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khnzore 11th Jun 2012 00:38

Interview response wait time
After reading several posts, it seems that the wait after the interview depends on the position which you were interviewed for (SO, FO or DEC). Apparently SOs wait the longest for the response. Therefore, it will be really useful, if you guys mention your position. Also, I have heard that it takes much shorter for rejections 2-3 weeks. Please correct me, if I am wrong.

Zakary 11th Jun 2012 09:23

Hi all,
Anybady joining QR as B777 FO waiting for the DOJ ? PM me please

Mike7x7 11th Jun 2012 10:33

just normal to wait 4 months and after invitation 2 for interview, 1 for result if it is OK, 1-2 to come, minimum 3 to start sim traning...

victor75 11th Jun 2012 17:01

I received the good news the 23 January and still nothing. She told me on the phone 2 weeks ago that I will received news very soon but stil.. nothing.. Don't know what's going on !

Elixir 11th Jun 2012 17:05

Currency requirements
Hi everyone

I wondered if anyone could help with a query I have about QR.

I am trying to find out what QR require in terms of currency for SO/FO. I have 1700 hours on B737-300 so should theoretically be ok to apply as an FO, but my last flight was 36 months ago! I have a valid LPC/IR but would I be turned down because of the time I have been away from flying?

Also how is Doha for a single girl moving out alone? Do many people move out alone or do most move out with families?

Thanks in advance!


gottofly 12th Jun 2012 16:28

whats the date for first flt of B787?Is the first aircraft now expected in mid sept 12?
Has Qatar delayed the A380?
How many pilots from Spanair /Kingfisher etc have Qatar already hired?
How many Captains are they looking for this year?
Thanks for any info.

Wings23 12th Jun 2012 18:30

Hi All,

Anyone from the first and second week of May receive a response yet?



Aerodmb 12th Jun 2012 22:23

I was just invited today for interview in July. I am typed and current FO in B777. Can someone please confirm there is no training bond if typed? Thanks.

Iver 12th Jun 2012 22:54

Congrats on getting the interview - and bring some sunscreen :}. Tell them you will take the 777 or the 787 (differences training) - tell them you are flexible with those 2 types! Your timing might be good for initial 787 hiring considering your widebody Boeing experience and the ramp-up of that fleet in the Fall/Winter. You never know... Although, if that adds a training bond for the new type (despite only differences training), then I would insist on staying on the 777.

Good luck!

chrislikesblue 12th Jun 2012 23:29

Anyone who has been interviewed for a type rated B777 fo position can share some info about the assessment? What type of questions? Are they more type related or general questions? How about the sim pattern? Any info to share or in private message will be appreciated.

Aerodmb 13th Jun 2012 03:45

Please pass on to me as well, public post or send me a message, thanks.

Cliff Richard 13th Jun 2012 19:56

Qatar - ID photos
Will be travelling to Doha soon, and understand we require a number of passport style photo ID's for various things like the residents permit, some with a white background, and some with a blue background.

I'm intending to use photobox online to buy a few, to avoid having to spend 4 for 4 down at Tesco's. Can anyone tell me if the authorities are strict about the shade of blue background, is it a royal blue or a sky blue?



Soap Box Cowboy 14th Jun 2012 09:56

Sky Blue seems to be fine.

hitacan 14th Jun 2012 10:41

New FTSOs Bond
Hi !

Can anyone paste the official info about the new FTSO/SOs bond please?

Seems it began the 25th of May...:uhoh:

crjsd 14th Jun 2012 21:43

Question for new hires @ QR....

- if you are going in as a non-type rated F/O and undertaking the type rating course bond of USD 50,000 which holds you down on the same type/bond for 3 years...does it mean after that term id over and you decide or get allocated for a different type you are responsible for another USD 50,000.

- if you come in with a type rating you undergo a short tranistion course even then you get bonded for USD 50,000 for 3 years...after that time you go on another fleet is that an additional USD 50.0000

Thanks for feedback

upwhereIbelong 14th Jun 2012 22:46

im joining QR as non rated FO..we were told u get salary deduction but aft 3 years (if i can recall right ) u get amount back.

this was january 2012...still wait on DOJ .

the new scheme is what i understand for NTSO and FTSO

anyone can confirm my INFO ?

RSACHA 15th Jun 2012 11:45

Hello guys,

Can anybody please give me a recent feedback on QR.

1) Salary when you join as a 737 type rated pilot with minimum hours?
Is it enough to live including all the expenses per month?

2) Working conditions in QR? happy / unhappy? Any useful informations.

3) Time to command?

Thanks a lot:ok:


blackchinese 15th Jun 2012 14:59

Hey guys got an interview on the 18th of June, any help??

hitacan 15th Jun 2012 19:19

TF-OII, Why do you think so?

atr_in_himalaya 15th Jun 2012 20:52

Dear Flightdeckman,
I had a friend in PIA on B737 who applied to QR and is now offered for B777. You had mentioned about a similar case in one of your threads. Since QR is asking for non rated pilots with ATPL frozen i think the demand must be substantially greater than before. I have 3000 TT with 1500 Atr42 and 1500 B747-200/300. I would like to apply sometime in the near future but i am unable to decide due to not so good remarks about the QR housing allownce for FO's married. Do you have any idea if the situation regarding allownce will enhance this year?
Apart from the housing allownce, i think QR will have a massive growth in the region and has lots of oppertunities. Qatar itself is planning for a larger GDP with a calculated growth. Best of luck.
Thanks alot!

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