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ironbutt57 15th Sep 2012 05:11

If you're in the pool then updates not required

Andrexxx 15th Sep 2012 11:47

You're in the pool!
Hi guys,
Any type rated FO passed the interview and got a joining date being unemployed by more than one year? This (frustrating :ugh:) waiting in the pool is bringing a lot of pilots to the lack of "recency"... Could it compromise the hiring process?
Cheers :ok:

upwhereIbelong 15th Sep 2012 12:41

if youre typerated why u dont try other Solutions if you cannot wait anymore ,I know its hard ,but with a 320 330 rating (I just assume u have those) theres plenty advertisment in Far East .For Record Pay .

Just an Input .

Also ,even me ,the most unrelaxed person when it comes to waiting ,has learned to just wait for it ...

Things will move soon ,Inshaallah!!


Andrexxx 15th Sep 2012 13:11

Thank you UP... Unfortunately all the companies I tried to contact said that I need last flight within 6 months! My point if this could be the same requirement with QR at the time they will give me a joining date.. If they will!!!
Thanks again :)

330airbus 15th Sep 2012 15:47

Nice first post onedollar. :ugh:

Tell us more about why they got terminated then?
Plenty of people here including myself are very happy.
Do your job, what you should be doing anyway, and have no problems.

Guys Seriously don't listen to such ridiculous comments.

B767PL 15th Sep 2012 16:18

One dollar, please expand? Why the terminations?

Also I wonder if the requirements at QR will change after they bring back the hiring page again for flight crew, and if the FTSO position will still be there. .

Firegoofy 16th Sep 2012 06:20


I have only one question.

Give me one reason why people don't execute a go-around when they are unstable ??

A go-around is like a "reset" and will not be punished. Further if you adhere to the OM-A you will have a good life!! SIMPLE, isn't it ?

Homo Ludens 16th Sep 2012 09:41

Ooooh, the PARANOIA!
And WHAT grey areas?
It is black on white: If in doubt - GO AROUND!
And then you fill an ASR, go home and NOBODY will call you. Been there, done that. Many times.
You can not live your life in fear!

gcc_ 16th Sep 2012 17:51


Was your friend given a warning the first time something went wrong? Just genuinely wondering.

Black Pudding 17th Sep 2012 00:02

So the one he knew of, was what ?

upwhereIbelong 17th Sep 2012 09:23

For me its a great opportunity become team of a company with new equipment and good people.
I just want to know my DOJ !

jeanpaul172 17th Sep 2012 10:39

Guys! Anyone knows what is the future of the talent pool? Will we all get called in due time? And has the selection really changed like was mentioned earlier? Cheers

planoramix 19th Sep 2012 11:50

Since my joining date at QR it has been a positive experience.
Training was very slow but then it gave me more time with my kids which, by the way, love it here.
Now on line and flying a lot I abide to the rules and have nothing to be stressed about.
Nice working environement.

captain.weird 19th Sep 2012 14:47

I'm glad to hear the goodnews man!

On which fleet do you fly?

casablanca 19th Sep 2012 20:36

I was wondering, as it was mentioned earlier that many 320 first officers were transitioning to the 787, are they also transitioning captains from 320 or are most coming from the 777?

SkullFlyer 19th Sep 2012 21:56

I heard about some people that should go to the 777 but when signing contract they ofered the A320. This still happening ?
I am a 767 pilot with screening scheduled for October 29. I want to go to the 777 but I am afraid lo leave my job and then they offer the A320, wich I really don't have interest.
In addition, can someone give some update about the screening process ? Than you.

airline man 20th Sep 2012 04:57

How witty! You seem to be such a happy person Ajax!

dash8pilotCanada 20th Sep 2012 14:20

Skull flyer,

If you read through this forum, you will see that it has happened to many people before: (Applied for Widebody and Given Narrowbody, even after joining). Its all based on which fleet they need pilots on, not based on your previous experience.

Iver 20th Sep 2012 14:33

Skull flyer,

They have a choice and you have a choice. Tell them 777 or 787 or no deal (if asked). In any interview, explain your prefernce and why a heavy Boeing slot makes sense for them and you. May not work, but you have heavy Boeing experience and both of those fleets are growing. They may say no and then EK and the other big UAE carrier become better options. I still think Emirates is probably the better way to go from an overall package if you ever had the choice - but others may disagree. Apply to the big 3 if you want the ME and roll the dice. The Qatar HR group has been an utter disaster with poor communication and a disorganized process. From what I have been hearing, don't be surprised if things go silent for long periods and don't expect Western standards of communication.

Good luck

flyforfood1 20th Sep 2012 14:39

I would think with 767 experience its more than likely you will go 777, especially if your coming from the USA, as the system there to get into these positions usually means your overall experience is generally higher than those in a similar position coming from Europe.

Just for your info and a little background, those that were told they would be on the 777 and ended up on the 320 had Boeing experience yes (some widebody, some not), however their overall total time was around 1500 hours (and less) in some circumstances, that tied with a spate of heavy landings on that fleet mean't they re-evaluted where guys ended up, some 320 some 330, again dependant on total hours.

At the time it seemed to be around 3K total and over went wide body those under went to 320, not everyone but most. Also factored into this was the massive delay in waiting for the simulator (3+ months) to complete type ratings, they needed guys elsewhere so changed them, fair enough in my eyes, some guys felt screwed over and for some rightly so, as they were promised one thing, gave up their position in a comfortable company and then once arrived were given another and yes that does hurt!

Nothing is a given here, sometimes its luck, but there are no guarantees!

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