage seems to be the only option. However, it cannot be done in two months time... any feedback?

Many thanks to you, guys!


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